You CAN beat your fear of giving a wedding speech

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At a certain time in life it can seem like every single person you know is getting married. The whole process is, so we are told, an amazing thing, a once (or more) in a lifetime event, so SO special. These things may be true, to a greater or lesser extent but everyone telling you this just makes the day even more stressful.

Added to this are the thousands and thousands of pounds that are spent on some weddings. The huge guest list. The colour co-ordination. Getting everything in the right place at the right time and making sure Grandma Mary doesn’t have too many glasses of champagne. It’s a wonder anyone gets married at all!

But then comes the most stressful part of the day…THE SPEECHES!

The anxiety and stress surrounding this point in the day are the exact same feelings that are triggered when you have to do a big presentation at work or maybe as part of a university course. Getting up and talking to people about something is the UK’s number one fear/phobia. It has the potential to ruin a wedding, a career or a degree course if you let it.

How Can You Ensure The Speeches Go Well?

As a hypnotherapist I have helped many people to be more confident at public speaking, people who can now represent themselves to the best of their ability. The evidence is in the reviews for all to see.

“After our two sessions I already noticed a change in my physical reaction to thinking about the speech, where I no longer had the butterfly feeling in my stomach. It was as if it had been magically turned off.”

MarkPublic speaking phobiaRead Mark’s review

“I was aware of a marked improvement and was able to attend a teacher training course with renewed confidence about speaking in front of large groups of people.”

TomPublic speaking successRead Tom’s review here

“I found my confidence growing and by using the techniques on an on-going basis I am now able to make presentations to major groups as well as facilitating partnership workshops with major clients.”

MarkPublic speaking reviewRead Mark’s review here

“I would definitely recommend Richard at Focused Hypnosis. Went initially for help with public speaking. Was really surprised to find that many other areas of my life also improved dramatically. Great for relaxation in general.”

WendyPublic speaking reviewWendy’s public speaking review

By the end of the programme you will have identified what it is about public speaking that used to scare you. You will have developed and tapped into existing positive and confident aspects of your personality and these will be anchored so you will be able to recall them at a moments notice when you most need them. You will also be helped to tap into your desire to be better than you are. With all these elements combined, you will be unstoppable! The power of hypnosis could help you to make the changes that will make all the difference on the big day.

Call me, Richard, now on 0114 383 0123 to discuss your concerns about public speaking and how to beat it

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