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Welcome to Focused Hypnosis, we've been offering hypnotherapy services for over 10 years. We help people like you who want to help themselves to improve. You may have struggled to change for years and still not achieved your goals. Don't worry, we can help you find a different way to bring about change and put you in the driving seat of your own life. All with the use of hypnotherapy.

Our services can help you stop smoking, tackle a phobia, lose weight, beat insomnia or just take more control of your life.

You may just want to increase confidence, decrease stress and live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Well, you're in the right place. Our fantastic team has gathered over 50 five star reviews, giving you complete confidence that Focused Hypnosis can help with our range of hypnotherapy services in Sheffield.

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Richard Hennessy, HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, Dip NPL, Dip H (Diploma in hypnotherapy), NLP Practitioner.

Founder, Focused Hypnosis

Focused Hypnosis

How hypnotherapy can help

Weight loss hypnosis


Dieting does not work. Counting calories, points or syns doesn't work either. Changing your beliefs and attitudes about food does. Hypnotherapy could help you make those changes.

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Quit smoking hypnotherapy


Patches, gum and willpower are useless. When it comes to quitting smoking there is no technique more effective than hypnotherapy. Take control of your thoughts and stop today!

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Clown phobia treatment

Fears &

Phobias are learned behaviours that don't improve your quality of life, importantly, they can be beaten! Regain control of your irrational fear by taking control of your thoughts and feelings.

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Fear of public speaking


Perhaps you are afraid of giving presentations at work. Maybe you have been asked to be best man at a wedding. Perhaps you fall apart in job interviews. Hypnosis for public speaking could help.

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Confident hypnosis


Confidence is a skill that is learned. Some people learn it quickly while others sometimes struggle. Like any skill though, you can practice and you can get better. The hypnotherapy service from Focused Hypnosis could help you to improve your confidence.

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insomnia hypnotherapy


Insomnia can have a significant impact on all aspects of life in a very short space of time. Once your sleep pattern has been affected it can sometimes be hard to re-establish your sleep. Hypnotherapy is very similar to sleep and can make a big difference to insomnia.

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cure stress with therapy


The stress reaction is not a foregone conclusion. You have much more potential for control than you perhaps realise. Hypnotherapy can help you manage your stress by taking control or your thoughts and feelings regarding the situation you are facing.

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anxiety hypnosis


Anxiety is limiting. It makes your world smaller. It is often due to an uncontrolled and overly active imagination focused on the negative. Use hypnosis to find a better alternative and to calm your anxious thoughts.

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Our expert hypnotherapists in Sheffield can help with all the above listed problems. Please, call us on 01143830123 to discuss your specific issue. 

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We are a group of skilled and experienced hypnotherapists. We run our own businesses but we all work at the Sheffield Wellness Centre. The Focused Hypnosis group practise is Sheffield's biggest dedicated hypnotherapy group.

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Richard Hennessy
Rachael Cann
Fi Hennessy is a hypnotherapist

Focused Hypnosis is a group of skilled and experienced hypnotherapists. We run our own businesses but we all work at the comfortable and private rooms at the Sheffield Wellness Centre.

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Jordan H.
Jordan H.
I had suffered from panic attacks regularly in the past due to anxiety, it got to a point where I felt like I couldn't cope anymore. I visited... Richard for an initial consultation where he gave me some tips on how to cope until our first session and even that was an unbelievable amount of help. I have had only one session with Richard and I feel as if the anxiety has near enough disappeared from my life. I finally feel like my old self again. Highly recommend, such a lovely man and so easy to get along with, felt like I had known him for more
Gabriella L.
Gabriella L.
I got in contact with Richard because I was struggling with confidence and anxiety around my placement as a student paramedic. I had previously been... having CBT sessions, which were okay but not impactful enough for me. Whilst having an occupational health check, I was encouraged to try hypnosis, and a Google search later, I came across Richard. I was a little dubious at first, because I thought that I would not be able to go into trance and that it wouldn't work for me. But Richard had no doubt about the former. He talked me through all my questions and concerns and reassured me that if it wasn't for me, I would get my money back. He also highlighted to me that hypnosis is not a magic wand, it doesn't solve the problem for you; it gives you the tools to help you help yourself.Listening to Richard is like being immersed in honey; his words and the way he speaks makes you feel safe and calm. Being in a trance is like that period before you fall asleep. And it was so easy to get there. I was aware of everything at the time, but now I look back on it, I wouldn't remember the things that Richard was saying to me. If I wanted to move, I could have done, but I was so relaxed that I didn't even want to move my hand to scratch my nose. After every trance, I awoke feeling absolutely amazing and so good about myself. I don't feel like hypnosis particularly helped me when I think about it. However, it must have done, because I have since become a qualified paramedic. My mentor said that the change in my behaviour and confidence was profound. Maybe my conscious mind is unaware of the changes in my subconscious and that's why I don't feel different? I don't know how this stuff works, but I suppose it did! So, thank you Richard, you've helped me open the door to my brand new career.The only reason why Richard doesn't get 5 stars is because he forgot about one of our appointments and turned up 15minutes late, and I wasn't emailed a copy of our second recording session and was therefore unable to listen to it in my free more