Day in and day out for the last 10 years I have spoken to people about hypnosis and how they could use it in order to bring about changes.  One of the questions I get asked A LOT is

“Can I go into trance?”

The answer is…

“Yes! Without a doubt”

How can I be so sure? Because you have been going into trance states/hypnotic moments for your entire life. You have lots of different names for these naturally occurring hypnotic trances too. You called it…

  • Being off with the fairies
  • On automatic pilot
  • In the zone
  • Zoned out
  • Daydreaming

These are all names for being in a trance. Let me give you some real-life examples of trance states you might have experienced yourself.

A young boy watching TV

When you were a kid watching cartoons on TV and didn’t even hear what parents said when they were talking to you, you were in a trance.

A young girl staring out of a window

When you zoned out of particular classes that didn’t capture your imagination in school and stared out of the window, you were in a trance.

A man playing a cello outside

When you were engrossed in something you love, like a playing a musical instrument or doing yoga, and time whizzed by… You. Were. In. A. Trance.

Every single one of us is designed to access this state naturally. We do it pretty much every single day. It is a state of focused attention and when you deliberately access that focused attention and turn your attention to your goals, your dreams, your ambitions that is when your imagination joins your focused attention and the really great things can happen.

You tend to get more of what you think. As a general rule. When you focus on how great it will be to be slimmer, calmer, more confident or whatever it is you are aiming for you begin to see what it is you can do to get there. Your unconscious chips in by making certain choices you make more automatic, the kind of choices that move you forward towards your goal.

The happy byproduct of this style of thinking is that you will spend less time telling yourself what you don’t want. As you think less about the things you don’t want they can begin to fade. They can fade like your memory of what it is that had for your evening mean 2 weeks ago last Wednesday.

So if you are ever unsure about your ability to go into trance just remind yourself that you have had a whole lifetime of practice and so you are really good at going into a hypnotic trance.

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