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Would you see a fat hypnotherapist if you wanted to lose weight?

Quit Smoking in Sheffield

If you are ready to lose weight and have decided that hypnosis is the way to do it you will want to find the right hypnotherapist for the job. But who is the right hypnotherapist for you?

Just imagine for a moment that you go to the doctors because your chest regularly hurts and you are having difficulty breathing. After a check up where you are weighed, measured, stethoscoped and blood pressure is checked the doctor announces that you are overweight and that for the sake of your health you should shed a few stone and that would almost certainly help you to feel better.

Sound advice you would have thought. But what if your GP weighs 25 stone and is obviously obese themselves? My name is Richard Hennessy and I run a hypnotherapy practice in Sheffield called Focused Hypnosis where I help people with all sorts of issues from weight loss to stopping smoking, self confidence to phobias. A few months ago I was on a training course to develop my skills further and on that course was a woman who was easily 25 stone.

I asked her about her practice and she informed me she was based near Penzance and specialised in helping people to lose weight and she used the Mindband or Hypnoband process. On that same course, I was chatting to a guy who was also a hypnotherapist and part way through our conversation he left and went outside for a cigarette. When he came back I asked him what types of clients he saw on a regular basis. “All the usual types” he said. “People with phobias, weight loss, smokers...” I was a little dumbfounded I must be honest. If you talk the talk don't you have to walk the walk?

"Physician, Heal Thyself"

I was wondering how these people can charge money for doing the job they do and how their clients can go to them, pay their money and in all good faith expect any kind of positive outcome. If I wanted to stop smoking and went to a hypnotherapist and caught them outside their practice having a smoke when I arrived I would turn around and walk away. It seems though that other people don't have this same thought pattern as me and I was very curious as to why.

When I was studying to become a hypnotherapist I was a smoker. I had been for 13 years. As the course progressed it became clear to me that to have any kind of credibility in what I did that I would HAVE to stop smoking. I already wanted to, I had done for years, I just didn't find the right time or right method to bring about that change in my life. Once I realised that to be a credible hypnotherapist I would have to stop I did. And it was easy.

And it was all because I had tapped into a powerful motivator that enabled me to behave in a different way. Now when I see someone to help them stop smoking I can give it everything I have got and know that I am talking the talk and walking the walk.

If you have any comments or opinions please post them below, I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist in Sheffield

Richard Hennessy is the principal hypnotherapist at Focused Hypnosis. He founded Focused Hypnosis in 2009 and since then it has consistently been one of the highest rated hypnotherapy clinics in Sheffield. It is now the biggest hypnotherapy practise in Sheffield. Richard specialises in weight management.