Weight Loss Before Operations

Obese people will have to complete weight loss programmes before they can have operations, if proposals by a Welsh health board are approved. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board also says requiring smokers to go on courses to help them give up before surgery may save over £400,000

Obesity Ruining Children’s Grades

A study conducted in America has revealed that children who are overweight or obese could be doing less well in exams as a direct result of their weight.

The author of the study, Sara Gable said “Our study suggests that obesity in the early years of school, especially obesity that persists across the elementary grades, can harm children’s social and emotional well-being and academic performance.”

Anxiety And Sadness Could Be A Factor

The performance in maths exams of girls and boys could be due to the fact that these children feel anxious about their weight and sadder and lonelier too. These negative emotions can have a profound short term effect but this can also last into adult life as well.


“I had about 5 sessions with richard and i felt so relaxed in talking to him … and I am delighted to say I have lost 2 stone and its been so easy.”

Obesity is an issue that is literally a growing problem throughout the western world. In most industrialised western countries around 30% of children are either overweight or obese. The problems of obesity are affecting individuals but are also being passed on to the next generation. The NHS is struggling to keep up with this change in weight and the implications involved.

The NHS spends £4.2billion every year treating patients for obesity-related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes – as well as on costly weight-loss surgery.

This is unsustainable and there need to be drastic changes in the approaches used to help prevent people getting to obese weights and better assistance for those already there.

If you are overweight or obese hypnotherapy could help. Call for a free 20 minute chat on 014 383 0123 now. Weight loss hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help you change your relationship with food.


Desperate Jordan Turns To Hypnosis For Weight Loss

A Sydney resident weighs 300kg/47 stones and is looking to use hypnotherapy for weight loss to assist him in his attempt. Jordan Tirekidis is 44 years old and is looking at a very early death unless he can make some drastic lifestyle changes. He says that his problems with food began when he was 9 years old and had his tonsils removed.

In the time after this operation he was given sweet and sugary foods to eat and since then he hasn’t stopped. On an average day he can eat : 10 hash browns with coffee for breakfast. Two big Macs with chips for lunch and tea is 4 Whopper burgers. Snacks between meals are usually cakes and buns and all this washed down with a litre of coke a day.

“Addicted” To Unhealthy Food

Obviously Jordan’s huge weight causes all sorts of problems for him. His clothes size is 12XL and his clothes have to be custom made for him. Jordan is also incapable of standing on his own two feet for more than a few minutes because his weight is simply too much for his legs to handle. Jordan says he is “addicted” to sweet and unhealthy food is getting hypnotherapy to help him make the changes that could save his life.

Fat man with hamburger and chips hypnotherapy

While the details don’t mention Jordan’s blood pressure it is almost inevitable that his blood pressure is way too high which will put him at a hugely increased risk of a heart attack or stroke as a direct result of his weight.

“I have to do something about it because it’s getting to me and I didn’t want to die sitting in a chair,” Mr Tirekidis said.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Jordan is working with Sydney hypnotherapist Mark Stevens and a team of nutritionists and fitness experts in his attempt to lose 200kg/31 stones.

Mr. Stevens says “I’ll make sure Jordan never, ever, ever wants to touch a custard tart again.”  This quote on one level sounds great because losing any weight will surely be good for Jordan but as a hypnotherapist myself I’m troubled by Mr. Stevens’ choice of language. I would never “make” someone hate something. It is a LOT more effective to assist people to make the changes that THEY want to make.

Empower Change Rather Than Demand It

weight loss hypnotherapy sheffieldMy approach is all about empowering people to change, not forcing them to.

Mr Stephens uses an aversion approach to weight loss which encourages Jordan to associate his favourite foods with bad smells and foul images, such as a rubbish tip or dog droppings. While this may sound like it could be effective it often isn’t in the long-term. By taking a more positive and affirming approach it is possible to help people see their thoughts and actions in a different way and to associate positive things with the changes they desire.

By working this way I have helped many people to lose unwanted and unneeded weight and be happier and healthier.

Emotional Eating Is A Huge Issue

Jordan’s problems began, he says, when he had his tonsils removed.  It is likely that this emotional event in Jordan’s young life was scary and worrying. The sweet food could have been seen as the answer to pain and discomfort and through that association and the pursuit of happiness it has led to Jordan eating far too much of some of the most unhealthy food available. This kind of emotional eating affects thousands of people.

Hypnotherapy could be a lot more effective for Jordan if his hypnotherapist focused on changing these associations so that he was still able to gain reassurance and comfort but from something that was healthier.

