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Fear Of Driving On Motorways

The fear of driving on motorways is actually surprisingly common. I was prompted to write this post today after another enquiry from someone wondering if hypnosis for driving anxiety could help.
The short answer is YES….hypnosis CAN help! You are not the only one with this fear, I promise.

No need to panic with hypnotherapy

3 Reasons Hypnotherapy Is The Best Choice For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks often happen as a result of extreme anxiety. Panic attacks feel powerful. Entirely mental, panic attacks feel like a physical problem, and when they’re triggered, they can send the mind into a cloudy panic that some describe as “feeling like you are dying.” Suffering from panic attacks and anxiety can seriously affect your life, and those that do …

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How to REALLY relax with Focused Hypnosis in Sheffield

Stress and anxiety is all too common in the modern world, unfortunately. Relaxation is something we all need more of in our lives but so few of us actually make it happen. This leads to us always being on the go, always rushing to that next appointment or doing just one more thing before we stop for the day. In …

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Proper Sleep And Reduced Stress Levels Can Help You Lose Weight

Scientists have published findings in the Journal of Obesity which indicates that you can double your chances of reaching your target weight if you get between six and eight hours sleep a night. Any less than this and then there is an increase in stress levels as well as an increase in cravings for unhealthy food. Sleep more than eight …

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How to beat a fear of wedding speeches

At a certain time in life it can seem like every single person you know is getting married. The whole process is, so we are told, an amazing thing, a once (or more) in a lifetime event, so SO special. These things may be true, to a greater or lesser extent but everyone telling you this just makes the day …