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Hypnosis could
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Hypnosis could help you take control of your thoughts and take control of your life

  We help people like you who want to help themselves to improve. You may have struggled to change for years and still not achieved your goals. We could help you find a different way to bring about change and put you in the driving seat of your own life"

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Let's talk, face to face or on the phone, and tell us about what you want in the future. Lets investigate what has got in the way or what is missing and start to develop a plan for change.

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Trance/hypnosis is natural and powerful. You can go into trance already. Guranteed. Find out for yourself what it can be like and how it could help you achieve your goals more easily.

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Fi H.
Fi H.
When my husband was training to become a hypnotherapist all those years ago he used me as his number one practice subject. I found it all very... relaxing. However the most profound thing that Rich helped me with was my abject fear of the dentist and needles in general. Within about 2 sessions I had completely over come this fear and was able to go to the dentist happily and any time I had an injection was a complete more
Valerie B.
Valerie B.
During lockdown (Covid 19) I barely used my car. When restrictions were eased I travelled to see friends using the motorway which had suddenly become... a very frightening, stressful place for me. Everything seemed so busy with lorries thundering past and I had a complete panic attack whilst on there. I really thought I would never be able to travel on there ever again which limited travel for holidays and social events.I spoke with Richard at length both on the telephone initially and then face to face at the first consultation. He listened carefully to everything I said and was so reassuring.At the first session I was a bit nervous but he soon relaxed me and I listened to his voice, unaware that I was actually in a trance - it didn't feel like I had lost control or anything - it was just like listening to music and relaxing. During the following session he made things personal to me and had clearly spent a lot of time tailoring the session.He gave me useful techniques to practice in between sessions and then it was time to put it all into practice. I did it!! I went on the motorway for one junction and back again. I was calm and in control. I then progressed over a few days to travelling further and overtaking the lorries I had been so freaked about before. I was absolutely buzzing and I cried with relief as I can now get on with my life and visit friends.Richard has taught me how to iron out the daily stressed of my life as well as the issues I was having on the motorway. He has changed my life and I can't thank him enough for it. I went into hypnotherapy with an open mind and I came out a calmer, happier more

Meet the team

We are a group of skilled and experienced hypnotherapists. We run our own businesses but we all work at the comfortable and private rooms at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

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Meet the team

The hypnotherapists at Focused Hypnosis

We are a group of skilled and experienced hypnotherapists. We run our own businesses but we all work at the Sheffield Wellness Centre. The Focused Hypnosis group practise is Sheffield's biggest dedicated hypnotherapy group.

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Just some of the issues a hypnotist can treat are...

Weight loss hypnosis


Dieting does not work. Counting calories, points or syns doesn't work either. Changing your beliefs and attitudes about food does. Hypnotherapy could help you make those changes.

Quit smoking sign


Patches, gum and willpower are useless. When it comes to quitting smoking there is no technique more effective than hypnotherapy. Take control of your thoughts

Clown phobia

Fears &

Phobias are learned behaviours that don't improve your quality of life and they can be beaten. Regain control of your irrational fear by taking control of your thoughts and feelings.

Fear of public speaking


Perhaps you are afraid of giving presentations at work. Maybe you have been asked to be best man at a wedding. Perhaps you fall apart in job interviews. Hypnosis could help you plan for the outcome you want.

Confident woman


Confidence is a skill that is learned. Some people learn it quickly and easily while others sometimes struggle. Like any skill though, you can practice and you can get better. The hypnotherapy service from Focused Hypnosis could help you to improve your confidence.



Insomnia can have a significant impact on all aspects of life in a very short space of time. Once your sleep pattern has been affected it can sometimes be hard to re-establish your sleep. Hypnotherapy is very similar to sleep and can make a big difference to insomnia.

Man who is stressed


The stress reaction is not a foregone conclusion. You have much more potential for control than you perhaps realise. Hypnotherapy can help you manage your stress by taking control or your thoughts and feelings regarding the situation you are facing.

anxiety hypnosis


Anxiety is limiting. It makes your world smaller. It is often due to an uncontrolled and overly active imagination focused on the negative. Use hypnosis to find a better alternative