If you have unhealthy associations with food and would like to look at ways to lose weight then hypnotherapy could be the answer. For a free chat about hypnosis and how to lose weight call Focused Hypnosis today on 0114 383 0123

Could Your Weight Loss Medication Kill You?

Are You Willing To Die For Your Weight Loss Tablets?

Orlistat is a drug that stops fat being absorbed by the gut and is instead excreted and is also known by various other names around the world including Alli and Xenical and has been linked to four suspected cases of “serious liver toxicity”, one of which was fatal according to the European Medicines Agency.

Since other anti-obesity drugs rimonabant (Acomplia) and sibutramine (Reductil) have been withdrawn from the market because of the links to potential heart attacks and strokes it has been Orlistst that has accounted for over 70% of the 1.45 million weight loss tablet prescriptions in the UK.

This is the second time these anti-obesity drugs have been looked at by the EMA in relation to liver damage and it could result in a change to their licence or even being withdrawn from the market.

These weight loss tablets can be very appealing to many people who are overweight and who want to lose weight ‘easily’ but would you be willing to take these kinds of tablets if there was a chance they could kill you?

Are The Weight Loss Medication Risks Really Worth It?

Popping a tablet to reduce fat absorbtion is seen as a solution by many GP’s and over weight people to the obesity epidemic but is it really? It is highly likely that many of the people taking these drugs will continue to eat an unbalanced and unhealthy diet because they think that a daily tablet is doing all the weight loss work for them.

It is a lot more effective to change your relationship with food. If you think differently about food, it’s physical and emotional impact on you and how you feel about yourself then it is possible that you will be able to eat better, feel more positive about yourself and feel empowered to make the changes that you desire. This is possible when you use hypnotherapy rather than fat blocking medication that could cause serious liver damage.

Hypnotherapy to lose weight works with your mind AND your body and is side effect free. As a result of changing your relationship with food you can think and feel differently and this can result in weight loss.

To Discover More About How Hypnotherapy In Sheffield Could Help You Lose Weight Call Now On 0114 383 0123

Would You See A Fat Hypnotherapist If You Wanted To Lose Weight?

Would You See A Fat Hypnotherapist If You Wanted To Lose Weight?

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Sheffield

If you talk the talk don’t you have to walk the walk? You go to the doctors because your chest regularly hurts and you are having difficulty breathing.

After a check up where you are weighed, measured, stethoscoped and blood pressure is checked the doctor announces that you are overweight and that for the sake of your health you should shed a few stone and that would almost certainly help you to feel better.

Sound advice you would have thought. But what if your GP weighs 25 stone and is obviously obese themselves? My name is Richard Hennessy and I run a hypnotherapy practice in Sheffield called Focused Hypnosis where I help people with all sorts of issues from weight loss to stopping smoking, self confidence to phobias. A few months ago I was on a training course to develop my skills further and on that course was a woman who was easily 25 stone.

I asked her about her practice and she informed me she was based near Penzance and specialised in helping people to lose weight and she used the Mindband or Hypnoband process. On that same course, I was chatting to a guy who was also a hypnotherapist and part way through our conversation he left and went outside for a cigarette. When he came back I asked him what types of clients he saw on a regular basis. “All the usual types” he said. “People with phobias, weight loss, smokers…” I was a little dumbfounded I must be honest.

“Physician, Heal Thyself”

I was wondering how these people can charge money for doing the job they do and how their clients can go to them, pay their money and in all good faith expect any kind of positive outcome. If I wanted to stop smoking and went to a hypnotherapist and caught them outside their practice having a smoke when I arrived I would turn around and walk away. It seems though that other people don’t have this same thought pattern as me and I was very curious as to why.

When I was studying to become a hypnotherapist I was a smoker. I had been for 13 years. As the course progressed it became clear to me that to have any kind of credibility in what I did that I would HAVE to stop smoking. I already wanted to, I had done for years, I just didn’t find the right time or right method to bring about that change in my life. Once I realised that to be a credible hypnotherapist I would have to stop I did. And it was easy.

And it was all because I had tapped into a powerful motivator that enabled me to behave in a different way. Now when I see someone to help them stop smoking I can give it everything I have got and know that I am talking the talk and walking the walk.

If you have any comments or opinions please post them below, I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Hypnotherapy Could Save The NHS Millions

NHS Could Save Millions Through HypnosisA report issued today by the The Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) has recommended that hypnotherapy be used more widely within the NHS. The RSM feel that this would help patients with issues such as weight loss, stopping smoking, IBS and depression.

