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reviews of hypnotherapy by clients of focused hypnosis in sheffield

I know that hypnosis reviews can make a big difference to the hypnotherapist you choose to work with. Thanks to the internet we now have the potential to do a  huge amount of research before making a decision of this kind.

To have the best chance of success with hypnotherapy you need to be working with someone who is professional at what they do and can prove that they have succeeded in helping people in the past. I strive to fulfil both of those requirements.

Below you will find links to hypnosis reviews from people I have worked with. These reviews are divided into categories so if you are looking for weight loss hypnosis reviews then you will be able to find reviews from people who have lost weight after working with me.

All the reviews have been written by previous clients on third party websites and I have copied their comments and posted them here on my website. This means that you can be confident that the reviews are genuine.

lose weight using hypnotherapy

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weight loss review by Natasha

Natasha’s Review

“I had been struggling with my weight for the last 3 years going from one fad diet to another, loosing weight and then putting it straight back on again. I had 3 sessions with Richard and not only have I lost a stone in 4 weeks but I am now actually off my antidepressants that I had been on for over 8 months.

I have lost the weight not through constantly having to worry and think about what I am eating but just through making the right choices without actually realising it ! Although when I first looked into having hypnotherapy and looked at the costs involved I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk as I didn’t have a clue if it would work or not, it’s been the best decision I have made and well worth the costs!

I feel like I am finally happy and have my life back and well on my way to reaching my weight goal ! Thank you so much Richard ! My partner will also be booking in for quitting smoking!”

Review was originally written on Freeindex

weightloss review by joanneJoanne Brown’s Review

“I went to see Richard regarding weight loss i had tried almost every diet there was but to no real success. I had about 5 sessions with Richard and i felt so relaxed in talking to him about my downfalls when it came to eating. I started the sessions in October 2011 and I am delighted to say I have lost 2 stone and its been so easy. I have just learned that there is no restriction on any thing that i want to eat but its better to take the healthy option. I now eat fresh fruit , plan my meals daily, so I don’t start bitting on junk food in-between and if I do feel hungry i always have a good stock of fruit or healthy options to nibble on. I went as a last resort to see Richard as I was going on a cruise with my husband in march and the thought of me in a costume frightened me. Now my case is full of lovely clothes and I cant wait !!!!! Thank you so much Richard and I definitely will be recommending you to all my friends.
Review was originally written on Freeindex

a weight loss review by joyce from sheffieldJoyce’s review:

“I saw Richard for many hypnosis sessions. I found him very professional, easy to talk to, a very good listener who took on board my views. My sessions for weight loss helped me a great deal with my love hate relationship with food and being fat.

He helped me understand and sort my head out. I no longer have a love hate relationship with food and, being fat. I am now much happier in myself and how I look since seeing Richard.”

Joyce originally wrote her review on Freeindex

a weight loss review by gillian from sheffieldGillian’s review:

“I recently attended several hypnosis sessions with Richard at Focused Hypnosis to help me lose weight. I am delighted to say that not only am I losing weight, I found the sessions have helped to relieve stress in other areas of my life.

I found Richard to be highly professional and his friendly, honest and approachable manner put me at ease from the very first session. I would not hesitate to recommend Focused Hypnosis.”

Gillian’s review of hypnosis for weight loss was originally written on Freeindex

a weight loss review by carole from sheffieldCarole’s review:

My experience with Focused Hypnosis has been life changing, I went wanting to lose weight having tried many other methods all of which had failed. I found Richard to be warm, understanding and willing to take great pains to help me achieve my aim, but also gave me so much more in support for the emotional matters that were causing me to overeat.

I have lost over 18 lbs and cannot really think how its happened its been so easy and effortless, I had an addiction to chocolate but now I hardly recognise it as edible. I am in control of eating for the first time in my life.

Richard of Focused Hypnosis is totally ethical and professional and I’m sure he could help anyone like he has helped me. I am a totally different person to the one who went for help in the first instance.

I would recommend this business to absolutely anyone who needed a change in their lives.”

a weight loss review by Helen from sheffieldJoyce’s review:

“I had all the usual questions; would I be in control, how does hypnosis work etc? I had a good chat with Richard over the phone, and a more in depth one at our first meeting.

What I got from Richard was a very personal service – using prompts that were important and specific to me. Richard gave me techniques to help me cope and I found the recordings so useful, as I picked up on things I hadn’t ‘heard’ in my session.

There’s no ‘brainwashing’, in fact I was surprised at how simple it all seemed. Though I went to Richard to manage my weight, I’ve got so much more out of it and use a lot of what we discussed in other areas of my life. I’m going back for refreshers when I feel I need them. I recommend Richard without hesitation.”

Kathryn’s review:

“I found Richard to be truly professional and caring. I needed help to lose weight and sort my lifestyle out.

Richard has helped me to move forward towards my goals and I am much happier and more motivated. I would recommend Focused Hypnosis to anyone.”

Kathryn’s review was originally posted on Freeindex

a weight loss review by MichelleMichelle’s review:

“I have recently completed a course of hypnotherapy with Richard to help me with a long-standing weight problem. Having tried just about every fad diet out there with no success, I already feel confident that Richard has helped me to achieve a new mindset with regards to eating healthily and banish my cravings.

