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This hypnotherapy blog is a place where I share my insider knowledge as a hypnotherapist. I also share news and information about subjects that are linked to hypnosis. I regularly write on subjects like weight loss, smoking and confidence.

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Fear Of Driving On Motorways

The fear of driving on motorways is actually surprisingly common. I was prompted to write this post today after another enquiry from someone wondering if hypnosis for driving anxiety could help. The short answer is YES....hypnosis CAN help! You are not the only one with this fear, I promise.
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Weight Loss Before Operations

Obese people will have to complete weight loss programmes before they can have operations, if proposals by a Welsh health board are approved. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board also says requiring smokers to go on courses to help them give up before surgery may save over £400,000
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New York smoking ban: 10 years on

Smoking bans are becoming more common around the world and New York has just got into double figures! It is great that smoking is becoming less socially acceptable.If governments were REALLY that concerned about protecting people's health surely they would just ban them. Unless they LIKE all the revenue that cigarettes generates for them??
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Scotland 'tobacco free' by 2034

What a bold move! It looks like Scotland's drive for independence is forcing them to look at issues in a new way.IF they go solo and have to look after their own out of their own pocket then changes will have to be made. Scotland is traditionally a VERY unhealthy country so it won't take much to bring about some improvement to the country's population.
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Sarah Houston's Family Call For Weight Loss Drug Ban

Family of medical student Sarah Houston call for Government to make drug used for weight loss illegalThe family of a medical student who suffered from bulimia and died after taking an overdose of a banned weight loss drug have called for the drug to be made illegal.Medical student Sarah Houston was found dead by her housemates after she had taken a combination of antidepressants and the banned fat burning pill DNP.
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A hypnotherapist's view on Trance

"Danny Boyle's film feels 20 years out of date", says hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren, taking us right back to the cliché of the swinging watch."In the two decades I've worked as a hypnotherapist, the biggest myth I've encountered…
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Smoking to be banned in all U.K. prisons

More and more people are quitting smoking. The quit smoking numbers increased when the smoking ban was introduced. The Prison Officers Association has recommended that a smoking ban be implemented in all prisons so their members are not…
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Dido Hypnotised To Beat Stage Fright

Dido had hypnotherapy to cure her stage fright.The 41-year-old singer underwent treatment to combat her nerves and was pleased it was successful as her anxiety was affecting her performances.She said: ''I went to hypnotherapy for stage fright…
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Thanks For Requesting A Free Download

Your Hypnotherapy MP3 Download You will shortly receive an email from me. When you get the email click on the "yes, subscribe me to this list" button. This is done to confirm that you are a real person and that you do want the free hypnotic…
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'Hooker' Helped To Get Off The Ground Through Hypnosis

I have recently had my most intriguing and interesting client and she was very happy for me to share a few details of her experience. She is happy for her experience to be used to inform and educate people who are maybe oblivious to the types of things she, and others, do.Vicky came to me as a failed 'hooker'. She had tried it before and was unable to get over the mental blocks which were preventing her from enjoying the activity she had decided she was going to do.
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Friday The 13th - Triskaidekaphobia

It has come round again. Expect your day to be filled with the pessimistic types out there bemoaning their bad luck and blaming the difficulties on Friday the 13th.This type thought process can become even more pronounced in some people and can develop into Triskaidekaphobia - a fear of Friday 13th. For some people this leads to them not doing anything 'risky' on that day.Risky things can include walking under ladders, seeing one magpie or not saying "touch wood" when appropriate. For some Triskaidekaphobia sufferers they just say indoors all day and don't leave the house for fear of what might happen.The vast majority of these Triskaidekaphobia sufferers don't know all the facts though. They have this Halloween-type association with Friday 13th. The Friday 13th horror films that began in the 1980's have further amplified this mistaken belief.13 Being An Unlucky Number Has A Long History
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Hypnotension CPD Review For Hypnotherapy Practitioners

"I have recently completed the Hypnotension Continuing Professional Development course and I am very impressed with the course and thought I would share my thoughts on it. wanted to write a short review of the Hypnotension course for all my followers out there who are hypnotherapists."
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Obesity Ruining Children’s Grades

A study conducted in America has revealed that children who are overweight or obese could be doing less well in exams as a direct result of their weight.The author of the study, Sara Gable said “Our study suggests that obesity in the early…
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Would You Rather Be Thin Or Slim?

Now to you there may not seem to be much difference between the two choices. "Slim" or "thin"? Surely they're both pretty much the same?No. They aren't.As a hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss I spend my days talking to clients…
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World Hypertension Day 17th May

High blood pressure or hypertension as it is medically known is known as the 'silent killer' because people with high blood pressure rarely know they have it. This does not mean that just because they have knowledge of the problem that it isn't…
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Forget BMI - Use Height And Weight Say Scientists

Trying to work out your BMI (body mass index) and then figure out of the number you get is 'good' or not is a faff for a lot of people. If you want things to be taken on board and used in the way they were intended it is often best if there can be as few stages as possible and that those stages are simple and straight forward.
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Top 10 Tips For Sticking To a Healthy Diet

It’s nearly summer and for some, a time to get back to healthy eating and maybe lose some weight for a holiday. But, staying motivated and on track can be difficult.  So here are my top tips for staying motivated and on track with healthy…
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How To End Your 'Diet Mentality'

Low carb, low fat, Dukan, South Beach or the diet of the moment? What is a body to do? While each approach may have something to teach us, it is clear that nothing is clear when it comes to weight loss.I believe that when scientists and…
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Is Clinical Hypnotherapy Effective?