At the moment many issues like this are treated but the potential beneficial outcomes only happen to a small percentage of people and cost a huge amount of money. The RSM report suggests that the positive outcome percentage could be increased and the cost to the NHS could be reduced.

As a professional and registered hypnotherapist I welcome this news as it is great for the profile of the industry I work within. The RSM did mention in their report that as a part of hypnotherapy being included more frequently within the NHS ‘toolbox’ that steps should also be taken to ensure that ‘cowboy hypnotherapists’ should be prevented from being recommended by the NHS.

This is sound advice. There are very few ‘cowboy hypnotherapists’ out there as a percentage but their effects can be disproportionate. There is also the danger of highly qualified and legitimate hypnotherapists being labelled as ‘cowboys’ by people who didn’t get the results they were hoping for.

How To Ensure Professional Hypnotherapists Are Used

It is likely that if the NHS does start outsourcing work to hypnotherapists that they would require the hypnotherapist to have an externally awarded qualification such as a HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) and also be a registered member of one of the leading professional bodies. I hold a HPD and am a member of one of the most recognised professional bodies, the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

It is a shame that these changes to the NHS seem to be only being considered to save money rather than becaus eof the strong evidence base that hypnotherapy does work for many people and many issues. That being said though, anything that allows hypnotherapy to gain the recognition it deserves and be applied to help people think, act or feel differently, it can really only be a good thing.

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Sheffield call Focused Hypnosis today on 0114 383 0123 for a free 20 minute chat

If You Don’t Lose Weight You Will Be Fined

In Arizona people who are overweight and who do not lose weight after getting medical health advice and support could be fined under a proposed change in the law. The cost for failing to stick to an agreed weight loss programme will be $50 if the bill is passed.

People who don’t stop smoking and who have diabetes would also have to pay the fine if they don’t change their ways. If the bill gets passed and proves to be successful it is likely that many other states will follow Arizona’s lead. This is a worrying development.

It is quite often the people on the lowest income or with the lowest standards of education who are more disproportionately affected by weight gain, diabeties and are much more likely to be smokers. This fine is basically a poor tax.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Better Than Tablets

It is likely that many people who go to their doctor for help in losing weight will be given tablets to help them lose weight or be told to exercise more and to eat less junk but this completely misses the point. This kind of lifestyle is usually something that people know is bad for their health but they have difficulty stopping themselves consciously.

As the fine for not sticking to the agreed plan with their doctor is $50 it is the kind of amount that many people will be happy to pay if they can continue to eat what they want when they want. If these same people were given help that is more appropriate to their needs they may have more chance of achieveing their goals.

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to lose weight and it is natural, effective and often very quick.

Hypnosis For Natural And Safe Weight Loss

I have worked with lots of people in Sheffield using hypnotherapy to help them lose weight, stop smoking and for many other issues. Many of these people have found the change they desired has happened naturally and effectively in a safe and controlled way allowing them to change their beliefs or habits. By making this psychological shift they have been able to make a physical difference in their own life.

If you would like to discuss with me how this approach might benefit you in your weight loss goals then you can call me on 0114 383 0123 for a free 20 minute chat.

Proper Sleep And Reduced Stress Levels Can Help You Lose Weight

Sleep better and lose weight

Scientists have published findings in the Journal of Obesity which indicate that you can double your chances of reaching your target weight if you get between six and eight hours sleep a night. Any less than this and then there is an increase in stress levels as well as an increase in cravings for unhealthy food. Sleep more than eight hours and you are likely to be inactive.

The research found that people were more likely to succeed in losing 10lb or more if their stress levels were lower and if they had a moderate amount of sleep.

The research involved participants keeping a diary detailing their food intake, stress levels and sleep patterns. They also took regular exercise, attended counselling sessions and reduced of their diet by 500 calories a day.

You Could Lose 10lb In 6 Months

By sticking to this 60% of participants were able to lose at least 10lb after 6 months. The most successful dieters had between six and eight hours sleep a night and had low stress levels.

“This study suggests that when people are trying to lose weight, they should try to get the right amount of sleep and reduce their stress,” said lead author Dr Charles Elder.

“Some people may just need to cut back on their schedules and get to bed earlier. Others may find that exercise can reduce stress and help them sleep.

“For some people, mind-body techniques such as meditation also might be helpful.”

Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight by changing your relationship with food. Hypnosis can also help you to sleep better and to reduce your response to stress and anxiety.

