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Why Exercising WON’T Help You Lose Weight

There is increasing research that shows that going to a gym and pounding away on the running machine will not help you to be slimmer. I know that you may be reading that sentence with your jaw on the floor but for many people, it is a fact but it is one that isn't talked about much.

There is a presupposition among many people that overweight people just need to exercise more and they will be able to burn off calories and lose weight. What many people don't realise is just how much exercise is needed in order to burn off calories.

It Takes More Than You Think To Exercise Weight Off

To burn off 2 doughnuts (about 500 calories) you would need to cycle for two hours! To lose one pound of body fat you would need to run from Sheffield to Hull!! For people who make exercise an integral part of an exercise regime and combine it with strict calorie controls and a huge amount of determination and willpower exercise can lead to weight loss.

For most people though who want to shed a few extra pounds it makes a lot more sense to restrict what you put into your body in the first place rather than to try and burn it off once it is in there because exercise is not an efficient way to lose weight.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy In Sheffield Could Be The Answer

exercise bike weight loss hypnotherapy sheffield.jpg A very effective way to regulate and control what food you put into your body is hypnotherapy. Through hypnosis you can break patterns of eating which may have become established when you were a child. If you were ever told to clean your plate because "there are starving children in Africa" or that you weren't allowed to leave the table until your plate was cleared then weight loss hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help you.

Exercise IS a great way to stay active, to get an endorphin rush and to just be healthy but as a weight loss technique, it is very inefficient. No wonder that some people find themselves considering gastric band hypnotherapy or even actual gastric band surgery!

By changing your relationship with food and how you think and feel about it you can eat the right kinds of food for the right reasons at the right time. You could stop eating when you are genuinely full rather than eating everything that is infront of you just because it is there. Click this link for more information about my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice

About the author:

Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist in Sheffield

Richard Hennessy is the principal hypnotherapist at Focused Hypnosis. He founded Focused Hypnosis in 2009 and since then it has consistently been one of the highest rated hypnotherapy clinics in Sheffield. It is now the biggest hypnotherapy practise in Sheffield. Richard specialises in weight management.