Another Diet Is NOT The Answer To Losing Weight

Changing How You Think About Food IS!

Hypnosis helps by changing thoughts and behaviour. This means you could lose weight because you will be doing something different. This is NOT another fad diet. It is possible to control your diet and size without things like lose weight loss pills. Nor is it necessary to go to extremely expensive (and risky) weight loss options like cosmetic surgery.

I do NOT help people to “lose weight” because when you lose something you tend to want to look for it! I don’t want you to go looking for the weight you get rid of with my help. And you don’t want to be one of those weight watchers either. There are more important things in life than weekly weigh ins and counting every single calorie!

That is why the Focused Hypnosis approach is all about “weight management” NOT weight loss, you could say that it is a weight management clinic.

To find a professional hypnotherapist who could help you to lose weight I highly recommend finding someone registered. My approach isn’t about focusing on helping you to lose weight for a month or two, it is about helping you to make changes that will improve the rest of your life. The Hypnotherapy Register can be a great source to find the right hypnotherapist for you.

Fad diets are part of the reason so many people are fat

Read the reviews of people who were able to successfully lose weight as a result of hypnotherapy with Focused Hypnosis

Carole Originally Wanted To Lose Weight – Instead She Let Go Of It

In this weight loss review video by Carole she explains how she came to Focused Hypnosis in Sheffield to lose weight and to regain control of her diet. Carole is now able to eat a more healthy diet, she no longer sees sweet food as being a treat or a reward and she eats much better. As a result she is more positive, slimmer and happier.

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Are you sick of counting calories?

calorie counting is rarely a good idea

My weight loss clinic is all about helping you to be in control of your head AND what you put in your mouth

Embarrassed about your appearance?

don't be ashamed of your appearance

The negative thoughts and feelings you had about yourself in the past were trapping you in a body you hated.

Sick of fad diets that don’t work?

lemon juice diet

Doing another diet is simply keeping the method (you proved doesn’t work) and changing the recipes.