Clinical hypnotherapy is being used by Jeanne Safer, a psychologist in New York, to help her cope with the chemotherapy she is receiving for her rare but curable leukaemia. On her way to one of her chemo sessions she hypnotises herself in the…
hypnotherapy sheffield can answer your hypnosis questions today

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

This is one of those questions that I get asked over and over so I thought a page about it on my website would help.If you are short of time the quick answer is "yes, hypnotherapy does work" but there is a 'but'. Let me explain.Hypnosis…
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Hypnotherapy For Jungle Celebrity With Phobias

Coronation Street favourite Anthony Cotton (AKA Sean Tully) is going to be one of the celebrities going into the jungle in the most recent series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and he has increased his chances of survival through…
Derren Brown

Derren Brown, Assassins & The CIA

Last night (21/10/11) Derren Brown showed how he took an average guy off the street and through hypnosis ALONE was able to turn him into an emotionless assassin, capable of murdering a person (Steven Fry) and to then have no knowledge of the…
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Could Your Weight Loss Medication Kill You?

Are You Willing To Die For Your Weight Loss Tablets?Orlistat is a drug that stops fat being absorbed by the gut and is instead excreted and is also known by various other names around the world including Alli and Xenical and has been linked…
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Dragon's Den Star Uses Hypnosis For Insomnia

Evan Davis the Radio 4 and Dragon's Den presenter has revealed that he listens to a hypnotherapy CD every night to ensure he gets a good nights sleep. Because of his presenting work on Radio 4 he is usually awake by 3.30am which means he often…
Barak Obama

Is Obama Using Conversational Hypnosis?

The Tea Party movement have just re-hashed an article that appeared just after Obama was sworn in as president of the United States of America. The Tea Party website claim Obama is using conversational hypnosis to make the people of America…
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Hypnotherapy Could Save The NHS Millions

A report issued today by the The Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) has recommended that hypnotherapy be used more widely within the NHS. The RSM feel that this would help patients with issues…
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If You Don't Lose Weight You Will Be Fined

In Arizona people who are overweight and who do not lose weight after getting medical health advice and support could be fined under a proposed change in the law. The cost for failing to stick to an agreed weight loss programme will be $50 if…
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Woman Loses 4 Stone Through Self Hypnosis

A woman from Gateshead has lost over 4 stone in weight by learning how to give herself hypnotherapy. Fay Laidler enrolled on a hypnosis study course but didn't finish it but then went on to write her own hypnotic scripts and recorded them onto…
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Tobacco Displays Will Be Banned

Today is Wednesday 9th March and it is National No Smoking Day. In the news today is the story that the government will announce two ideas which are intended to reduce the number of smokers in the UK. The first idea is to ban displays of tobacco…
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Why Exercising WON'T Help You Lose Weight

There is increasing research that shows that going to a gym and pounding away on the running machine will not help you to be slimmer. I know that you may be reading that sentence with your jaw on the floor but for many people, it is a…
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A Combined Approach To Insomnia

Insomnia is a big part of my business at the moment. I am seeing more and more people suffering from insomnia and sleeplessness at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice. I'm not sure if it is the economy that is to blame or the fact that we are…
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How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

At my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice there has definitely been an upsurge in the numbers of people seeing me for stress, anxiety and depression. I am also seeing more doctors, nurses and medical students. This could be due to the enormous pressure…
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Insomnia Can Be Eased Through Hypnosis

In the last 6 months I have seen more people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice for sleep disorder than ever before. Many of these people regard hypnotherapy as a 'last resort'. Maybe it should be higher up people's list of methods of…
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Hypnotherapy Used To Help Fear Of The Dentists

For many people just the thought of visiting the dentist fills them with dread. It could be one of many things that causes them the most difficulty. Some hate the sound of the drill, others hate the smell at the dentists while others are afraid of the potential pain and insist on anaesthesia but this comes with a number of unpleasant side effects for many people.
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Self-hypnosis May Help Tourette's Tics

For those with Tourette's syndrome life can be pretty tough but research suggests that children and young adults may be able to gain some degree of control over their involuntary tics through self hypnosis. The research is still at a very…
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Hypnotise Your Patients, Surgeons Told

Hypnosis has no negative side-effects. It makes operations quicker, as the patient is able to talk to the surgeon as the operation proceeds, and it is cheaper than conventional pain relief. Since it does not interfere with the workings of the body, the patient recovers faster, too.
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Reduce Hot Flushes Through Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been found to be a very effective tool for women going through the menopause. The visualisation of cooling images and remembering being cold can reduce the severity and frequency of the hot flushes a new American study has found."This…
A phobia can be easily treated through hypnotherapy

Beat Your Phobia With Hypnosis

Over the last few weeks there has been a definite increase in the number of people coming to my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice looking for help in resolving fears and phobias, one of them had a fear of clowns which I helped to reduce. It is…
The Kraken rollercoaster

Is It Time To Get ON The Roller-Coaster?

I see lots of people at my hypnotherapy Sheffield clinic for phobias. Over the years I have had some unusual ones but a fear of roller coasters is one that very few hypnotherapy practitioners have ever treated but there are hundreds or maybe…
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The True Cost Of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

the NHS has paid Novartis, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline around £80 million for patches and other forms of nicotine therapy since they became available on the NHS prescription four years ago, and spent a further £90 million on smoking clinics that rely heavily on NRT.