Hypnotherapy could help you to regain control of your thoughts and feelings

You could change using hypnosis in Sheffield

Have you wanted things to be different for some time but just haven’t found how to make that change happen yet?

Let me be direct because you probably want straight forward answers to straight forward questions. This site (and my business as a whole) is completely focused on helping you to change how you think, act and feel in ways that suit you.

How do you make changes happen?

Many people know what they want to change but just don’t know how to make it happen. I could help you find the tools and techniques to bring that improvement to the quality of your life.

The process is focused on you specifically. It is all about you. Change IS possible when you have the tools to make that change happen.

What could you expect from hypnotherapy?

That all depends on your goals. Many clients report that they feel calmer, more focused, more patient and more understanding (of themselves and others). The plan is that you feel better about being you and the direction you are heading in.

When you work with me you will get my undivided attention and support in becoming that new and improved version of you.

What will you get when you work with me?

  • A free confidential, no obligation, chat on the phone or in person at my Sheffield hypnosis clinic
  • A satisfaction guarantee – you want to work with me or you get your deposit refunded
  • All treatment sessions recorded as part of the price

What Others Say About Me

“I went to see Richard to help me overcome my fear of flying. I now feel confident that I have the strategies to cope with most situations.My only remaining question is why did I wait so long before seeking help?”

JuliaFear Of Flying HypnotherapyGoogle+Local

“I found listening to Richard’s free Relaxation download extremely relaxing and soothing. I felt refreshed, chilled and ready to face the rest of the day. Thank you Richard”

WendyRelaxation HypnosisGoogle+

“I left feeling more confident and relaxed than I have in a very long time, and I am sure that this will only increase with further sessions. Highly recommended!”

Nicki C
Nicki C Confidence HypnotherapyGoogle+

“For a long time I’d seen food as ‘the enemy’, but after a few sessions with Richard I am learning to see things in a much healthier light. I would definitely recommend Focused Hypnosis”

ClaireWeight ManagementGoogle+

“Safe to say Richard is excellent at what he does and I have flown to Holland and back with ZERO anxiety and am looking forward to flying to Portugal in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much Richard!”

TimFlying PhobiaGoogle+

“I felt Richard understood my needs and when it came to taking my driving test I felt calm and had belief in my driving skills. I went on to pass with only 2 minors. I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis”

AnonymousDriving Test AnxietyGoogle+

“At work I have been able to perform a disciplinary procedure without doubting my ability or authority and I perform better under stressful conditions”

RachelConfidence HypnotherapyGoogle+

“I had a very good experience, and I have made significant progress in achieving my weight loss goals. If you…feel that you need a little something extra to succeed then Richard’s support could be what makes the difference”

Stark Weight Management HypnosisGoogle+

“I’ve had two sessions to date and I believe the issues I have will be fully resolved after a few more. It is not expensive and because you can actually ‘feel’ the results, I believe it’s money well spent”

#browniesHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“Richard made me feel very relaxed and at easy and was very confident but considerate in how he worked. I found the whole process very enjoyable and…I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis to anyone in Sheffield.”

Sarah Hypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“From the outset I was impressed with Richard’s professionalism and his knowledge. I returned for one more session and now feel confident that I have the strategies to cope with most situations”

JuliaConfidence HypnotherapyGoogle+

“I found Focused Hypnosis on a forum and came highly recommended. I was amazed at the dramatic results, my anxiety levels are significantly lower”

PollyP Hypnotherapy For AnxietyGoogle+

“Within the first consultation I had spectacular results! After three sessions, I had a huge improvement and would recommend Richard to anybody that was thinking about hypnosis”

NicolaHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“Richard is lovely; professional and friendly, he immediately made me feel comfortable and completely ‘got’ where I was coming from…and am very happy with the results – thanks Richard!”

AntoniaHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“Richard is an excellent hypnotist. Most importantly he’s registered – that means he is properly trained and adheres to quality standards and requirements. Highly recommended”

RyanHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“I definitely improved my quality of life through using Focused Hypnosis”

JudyHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“He has helped me to take major steps in achieving what I want from myself. His professionalism, enthusiasm and attitude is excellent”

BexHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“Anyone who suffers with anxiety or panic attacks I would really recommend you go for a session or two! Completely changed my life”

Liam PondFocused Hypnosis Facebook

Satisfaction Guaranteed

satisfaction is guaranteed with focused hypnosis

They say that nothing in life is free. I beg to differ! I want you to be as happy as possible when you work with me so to that end I offer the only satisfaction guarantee when it comes to hypnosis in Sheffield.

Free Recordings of Sessions

get a free recording of your hypnosis session

Something else you get for free when you work with me is a free recording of all treatment sessions. Many of my previous clients who have been successful in addressing their reasons for getting hypnosis found the recordings invaluable.

A Free Chat About Hypnosis

come for a free chat about hypnotherapy and how it could help you

I won’t give you the hard sell and I won’t try to get you to sign you up on the spot. In our free chat (on the phone or in person), which you can have before a consultation, you can test the waters and check that  I’m the right hypnotist for you.

hypnotic relaxation mp3 free download

Download A Free Hypnotic Relaxation MP3

You might be wondering what I sound like when I’m hypnotizing someone like you and also what it might be like for you to go into a hypnotic trance. For that reason I created a free 30 minute hypnotic relaxation MP3 so you can try before you buy. Click the button to download it now.

Download My Free PDF Guide

My free guide is called “10 things you MUST know before getting hypnotherapy“. This guide is written specifically for people who have no experience of what hypnosis is and how it can help. It is designed to help you to ask the right kind of questions to ask any hypnotherapist you might be considering working with.

This means you have a much better chance of working with a registered, insured and well trained professional who will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

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