Testimonial Disclaimer

Testimonial Disclaimer

In order to comply with FTC guidelines (and other agencies such as Google) regarding the use of reviews/testimonials/endorsements on websites and in advertising I would like to point out the following information:

The reviews on this website have all been taken from other websites where previous clients have left their opinion of their experience of working with me. They are the experiences of individuals and their comments reflect their real life experience of working with me and what happened after our work together.
The results these individuals talk about are specific to these people and results can vary. I never claim that the results of one person are the results that everyone will achieve.

The reviews are in no way representative of the experience everyone has when using my techniques or working with me specifically.

The reviews on this website have been copied from the third party sites where the reviews were originally written. The only changes made to the reviews are to spelling or grammar. Some of the reviews in their original form were very detailed. In some cases these reviews have been shortened. That being said I have provided links where ever needed so that the original review can be read in full on the site where it was originally posted.

Focused Hypnosis are in no way responsible for the content in the reviews posted on this website. The Focused Hypnosis website is not a forum for reviews but does make the reviews available so that previous clients can share their individual experience in order to illustrate to other potential clients what the outcome could be like.

Focused Hypnosis does not share the opinions of of any of the reviews on this website as all views expressed in the reviews are strictly the views of the reviewer.