Woman Loses 4 Stone Through Self Hypnosis

hypnotherapy sheffield jumping girl by mattox A woman from Gateshead has lost over 4 stone in weight by learning how to give herself hypnotherapy. Fay Laidler enrolled on a hypnosis study course but didn’t finish it but then went on to write her own hypnotic scripts and recorded them onto CD and listened back to them regularly.

In the last 18 months she has lost 4 stone and the weight is continuing to steadily drop off. Fay said that she had been on all sorts of diets in the past and was able to lose weight but then put it back on. She says that this yo-yo dieting was no good for her because she was focusing on the food she was eating rather than her lifestyle.

Using Visualisations To See Your Slimmer Future

The hypnosis scripts she created for herself focus on her lifestyle and as a result she has been able to get the results she wanted and has kept them because now she is thinking and feeling differently whereas in the past she was focusing purely on the calories she was putting into her body.

Fay uses visualisations of foreign holidays to relax herself and then visualises herself on that holiday looking how she would like to look in the future rather than focusing on how she does look in the present. This technique is known as future pacing and can be very effective. It is something I offer as part of my weight loss hypnotherapy treatment.

I also teach all the people I see for weight loss how to do self hypnosis. This technique is excellent at keeping yourself focused on your actual priority and helping you learn the new thought patterns that will allow you to think and feel healthier.

For Your Free 20 Minute Chat About How Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice Focused Hypnosis Could Help You With Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Call 0114 383 0123 Now

Why Exercising WON’T Help You Lose Weight

Exercise won't help you lose weight

There is increasing research that shows that going to a gym and pounding away on the running machine will not help you to be slimmer. I know that you may be reading that sentence with your jaw on the floor but for many people, it is a fact but it is one that isn’t talked about much.

There is a presupposition among many people that overweight people just need to exercise more and they will be able to burn off calories and lose weight. What many people don’t realise is just how much exercise is needed in order to burn off calories.

It Takes More Than You Think To Exercise Weight Off

To burn off 2 doughnuts (about 500 calories) you would need to cycle for two hours! To lose one pound of body fat you would need to run from Sheffield to Hull!! For people who make exercise an integral part of an exercise regime and combine it with strict calorie controls and a huge amount of determination and willpower exercise can lead to weight loss.

For most people though who want to shed a few extra pounds it makes a lot more sense to restrict what you put into your body in the first place rather than to try and burn it off once it is in there because exercise is not an efficient way to lose weight.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy In Sheffield Could Be The Answer

exercise bike weight loss hypnotherapy sheffield.jpg A very effective way to regulate and control what food you put into your body is hypnotherapy. Through hypnosis you can break patterns of eating which may have become established when you were a child. If you were ever told to clean your plate because “there are starving children in Africa” or that you weren’t allowed to leave the table until your plate was cleared then weight loss hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help you.

Exercise IS a great way to stay active, to get an endorphin rush and to just be healthy but as a weight loss technique, it is very inefficient. No wonder that some people find themselves considering gastric band hypnotherapy or even actual gastric band surgery!

By changing your relationship with food and how you think and feel about it you can eat the right kinds of food for the right reasons at the right time. You could stop eating when you are genuinely full rather than eating everything that is infront of you just because it is there. Click this link for more information about my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice

Chocolate Can Lead To Increased Chance Of Depression

Chocolate Can Lead To Increased Chance Of Depression

I’m sure that you know someone who likes to eat chocolate every now and then. You may even be that person. There’s nothing wrong with eating chocolate a couple of times a week…is there??

New research shows that people who eat at least a couple of bars of chocolate a week are more glum than people who only eat chocolate once in a while. The study of 1000 people who had been diagnosed as being in good physical and mental health and not diagnosed with any form of depression.

It was discovered that the more chocolate you eat the greater the possibility of being depressed. The research has not been able to pinpoint how chocolate is linked to depression at this moment in time. Chocolate could cause depression or it is possible that people with higher levels of depression are more likely to self medicate with chocolate. Hopefully further research will shed some light on this link.

If you suffer from depression or if you eat more chocolate than you would like then hypnotherapy could help. I have seen several people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice for these issues and have had some amazing results.

Hypnotherapy To Stop Eating Chocolate Could Work For You. Call Now On 0114 383 0123 For A Free 20 Minute Chat

Lilly Allen Uses Hypnosis To Lose Weight

Lilly Allen Uses Weight Loss Hypnosis

Lily Allen has revealed that her dramatic weight loss has been due to hypnotherapy.

