Why Alevere will not help many people to lose weight

Alevere diet advertsied on the back of a Sheffield busJust when you might be feeling like the back of a bus you might see the adverts for the Alevere weight loss programme, coincidentally (?) often advertised on the back of buses! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The pain (both physical and mental) of excessive weight can be considerable and this is what the Alevere diet supposedly helps you to tackle. But what is involved? How much does it cost? Will it work?

You may know Alevere by a different name. A few years back it was known as Alizonne but rebranded to Alevere but fundamentally it is the same business in terms of what is offered.

You may be wondering what is involved in being on Alizonne/Alevere. Read on for more details...

What does the Alevere diet involve?

The first thing to point out is that the Alevere diet is based on the starvation diet. It is a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet. The process consists of four different techniques: ultrasound therapy, connective tissue massage, medical diet and longer-term maintenance.

The diet is often recommended for 20 weeks in order to achieve the client's target weight though this obviously varies between individuals.

In the first phase of the diet, you have 5 sachets a day that they claim meets your nutritional requirements (when combined with some veggies, presumably to avoid constipation).

Before you buy Alevere sachets though you must consider all the additional costs involved. Alongside the sachets are regular ultrasound treatments which are intended to break up the fat cells and also to tighten skin.

The need for skin tightening is because there is the potential for a significant amount of weight to come off in the short term. GPs recommend a pound or two a week of weight loss and sustainable. On Alevere people can lose 1 or 2kg per week. This rapid weight reduction due to starvation means the skin has little time to adapt so intervention is needed.

Hypnotherapy could help you lose weight

Video proof that there will always be two sides (and sometimes more) to the weight loss conversation

Starvation is not a good idea

bread water and fruit diet

When the body is starved it reacts to the perceived famine by breaking down muscle tissue (among other things). This means that weight can reduce significantly but so can muscle mass.

The muscles contribute to a large percentage of the calories the body uses so smaller muscles means fewer calories are used which means more can be stored down the line as fat, once you return to eating a non-starvation based diet.

There is also research that shows that after a period of starvation the body stores more fat than it would if you hadn't starved yourself. This means that the potential for a rebound after the treatment phase is dramatically increased.

Does the Alevere diet work?

Man looking in the fridgeStarving your body will usually have an impact. The question is are you prepared for the expense of the process and the implications of a starvation diet.

As always there are mixed results on all diets and Alevere is no different. People do report changes in the short term but this is to be expected when you are consuming just 750 calories a day in some cases. This can be very difficult to stick to because your body is screaming out for food a lot of the time.

Alevere reviews

There are a large number of reviews of Alevere out there. Some very positive, some very negative. When we look at buying something for less than £50 on Amazon the reviews tend to be very influential and if it has 4 or 4.5 gold stars many people will buy the product without thinking about it.

Spending £5,000+ means that it is essential to look at the reviews in much more detail. This is a BIG investment and requires more consideration.

Questions and doubts about ultrasonic treatment

sound wavesA peer-reviewed scientific study looked at the use of ultrasonic cavitation, which seems to be the technique used by Alevere. It found that "Weight remained unchanged throughout the study, indicating that the reduction in circumference and fat thickness was not related to weight loss. No significant change in levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and liver markers was observed." Jasminka & Victor, 2010

The ultrasound technique is reported by some to be effective in the short term but the long-term benefits are considered to be nearly non-existent by many. The ultrasonic procedure is cosmetic only, according to the journal Obesity Surgery

What does Alevere cost?

a pile of £20 pound notesBased on the first-hand experience of Nael Mahfouz who wrote a review about Alizonne cost on Trustpilot it is clear that the Alizonne diet is not for everyone based purely on the cost.

Treatments = £130 per week / £520 per month

Sachets = £92.50 per week / £370 per month

Supplements = £30 per week / £120 per month

Approximate total cost per month = £1000 

Approximate length of diet = 20 weeks / 5 months

Approximate total cost of Alevere diet = £5000

Diets do not work for the majority of people

Desperate people often are willing to try almost anything to reach their goals and will say things like...
"But I have tried every other diet, maybe Alevere is the one that will help me reach my goal"

Maybe. It is possible. However, perhaps it is all diets that don't work for you. Diets do not work for the vast majority of people. Within any diet there will always be people who succeed and people who fail, regardless of the rules and regulations of the particular diet.

What is often effective is empowering people to take control of their thoughts, feelings and then behaviour. The analysis of diets shows that to a large extent the type of diet a person is on does not matter in terms of their success. What does play a huge role in the attitude and psychology of the person on the diet.

What are some of the possible side effects of Alevere?

The Alevere diet focuses a huge amount on the potential benefits but not so much on the downsides of the process. Some of the side effects of the Alevere diet are:

  • With rapid weight loss comes increased chance of saggy skin afterwards
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Constipation
  • Flatulence

What do Alevere say on their own website about the possible side effects?

Precious little is the honest answer. Do a Google search for "Alevere possible side effects" and you won't find a single page talking about this. This is a little strange because for the people who Alevere does not work well with they experience some significant side effects.

Alevere reviews from people who have done the process

"Complete waste of money as soon as you stop the weight piles back on double quick. cost a fortune and still paying for it, very unhealthy I was on it twice ended in 2 hospital admissions."

What are the alternatives to Alevere?

If you are considering spending around £5,000 on Alevere there are a lot of other alternatives you could consider before spending such a considerable amount of money.

Gastric band surgery

The research in this area is extensive and the surgery is very common these days. It could be that this approach could be a better alternative to Alevere for some people.

Personal trainer

At around £30 per session you could have an hour-long session twice a week for a year and a half.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

On average the total cost of hypnotherapy for weight loss with us is just £280 and it focuses on the most important part of weight reduction....how you think and feel.

Get the right attitude for weight loss through hypnosis

You will potentially have more success in reducing your weight by getting the right focus or attitude in place first. This is why hypnotherapy is not about dieting. It is about a shift in attitude, expectation and focus. It is designed to empower you to take control of your head first THEN your body.

Weight took time to creep on. The healthiest and most sustainable way to get rid of it is also taking the slow and steady approach. If you are permanently hungry do you think you would be more or less likely to want to eat?

Alevere says that you have to suffer (financially and emotionally) for rapid results that may not last that long. At the end of the process, nothing will have been done directly to change your thoughts or feelings about the foods you ate that contributed to your excess weight.

Hypnotherapy works in the opposite way. It helps you to think, act and feel like a naturally slim person.

For more information on what hypnosis is and why it could be a better alternative for you compared to something like Alevere give us a call today on 0114 383 0123 for a free chat about your goals.