Another Diet Is NOT The Answer, Changing How You Think About Food IS

Hypnosis can lead to a change in your thoughts and behaviour which could mean that long term weight control IS possible. If you are looking to change an aspect of your life that isn’t related to weight click the “Issues Treated” button above.

I do NOT help people to “lose weight” because when you lose something you tend to want to look for it! I don’t want you looking to put weight back on once you have lost it with my help. That is why the Focused Hypnosis approach is all about “weight management”.



are you sick of counting calories

Are you sick of counting calories, points or syns?

don't be ashamed of your appearance

Are you feeling embarrassed about your appearance?

fad diets are not the answer

Are you looking for an alternative to endless fad diets?

Weight Client Reviews

“I found Richard to be truly professional and caring. I needed help to lose weight and sort my lifestyle out. Richard has helped me to move forward towards my goals and I am much happier and more motivated.”
Review by Kathryn, Read the full review here
“Having tried just about every fad diet out there with no success, I already feel confident that Richard has helped me to achieve a new mindset with regards to eating healthily and banish my cravings. Richard is extremely professional, approachable and understanding and…I recommend him 100%!”
Review by Michelle, Read the full review here
“For a long time I’d seen food as ‘the enemy’, but after a few sessions with Richard I am learning to see things in a much healthier light. I would definitely recommend Focused Hypnosis for anyone struggling to change something they are unhappy with. Thanks Richard”
“I had a very good experience, and I have made significant progress in achieving my weight loss goals. If you are ready to lose weight…then Richard’s support could be what makes the difference… it may well have made the difference!”
“I have lost over 18 lbs and cannot really think how its happened its been so easy and effortless, I had an addiction to chocolate but now I hardly recognise it as edible. I am in control of eating for the first time in my life. I would recommend this business to absolutely anyone who needed a change in their lives.”
Review by Carole K, Read the full review here

questions about weight loss in sheffield

If you have been struggling to control your weight you may have asked yourself many questions including…

“Why have my previous attempts to control my weight not worked?”

“Why hasn’t my excess weight gone away yet?”

“What do I have to do to break out of this cycle?”

Hypnotherapy with Focused Hypnosis could help you address the issues that have, until now, prevented your success.

By changing your approach to food you could change the outcome of your efforts.

To find out more about the Focused Hypnosis approach to weight control NOT weight loss, and hypnosis in general watch this video

Imagine What A Difference It Would Make To Achieve Your Goals

  • What would it feel like to know that old way of being is in your past?
  • How happy would you be to have it done and dusted?
  • What would you be able to do that you can’t do now while you hold on to that problem?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unsure about taking the step to become my client read my satisfaction guarantee page.

weight control satisfaction guarantee

When you work with Focused Hypnosis you get:

- A free chat about hypnosis

- All treatment sessions recorded free

- A satisfaction guarantee

This is a “no risk to you” offer. Hypnotherapy either suits you or there is no fee. Simple!

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