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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Lose Weight?

Have you tried countless fad diets? Do you have an expensive gym membership that you never use? Are you tired of restricting your calories and not seeing results? Hypnotherapy may be a more effective and efficient way to achieve weight loss than dieting techniques and exercise alone. Focused Hypnosis offers weight loss hypnotherapy services in Sheffield, which will help you take control of your weight loss journey and make healthier, long-lasting life choices. We work with you to help you understand your body and change your relationship with food and exercise. Our Sheffield weight loss services address the underlying psychological or emotional reasons behind your binge eating, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and help you think more positively about weight loss.

How Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work?

Weight loss hypnotherapy is a complementary treatment that uses hypnosis to influence your mind to change bad dietary choices, such as binge eating and not exercising, to help you achieve your goal weight. At Focused Hypnosis, we look at the process of weight and work with you to tackle the thoughts and feelings that trigger the bad habits that lead to weight gain. We achieve hypnosis with the help of a qualified weight loss hypnotherapist, who will use guided relaxation methods to lull you into a trance-like state successfully. Once you are under hypnosis, you should reach a heightened focus and awareness where you become more susceptible to suggestion. We help you tap into your drive and determination, enabling you to make beneficial diet and exercise health choices. For more information on hypnosis, please visit our fantastic article to clarify more on does hypnotherapy work.

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What to Expect from a Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Session?

At Focused Hypnosis, your first session will begin with your hypnotherapist explaining how hypnosis works. After that, you’ll agree on the methods that your hypnotherapist will use and have a conversation about your goals: are you tackling a bad relationship with food, overcoming anxiety surrounding exercising, or do you want to lose weight? 

Then, the hypnotherapist may:

  • Use guided relaxation techniques to help you achieve a deeply relaxed state of mind and body;
  • Use your agreed method to achieve your goal. For example, advising that binge eating is detrimental to your health and causing weight gain, so you should be encouraged to stop;
  • To conclude the session, your hypnotherapist will gradually bring you out of your trance-like state.

"I had 3 sessions with Richard and not only have I lost a stone in 4 weeks but I am now actually off my antidepressants that I had been on for over 8 months"

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Val B.
Val B.
My problem was weight loss and not having the motivation to do anything about it. I contacted Richard Hennessy and after one chat and one hypnosis session I was on my way. The actual hypnosis was nothing like I imagined. I thought I would go into a trance like in the movies!! I was totally aware of everything the... whole time and at the end felt completely relaxed. Before hypnosis I would eat because it was meal time regardless of whether I was hungry, but after, I only eat when I am hungry and I can leave food on my plate instead of clearing it - a flashback to childhood days when you couldn't leave the table until your plate was clear. I had one more recording from Richard, because I couldn't get to another appointment, and don't feel I need anymore. If I feel as if I am slipping back into old ways I listen to the recording and feel fine again. Richard provides a recording of all sessions to take away with you so its not like he is pressuring you to going back again and again.I would fully recommend him to anyone. Thankyou Richard!!read more
Amanda Jayne G.
Amanda Jayne G.
Brilliant I didn't know what to expect but from the minute I meet Richard I felt at ease.Iwanted help with diet issues I'd been dieting most of my life and I'd had enough of not eating proper food ,counting points felling fed up tierd hungry not even wanting to have food as I'd lost intrest it was boring to me.But... not anymore after 4sessions with Richard Ive opened up a new chapter in my life no more points being normal in what I eat were and when it's a great feeling anyone struggling with their diet should try this , Richard makes you feel at ease comfortable and the best bit he dosnt judge you he helps Ive noticed a big difference in myself I'm happy enjoying my life without constantly thinking of my diet Ive really enjoyed my session so a big big Thankyou richard.read more

Why are you Overweight?

Comfort Eating

We should always eat to satisfy hunger, but many of us turn to unhealthy food for comfort, stress relief, or to award ourselves. So, you might reach for a pint of ice cream when you’re feeling upset or order a takeaway when you’re feeling stressed. Initially, comfort eating makes you feel better because it masks your emotional distress. Eventually, it will make you feel even worse because the original emotions still remain, and you also feel guilty about binge eating.

Not Enough Exercise

We all feel unmotivated sometimes and skip a workout. However, if you consistently fail to exercise, you will gain weight, as when you do not use up all the energy provided by the food you consume, it gets stored by your body as fat.

Bad Diets 

Weight gain can happen gradually over time if you have an unbalanced diet. Junk food, sweet treats, and alcohol are fine in moderation, but they are high in fat and sugar. So, if you consume them repeatedly, you will gain weight, which will have a negative impact on your physical and mental health.


Sometimes, dieting programmes can make you gain weight. Particularly if you partake in yo-yo dieting, where you quickly lose weight and then unintentionally regain it because you cannot sustain such an intense weight loss plan.

Benefits of Losing Weight by Hypnosis

    1. Weight loss hypnotherapy offers you the tools to control your weight loss journey, physical health, and mental wellbeing.
    2. Hypnotherapy is relaxing, which can positively impact your physical health, as it lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate. 
    3. Unlike many other forms of psychological treatment, hypnotherapy is self-led, so you control the methods that your therapist will use and can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state.
    4. At Focused Hypnosis, you are not restricted by calorie counting, group-weigh ins, or strict diets.
    5. Weight loss hypnotherapy is gradual and achievable.
    6. Hypnotherapy weight loss will help you gain confidence and treat the psychological causes behind your unhealthy lifestyle choices, ensuring that the bad habits are less like to re-emerge later in life.
    7. Hypnotherapy is all-natural and has little side-effects or complications.
    8. Hypnotherapy teaches you self-sufficient weight loss methods that can be practised and have effects that last for the rest of your life.
    9. Hypnotherapy is cost-effective and one of the cheaper options of psychological treatment. Would you like to find out more about how much is hypnotherapy? 

Weight Loss Sheffield Testimonial

At Focused Hypnosis, we spoke to one of our patients to find out about her weight loss hypnotherapy experience. Carole admitted that she had tried “slimming clubs, acupuncture, and slimming tablets” in the past, but she still struggled to “lose weight and stop being addicted to overeating sweet things and chocolate.” However, Focused Hypnosis helped Carole discover that she “had quite a few emotional problems” which were causing her binge eating. Carole explained that she “found being hypnotised very relaxing and enjoyable” and that hypnotherapy has equipped her with “a calming technique” that she can use when she’s stressed. Focused Hypnosis, Carole said, “could work for anybody really. You’ve just got to believe that it will work, and it will do”. To watch the testimony in full, click here.


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