Richard is extremely professional, approachable and understanding and I have felt completely relaxed and at ease during our hypnotherapy sessions. I recommend him 100%.”

Michelle’s weight reduction review was originally posted on Freeindex

Tom's weight loss reviewTom’s review:

“Hi Folks. I’ve seen only seen Richard three times in total. The first for an assessment to find out how he could help me and then a session to start to help me to lose a bit of timber!

I’m already more aware of what it is I’m eating and can recognise when I’m full and when it is I’m eating for eating’s sake! Unfortunately because of other turbulent aspects of my life it became apparent that I needed to sort things out in another direction for our focus to be totally focused!

Richard has been brilliant! Not only was our initial discussion great for me as a means to ‘vent’ as well as to help Richard build a picture of what I’m about, but he made me feel relaxed and at ease from day one! Because my time with Richard has only been brief as mentioned above, Richard has forwarded on some contacts who can help me with these other issues. A very good and professional service!”

Tom’s review was originally posted on Freeindex

quit smoking for good through hypnotherapy

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Suze quit smoking 60 cigarettes a day using hypnosisSuze’s stop smoking review:

“It feels unfair to just leave a 5 star review when someone has completely changed your life for the better!

I went to Richard for help with stopping smoking. I had managed it for a short while when I was 30 years old, and went mental at all of my friends and was filled with anger, rage and tears all the time. When I picked it up again I promised myself I had to do it differently next time.

I was recommended Richard, and although I didn’t believe that one session of hypnosis could cure me from smoking 60 cigarettes a day, I had to try it as I was 35 and starting to notice the negative effects on my health. Richard spent some time with me before the session getting to know my triggers and my tough times without smoking, which for me where whenever I didn’t have a cigarette!
I remembered some of the session, not all of it, but he gave me a USB to take away with me. I didn’t feel like it had worked, but I just kept not smoking. Hours, days, and now 7 months! I had told him that I wanted to be cool to be around smokers as most of my friends are smokers, and I am fine being around them, and in smokey environments, and I don’t feel like I am missing out nor am I ever tempted to smoke myself.

He is truly talented, qualified and understanding. I would recommend to anybody who has been struggling with any habit to contact him. I promise you it is worth it and could just change your life. Thanks again!”

Suze’s Quit smoking Review was originally posted on Freeindex

quit smoking hypnotherapy testimonialJemma’s review:

“I had been smoking since I was young and really wanted to quit for good. After trying various methods patches and will power just didn’t cut it. I’d tried hypnosis in 2006, although it worked and i didn’t smoke for a year, I did start again.

This treatment was very different. Whereas the previous session was only an hour long, this time it was an intense 4 hours in one go (optional)!

I had no idea that a lot of the issues were conscious ones that I hadn’t even considered were inciting me to smoke. A very detailed and educational experience that left me feeling relaxed and confident. This was on they 20th June and I still haven’t smoked to date. Thanks!”

stop smoking testimonial from TomTom’s hypnosis review:

“I must admit, I was skeptical about hypnotherapy before I visited Richard, however, being a smoker of 15 years was willing to give anything a try. And I’m so glad I did! It’s now 3 months after my single session with Richard, and I have not had a single cigarette!

It wasn’t the case of simply walking out a non-smoker, and you certainly need to want to give up, but whatever it was Richard did supplemented my will power and gave me the tools and techniques to conquer the cravings.

The whole experience was excellent. Richard is likable and really puts you at ease. This I believe was invaluable in the success of my session, as I did have an open mind, but really knew nothing about the subject. Richard really knows his stuff, and was able to answer all the questions I had, and more.

I don’t usually leave any feedback on websites, but I had to make an exception in this case… It really has been that life changing!


Tom’s review was originally posted on Freeindex

hypnosis for quitting smokingRyan’s review:

“I saw Richard at Focused Hypnosis for help with stopping smoking. I chose Focused Hypnosis because they seemed different to other hypnotherapists.

Richard explained during my free 30 minute consultation that he treats smoking the same way he treats all other issues and he charges the same price too. Some hypnotherapists I looked at charge £300 for 1 hour!! Richard explained that multiple sessions were likely to offer a much more long term solution unlike these one or two hour ‘intensive’ sessions.

I saw Richard 4 times over a few weeks and by the end of the last session I felt so calm and happy about being a non smoker I couldn’t wait to get on with my new life! Richard made me feel very relaxed and at easy and was very confident but considerate in how he worked. I found the whole process very enjoyable and have booked in with Richard for hypnotherapy to try and lose some weight.

I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis to anyone in Sheffield.”

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Katy's hypnosis for anxiousness reviewWhatkatydid’s review:

“Took 5 tests about 25 years ago, everyone thought I’d pass first time – I didn’t and each time I was more and more stressed when the examiner got in the car. I give it up as a bad job. I went back to lessons with my bosses husband who brought me up near modern standard before he retired.

I took a test and was like jelly, made a real mess of it. Then I met Alan from Horizon who is brilliant instructor and so that I could deal with my emotions during the test I went to Richard Hennesy richard@sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk. Age 50 I passed. I am confident, relaxed driver in all weathers in heavy traffic and motorways.

