How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost?

Your Investment In Yourself And Your Future, Through Hypnosis

A question I sometimes get asked is “How much does hypnotherapy cost?” Some people are focused purely on the price and are looking for the cheapest hypnotherapist they can find. If you are looking for the cheapest hypnotherapy in Sheffield I will be honest with you, save you some time and tell you that is not what I do.

Quality is often synonymous with price. The more skilled and experienced hypnotherapists tend to charge more. It is simple market forces.

With investments in your health through methods such as hypnotherapy, it is usually better, in the long run, to go with the hypnotherapist who you feel provides the most value and brings the most to the process. I always try to over-deliver with everyone I work with.

The proof of this can be seen in the fact that I offer:

  • A free 30-minute relaxation download
  • A free chat about what hypnosis is (and is not)
  • A free recording of all treatment sessions
  • A Personal Promise that you will enjoy working with me or get your money back

Perhaps a better question than “how much is hypnotherapy” is how much would it cost you if you continued to live the way you have been? What would you miss out on as a result of not changing? What would the consequences be?

The great news is that the potential return on your investment is huge! Imagine how much happier you will be having made those changes that you are SO ready for.

How much does hypnosis cost