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Does hypnosis work?

The short answer is "yes". Don't stop reading though because there IS more to it than that! I am asked the "does hypnosis work? " and I also get asked "does hypnosis even exist?" on a regular basis. The answer to those questions is a little…
are hypnotherapists scamming people through the initial consultation?

Initial consultation scam

Why should you spend the first meeting with a hypnotherapist just talking? Wouldn't it make more sense to start with the hypnosis straight away? No! The consultation is an essential element of the process. Here is why...
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Is hypnosis safe?

Is hypnosis safe? Could you get stuck in a trance? Could a hypnotherapist make your problem worse? Get honest and direct information from the inside.
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5 Hypnosis Myths Explained

In the last few hundred years our understanding of hypnotic techniques and applications have massively increased. Despite this many people still think some pretty strange (and untrue!) things about hypnosis. Here are my top five things that people have got wrong about hypnosis....
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Fear Of Driving On Motorways

The fear of driving on motorways is actually surprisingly common. I was prompted to write this post today after another enquiry from someone wondering if hypnosis for driving anxiety could help. The short answer is YES....hypnosis CAN help! You are not the only one with this fear, I promise.
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Weight Loss Before Operations

Obese people will have to complete weight loss programmes before they can have operations, if proposals by a Welsh health board are approved. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board also says requiring smokers to go on courses to help them give up before surgery may save over £400,000
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New York smoking ban: 10 years on

Smoking bans are becoming more common around the world and New York has just got into double figures! It is great that smoking is becoming less socially acceptable. If governments were REALLY that concerned about protecting people's health surely they would just ban them. Unless they LIKE all the revenue that cigarettes generates for them??
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Scotland 'tobacco free' by 2034

What a bold move! It looks like Scotland's drive for independence is forcing them to look at issues in a new way. IF they go solo and have to look after their own out of their own pocket then changes will have to be made. Scotland is traditionally a VERY unhealthy country so it won't take much to bring about some improvement to the country's population.
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Nigella Lawson's two-stone weight loss secret revealed: hypnosis

On top of exercise and portion control the celebrity chef has been undergoing regular hypnosis sessions with Susan Hepburn who counts Lily Allen as a client. Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson forgot to mention a key ingredient when revealing the secret of how she lost over two stone in weight – large helpings of hypnosis.
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Sarah Houston's Family Call For Weight Loss Drug Ban

Family of medical student Sarah Houston call for Government to make drug used for weight loss illegal The family of a medical student who suffered from bulimia and died after taking an overdose of a banned weight loss drug have called for the drug to be made illegal. Medical student Sarah Houston was found dead by her housemates after she had taken a combination of antidepressants and the banned fat burning pill DNP.

A hypnotherapist's view on Trance

"Danny Boyle's film feels 20 years out of date", says hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren, taking us right back to the cliché of the swinging watch. "In the two decades I've worked as a hypnotherapist, the biggest myth I've encountered…
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Smoking to be banned in all U.K. prisons

The Prison Officers Association has recommended that a smoking ban be implemented in all prisons so their members are not subject to second hand smoke from prison inmates. According to the Mirror the "Prison Service accepts that cigarettes…
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Dido Hypnotised To Beat Stage Fright

Dido had hypnotherapy to cure her stage fright.The 41-year-old singer underwent treatment to combat her nerves and was pleased it was successful as her anxiety was affecting her performances. She said: ''I went to hypnotherapy for stage fright…