Another diet is NOT the answer to losing weight

Changing how you think about food IS the answer

Carole originally wanted to 'lose weight' - Instead she 'let go of it'

In this weight loss review video by Carole she explains how she came to Focused Hypnosis in Sheffield to lose weight and to regain control of her diet. Carole is now able to eat a more healthy diet, she no longer sees sweet food as being a treat or a reward and she eats much better. As a result she is more positive, slimmer and happier.

What could hypnosis do to help you address your weight issues?

Hypnosis could help you by changing thoughts, feelings and behaviour that you want to change. This means you could lose weight because you will be doing something different. This is NOT another fad diet.

It is possible to control your diet and size without things like lose weight loss pills. Nor is it necessary to go to extremely expensive (and risky) weight loss options like cosmetic surgery or options like the incredibly expensive Alevere calorie controlled diets

Happy woman who lost weight not by doing weight watchers but using hypnosis

Don't be one of the weight watchers. Instead, decide to be healthier and happier!

At Focused Hypnosis, we do NOT help people to "lose weight." This is because when you lose something you tend to want to look for it! We don't want you to go looking for the weight you get rid of when you work with us.

And you don't want to be one of those weight watchers either. There are more important things in life than weekly weigh ins and counting every single calorie! It gets boring and for most is unsustainable.

That is why the Focused Hypnosis approach is all about "weight management" NOT weight loss,  you could say that it is a weight management clinic.

"I have lost the weight not through...making the right choices without actually realising it. I lost a stone in 4 weeks but I am now actually off my antidepressants"

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Liz Davis
Liz D.
So, I'm sat in a bar at the other end of the country- on my OWN, food ordered and Rattlers cider going down nicely. I'll SLEEP well AGAIN tonight and be both RELAXED and at the same time EXCITED about the adventures ahead of me. 2weeks ago I cried at the thought of scaling a ladder; last week I climbed a playground ladder and descended by the slide; TODAY I went scrambling round and jumping off rocks coasteering!! All this I'd say is testament to Richards fantastic work which has helped find more of 'me'. I now say 'I can'!!. Thanks Rich. I'm recommending you to everyone I know! :-Dread more
Gabriella Lunt
Gabriella L.
I got in contact with Richard because I was struggling with confidence and anxiety around my placement as a student paramedic. I had previously been having CBT sessions, which were okay but not impactful enough for me. Whilst having an occupational health check, I was encouraged to try hypnosis, and a Google search later, I came across Richard. I was a little dubious at first, because I thought that I would not be able to go into trance and that it wouldn't work for me. But Richard had no doubt about the former. He talked me through all my questions and concerns and reassured me that if it wasn't for me, I would get my money back. He also highlighted to me that hypnosis is not a magic wand, it doesn't solve the problem for you; it gives you the tools to help you help yourself.Listening to Richard is like being immersed in honey; his words and the way he speaks makes you feel safe and calm. Being in a trance is like that period before you fall asleep. And it was so easy to get there. I was aware of everything at the time, but now I look back on it, I wouldn't remember the things that Richard was saying to me. If I wanted to move, I could have done, but I was so relaxed that I didn't even want to move my hand to scratch my nose. After every trance, I awoke feeling absolutely amazing and so good about myself. I don't feel like hypnosis particularly helped me when I think about it. However, it must have done, because I have since become a qualified paramedic. My mentor said that the change in my behaviour and confidence was profound. Maybe my conscious mind is unaware of the changes in my subconscious and that's why I don't feel different? I don't know how this stuff works, but I suppose it did! So, thank you Richard, you've helped me open the door to my brand new career.The only reason why Richard doesn't get 5 stars is because he forgot about one of our appointments and turned up 15minutes late, and I wasn't emailed a copy of our second recording session and was therefore unable to listen to it in my free more

What are the other weight loss options available?

The diet industry globally is worth billions of pounds. There are countless ways to tackle your weight but they all boil down to 3 main approaches.

1. Restricting Calories

Creating a huge deficit in calories can lead to you becoming slimmer as your body uses the fat it has stored. It is difficult to maintain though because the hunger drives you to eat high calorie food to replace lost calories.

2. Surgery

Gastric band and bypasses are a drastic solution and are expensive and come with huge risks. There are still people who manage to 'eat around' a gastric band so it is not the perfect solution at all.

3. Exercise

Some people think that greater activity will lead to weight loss. Studies are starting to show though that exercising to reduce weight is pointless for a lot of people as it increases appetite. Also, our bodies adapt to exercise so over time the same exercises use fewer calories.

The Focused Hypnosis approach to weight reduction

Aiming to do an hour in the gym twice a week is not possible for many people (just look at how many people join a gym then never go again!) Trying to hugely reduce your food intake and deal with the hunger pangs is not realistic either. And going under the knife is just not worth considering for many people.

Our approach is different.

We look at the process of weight. Before you put anything into your body there are thoughts and feeling affecting the choices you make. When you take control of your thoughts and feelings you can find your choices can change much more easily.

You could eat a donut and then run on a treadmill for 3 hours to burn off the calories. OR you could just not eat the donut in the first place. Which is more efficient?

We help you to tap into your drive and determination, to be able to help yourself to deal with the choices you make on a daily basis about what you eat.

It is developing these tools and approaches that could improve the rest of your life.

Embarrassed about your appearance?

The negative thoughts and feelings you had about yourself in the past were trapping you in a body you hated.

Are you sick of counting calories?

My weight loss clinic is all about helping you to be in control of your head AND what you put in your mouth

Sick of fad diets that don’t work?

Doing another diet is simply keeping the method (you proved doesn't work) and changing the recipes.

How hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help you control your weight

Why weight for a fresh start to your life? Now is the time to take control of what happens in your head because THAT is what controls what you put into your body. We can help you with this in four main ways:

1. Stop lying to yourself

You aren't "big boned" and you probably don't have a "thyroid problem" - you have just learned what does not work for you so why keep doing it and blaming yourself?

2. Boost self confidence

When you stop telling yourself you are worthless you can begin to think of yourself as being worthy of better things. We could help you change.

3. Stop mentally or verbally beating yourself up

Your thoughts have a big impact on how you perceive yourself. Tell yourself that you are a "fat pig" and you will eat like a fat pig. This can be changed though.

4. Addresses the emotional reasons behind poor dietary choices

If you are upset, angry, bored, frustrated or any other emotion and then eating food you will not find what you are looking for. There are better methods to find what is missing.

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