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Welcome to our hypnotherapy blog, where we explore the transformative power of the mind and delve into the fascinating realm of hypnosis. Whether you're curious about harnessing your subconscious to overcome weight loss, seeking relief from anxiety or phobias, or simply intrigued by the untapped potential of the human mind, you've come to the right place.
Aerophobia, or the fear of flying, is an anxiety disorder characterised by intense fear or panic around air travel. It is often caused by traumatic experiences, media exposure, lack of control, and related phobias such as claustrophobia or acrophobia.
Odontophobia, also known as dentophobia, is a deep fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist or receiving dental procedures. This can lead to avoidance of dental care and consequently, deterioration of oral health.
Hypnosis is the naturally occurring trance states we experience daily. Explore your ability to enter hypnotic trance and use it to make positive changes.
Pondering if hypnosis is safe? Worried about getting stuck in a trance or a hypnotherapist exacerbating your issues? Receive candid, direct insight from an industry insider, breaking down myths and misconceptions.
The fear of driving on motorways is actually surprisingly common. I was prompted to write this post today after another enquiry from someone wondering if hypnosis for driving anxiety could help. The short answer is YES, hypnosis CAN help! You are not the only one with this fear, I promise.
Discover the extraordinary journey of Vicky, a woman defying her mental blocks to experience body suspension - the act of hanging off large hooks pierced through her skin. How did hypnotherapy facilitate this intense experience?
Delve into the fascinating world of hypnotherapy. Unearth its potential for weight loss and smoking cessation, and discover the benefits and possible side effects associated with this unique psychological treatment.
Lily Allen lost 2 dress sizes with hypnotherapy, a popular weight loss method also favored by celebrities like Geri Halliwell and Sophie Dahl. It's accessible and realistic, allowing occasional indulgences without deprivation.
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We would love to help you so whether you have a question, would like some more information about hypnotherapy or how we can help you, please get in touch.

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Focused Hypnosis provides effective relief for a wide range of issues. Whether it’s addressing anxiety, depression, weight loss, phobias or other concerns, hypnotherapy in Sheffield can help you develop new perspectives, healthier coping mechanisms and responses to your struggles.

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Emetophobia - a fear of sickness or illness, It had a name and i never knew, but thanks to Richard it is now a name i don't associate with me and it is all down to the power of hypnosis .One session of just talking then 4 sessions of hypnosis and now i feel able to do things without having bad thoughts. Cannot thank Richard enough. I first saw Richard in March 2015 since then I have travelled abroad 6times(3 more to go ) something I wouldn't have thought possible especially as I travelled by coach, at the age of 65 a world of travel is something I really enjoy and as I have said before it's all down to Richard thanx again

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While most hypnotherapists are versatile and capable of addressing a wide range of issues, our team at Focused Hypnosis consists of specialists who excel in specific areas. We have dedicated hypnotherapists who specialise in weight loss, while also offering their expertise in addressing various other concerns. This allows us to provide tailored and effective hypnotherapy services for a range of issues.