Lily Allen has dropped 2 dress sizes after several sessions of weight loss hypnotherapy. Other celebrities who have used hypnotherapy to lose weight are Geri Halliwell, The Duchess of York and Sophie Dahl.

The use of hypnotherapy in weight loss is very popular in America and is becoming popular in The UK too. Using hypnotherapy is is possible to focus on what you really want and to disregard foods which you know are not nutritious and are contributing significantly to weight gain.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be very effective but it is also a realistic method of changing your diet. It can be very easy to manage your food intake because it works with the body’s natural desires and requirements.

No Food Is ‘Naughty’ And Nothing Is Fobidden

There is no naughty list of foods that you must NOT touch, there are no shakes, no onion soup twice a day and no starving yourself. In fact it is possible to eat fish and chips occasionally or a slice of cake once in a while. On their own neither of these things will cause you to put on three stone but they will if you eat them frequently. Hypnotherapy can help you to be aware of the frequency you are eating certain things and help you to remain in control without feeling deprived.

Hypnotherapy may be becoming popular in LA and there may be many celebrities doing it but it doesn’t have to have a celebrity price tag. Weight loss hypnotherapy is something that is available in Sheffield and pretty much every other city in the country. If you would like to find out more about hypnotherapy could help you to lose weight call Focused Hypnosis today.

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Find Out How You Could Use Hypnotherapy To Lose Weight

I see many people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy clinic who are interested in using hypnotherapy to help them lose weight but how does it have an effect?

Most people who want to gain or lose weight are very aware of their internal dialogue regarding food. This internal dialogue can be thought of as a conversation between different parts of your personality.

One voice says “Go for it! It doesn’t matter if you have another slice of cake…it does taste really good” The other voice says “You have had some cake already, you don’t need any more.”

Hypnotherapy Can Help Weight Loss Through Changing Your Relationship With Food

In people who weigh more than they would like I would imagine this kind of internal conversation is quite familiar. I would also imagine that in most cases the first voice is louder and more persuasive than the second voice and this results in unhealthy food being eaten more than it should be.

This example is based on what numerous weight loss clients have told me during their consultations. Clients also come to my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice claiming that they eat a fairly healthy diet but they are still unable to decrease their weight to a level that they are happy with.

These people often don’t have any idea about portion control or how the speed they eat effects their weight.

Hypnotherapy Can Help Change Portion Size, Speed Of Eating And What You Eat

You could eat a reasonably healthy diet but too much of it. These people often eat too fast which doesn’t give the brain long enough to receive and process the message from the stomach that it is full. This results in people eating way too much and only stopping when they have cleared their plate or physically can’t manage another bit.

This is where hypnotherapy can help

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...Hypnotherapy can help that internal voice that looks after your well-being to be louder and more persuasive.

It can help to reduce the volume and reduce the power that more unhealthy voice has. Hypnotherapy can help with portion control too. You can become much more aware of what you are putting on your plate.

The final area hypnotherapy can help is the speed you eat. If you eat slower and chew your food more it will be much easier for your body to digest and you will be able to savour the taste of the food in your mouth for longer therefore getting more satisfaction from what you eat.

In taking longer to eat the body has more time to become aware of when it is naturally full. At this point the hypnotherapy can help yet again and give you the ability to put down your knife and fork whenever you reach this point and end your meal, regardless of how much food is left on your plate.

Weight Loss Can Be Slow But Steady & Safe With Hypnotherapy

I have helped many people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice to lose weight in this way. The weight loss is often slow but steady which means it is healthy weight loss. It is very unhealthy to lose a large amount of weight in a short time and this kind of weight loss is usually temporary.

When you get more in touch with your body’s natural rhythms and requirements you can have a much more long term weight loss I often give my clients the example of animals in wildlife documentaries to put into context their diet.

Animals never need to go on diets do they? You never see fat animals on wildlife documentaries. The only fat animals you will ever see are ones which humans have domesticated.

Wild animals strike a natural balance with their environment and what they eat and as a result they are almost always the same size, proportionally, as other animals in their species Humans are animals also. We have the capability to strike a natural balance between what we put into our bodies and our weight.

If you eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and generally eat healthy foods you can be the weight you want to be and you can maintain it

  • No need to count calories
  • No need to only eat food off the “allowed” list
  • No need to avoid “bad” foods
  • By listening to you own body you can find a more long term, more healthy and more natural answer to weight loss

If you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help you to lose weight in a safe way call now on 0114 383 0123