The issues that can be treated through hypnosis are many and varied

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Hypnosis can be a fantastic way to change throughts, feelings and beliefs. It is a natural and powerful way for some people to make personal changes happen.

Even if you have tried other therapies or medications you could still find this process beneficial. Hypnotherapy is compatible with almsot all medications as well.

Below are details of the kind of issues we treat on a regular basis. To find out more about each issue just click for more info.

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Weight control

For many people food is an emotion based issue that has physical consiquences. Hypnotherapy could help you change how you feel about yourself, shift what you focus on from negative and unhelpful to something more optimistic and compassionate. This can lead to a shift in what you put in which can impact your health postively.

fad diets are not our thing

Quit Smoking

How long has it been since you started smoking? How many a day? How many thousands over the years? Are you ready to stop but unsure how the hell to make it happen?

Hypnosis has been shown through research to be a very effective way to stop smoking. With our help we could help you to tap into the desire to stop and to sustain this in years to come, possibly without any kind of internal struggle or debate.

quit smoking cigarettes

Beat anxiety

Uncontrolled thoughts can lead to the body responding to those thoughts as though they are real. Even if those thoughts are catastrophic and highly unlikely to ever happen.

Hypnosis could help you calm your mind and focus your attention on what would help rather than exploring the problem in more detail.

hypnotherapy for anxiety can be a great way to bring about changes

Increase Confidence

Perhaps a lack of confidence has been noticeable at work in certain situations. Maybe it is when you think about speaking in public or perhaps when doing a certain activity like driving.

Hypnosis could help you tap into your existing skills and abilities and to amplify them and change your approach and attitude to your circumstance so you can be your best more often.

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