Yoga studio & therapy rooms  for hire on Abbeydale Road

Focused Hypnosis is based at the Sheffield Wellness Centre on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield. The centre has a variety of rooms and spaces that could suit therapists and health professionals of all kinds. The rooms are private, well appointed, welcoming and warm.

Main features of room hire

  • No contract
  • No minimum useage per week/month
  • Quick & simple booking system
  • Clean & professional rooms that are comfortable
  • Pay in arrears
  • Get your bio listed on our directory of practitioners
  • Secure entry system
  • The centre is set round a courtyard of oyther businesses and has a community feel to it
  • The bandler Room

  • Dale Room for hire

  • The Abbey Room

  • Yoga mats

  • Yoga Studio for hire

What are the features of the rooms for hire?

Exterior view of the Sheffield Wellness Centre

The Studio has yoga matts, pillows, cushions and blankets available for use, for free if you don't want to use your own.

All the building is very well insulated so it dramatically reduces external noise and makes the spaces warm and comfortable. The heating in the building and the lights outside are controlled automatically through the booking system so you and your clients should arrive to a well lit and warm space.

The therapy rooms have a waiting room downstairs. There is free tea, coffee, juice and wifi available.

Therapists using the space can book rooms through an online calendar and billing is a month in arrears. Invoices are emailed and can be paid through the invoice using Paypal or bank cards as well as BACS payment through your bank.

Therapists will need prove their qualifications and also hold public liability and professional indemnity insurance in order to use the space.

We have four distinctive therapy rooms for hire

1. The Studio:

This space is 10 meters by 4 meters and can comfortably fit 9 or so people on yoga mats.

2. The Abbey Room:

This room is ideal for massage sessions or talking therapy sessions. It is equipped with a massage bench (if needed) and has all the extra little touches you would expect.

3. The Dale Room:

This is a cosy and very private space ideal for talking therapy. It is preferred by coaches who want to have a very direct session with no distractions.

4. The Bandler Room:

This room is similar in over all size to the Abbey Room and comes equiped with two large and comfortable leather armchairs, one of which reclines.

Who could hire the yoga studio?

Obviously, The Studio would be perfect for yoga teachers looking to establish their business in such a thriving area. The space would also suit pilates classes and baby classes of various kinds. The Studio would also suit group presentations of various kinds.

The Studio is big enough for about 10 people on yoga mats. While the space is not the size of a church hall it is big enough for a much more friendly and personal experience. Many people do not do classes in church halls, for example, because of social anxiety so our venue would be ideal for the kind of classes that focus on quality over quantity.

We are looking for new or established practitioners of all kinds. Ideally though if you are new to self-employment we would be happy to discuss the possibilities of using the space. We are keen to support local businesses and to help them thrive.

Who could hire the therapy rooms?

The three talking therapy rooms are ideal for a wide range of physical and mental therapies. At the moment we have hypnotherapists, counsellors and massage therapists using the spaces available but we do have some space for more practitioners.

Other potential uses of the rooms

We are always open to the spaces being used by a variety of professionals and their use does not have to be limited to medical or health applications. If you are looking for a consulting room then The Bandler Room would be perfect for that. If you work in HR, for example, and were looking for a space from which you could do interviews the Dale Room and The Bandler Room would be ideal for that purpose.

Get in touch to find out more or to arrange a free, no obligation viewing.

When are the spaces available for hire?

The rooms are available now. Thanks to the keyless access system you could theoretically use the space 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Normal hours are 7am to 10pm but bookings are welcome outside of these times.

How do you book the therapy rooms for hire?

Great question! There is an online booking system so when you get an enquiry from a client you can log in to the system, see when rooms are available and book your client in there and then if the room is free. This makes for a much faster and smoother booking process. We want it to be as easy as possible for you and the people you work with.

How much do therapy rooms cost to hire?

We have worked hard to ensure that the rooms are as affordable as possible. We charge just £10 per hour for the hire of any of the rooms. You can book in 15 minute increments so you will only be beilled for what you need, we won't round up a 1 hour and 15 minute session to two hours!

There is a £5 per month associate fee which is charged to cover the upgraded booking system, invoicing & web design work to feature you on our website.