Someone once said to me passing your test was the best gift you could give your self – it is and if it take a bit of extra time and cash to get there, rather than be a good driver who can’t pass a test, cos that is really expensive”

Review originally posted on Sheffield Forum

Rebecca's anxiety review

Rebecca’s review:

“I found Richard to be very professional and friendly. He helped my feelings of anxiety in just a few meetings.

It really made a difference in my life. Many Thanks”

Polly P's anxiety review of hypnosisPolly’s review:

“I was suffering with really bad anxiety and panic attacks, it got so bad that I stopped leaving the house and wasn’t sleeping. Getting help through the Doctors was a lengthy and slow process, that’s when I decided to try hypnotherapy.
I found Focused Hypnosis on a forum and came highly recommended. Richard thoroughly explained the process and immediately put me at ease. I was amazed at the dramatic results, my anxiety levels are significantly lower and the skills introduced to me in the session will help me in controlling my anxiety should it arise.
I am so impressed with the results and so grateful to have my life back. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone suffering with anxiety or panic attacks and would highly recommend Richard.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

reviews of hypnotherapy by clients of focused hypnosis in sheffieldAnonymous review:

This reviewer wished to remain anonymous as they were apprehensive about other people within acting circles recognising her name but at the same time the reviewer wanted to share her review with others.

“A friend recommended I saw Richard to try some hypnotherapy to increase my confidence before a stage performance.

Hypnotherapy really helped me to relax and I was no longer nervous prior to going on stage. I would highly recommend.”

Review was originally written on Freeindex

The idea of giving birth again was making Natalie anxious until she had hypnotherapy. Read her anxiety hypnotherapy review hereNatalie’s review:

“I decided to contact Richard at focused hypnosis in Sheffield as I am expecting my second child and i was experiencing terrible nerves, sleepless nights and feeling of dread towards my oncoming caesarian section and spinal anaesthetic, I had a particularly rough time with my first child’s birth and it left me a nervous wreck!

I found Richard to be very friendly and he immediately put me at ease. I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and was a little nervous about being “put to sleep” or “mind controlled” as it made me feel quite vulnerable but this was not the case, I was totally aware of everything around me and was able to communicate with Richard.

The outcome of my hypnotherapy session is that i no longer feel dread or panic at the thought of the birth of my son I genuinely am looking forward to it I feel much more positive! and thanks to Richard I now have the tools to tackle any feelings of worry that may occur as my due date approaches, the whole experience has helped me in ways that I will be forever grateful, I THOROUGHLY recommend it.”

Review originally posted on Yelp

an anxiety hypnotherapy review for stage frightReview by 603200:

“I recently went to see Richard at Focused Hypnosis. As a musician I had developed a fear of performing at contests, which was getting in the way of my development as a performer, and my enjoyment of it.

The first thing to impress me was that when I rang, it was Richard who answered the phone. We had a chat about the problem, then arranged an appointment to meet. I was very at ease talking about the problem, felt that this process could help and I was determined for it to work as well which is important.

I then went for two hypnotherapy sessions. I found these completely relaxing and enjoyable. At the end of them I felt confident that I could cope in future with the situations I had struggled with.

The proof was in the pudding a few days later when I competed in a big contest and delivered my best contest performance to date, during which I felt relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience!

I honestly can’t recommend Richard highly enough to anybody who feels they may be helped by Hypnosis. He took great interest in what I had to say, and he was very happy when I told him about my success afterwards.

I would not hesitate to see him again in future. Get in touch and see if he can help you as he did for me. If you see this post Richard, thanks again!!”

Review originally posted on Sheffield Forum

Louise was afraid of driving lessonsLouise’s review:

I had previously taken my driving test and had failed due to nerves getting the better of me and affecting my driving skills. I was extremely worried the same would happen when retaking my test recently. I had one session with Richard from Focused Hypnosis.

I was a bit nervous about what it would involve but as soon as I arrived I was put at ease and was made to feel very welcomed. I felt Richard understood my needs and when it came to taking my driving test I felt calm and had belief in my driving skills. I went on to pass with only 2 minors. I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis.

Review originally posted on Freeindex

anxious thoughts review by jessicaJessica’s review:

I recently visited Richard at Focused Hypnosis for help with anxiety, which had been been a problem for some time; this was getting worse and I was struggling to cope with it.

I attended an initial consultation, where Richard discussed my issues and identified negative thought processes (which I had not even realised I had), suggesting ways to turn my mindset around.

I attended a hypnosis session which consolidated this. I had been wondering how the hypnosis would work, however Richard was happy to answer any questions I had and explained everything clearly at the outset so I knew what to expect. I found the hypnosis process very relaxing and began to notice a difference almost straight away.

Richard also provides a recording of the hypnosis session, so that you can listen at home and help things to sink in. Since attending my sessions, I have noticed a huge change in my outlook – I had a big event the following week, which I was able to approach with a new relaxed frame of mind, and I am feeling much more confident with a wide range of situations which I used to find overwhelming.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex