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Smoking to be banned in all U.K. prisons

More and more people are quitting smoking. The quit smoking numbers increased when the smoking ban was introduced. The Prison Officers Association has recommended that a smoking ban be implemented in all prisons so their members are not subject to second-hand smoke from prison inmates.

According to the Mirror the "Prison Service accepts that cigarettes must be stubbed out for health and safety reasons and to avoid compensation claims from officers claiming to be victims of passive smoking."

When the nationwide smoking ban in public buildings was introduced in England and Wales in 2007 it did not extend to prisons. Prison riots are predicted to ensue if the ban, expected to be introduced within the next two years, goes ahead.

POAUK reported a smoking ban due to be introduced in prisons, along with a threat to remove Sky television from some prisons, was postponed over fears of riots.

Prison officers have been advised to check if an inmate is smoking in their cell before entering, to avoid the risk of passive smoking.

It is estimated 80 percent of inmates smoke.

The Swedish High Court overturned a smoking ban in Swedish prison cells in 2011, ruling the ban was illegal.

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