Hypnosis reviews from previous clients

reviews of hypnotherapy by clients of focused hypnosis in sheffield

I know that hypnosis reviews can make a big difference as to which hypnotherapist you choose to work with. Thanks to the internet we now have the potential to do a  huge amount of research before making a decision of this kind.

To find the best hypnotherapist near you who can help you achieve your goals there are a number of things to look for. You need to work with someone who is professional at what they do and can prove that they have succeeded in helping people in the past. I strive to fulfil those requirements and my hypnotherapy reviews speak for themselves.

Below you will find links to hypnosis reviews from people I have worked with. These reviews are divided into categories so if you are looking for weight loss hypnosis reviews then you will be able to find reviews from people who have lost weight after working with me.

All the reviews have been written by previous clients on other websites that Google trusts and I have copied their comments and posted them here on my website. This means that you can be confident that the reviews are genuine and are from people I have worked with.

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Weight loss hypnotherapy reviews

weight loss review by Natasha

Natasha’s Review

“I had been struggling with my weight for the last 3 years going from one fad diet to another, loosing weight and then putting it straight back on again. I had 3 sessions with Richard and not only have I lost a stone in 4 weeks but I am now actually off my antidepressants that I had been on for over 8 months.

I have lost the weight not through constantly having to worry and think about what I am eating but just through making the right choices without actually realising it ! Although when I first looked into having hypnotherapy and looked at the costs involved I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk as I didn’t have a clue if it would work or not, it’s been the best decision I have made and well worth the costs!

I feel like I am finally happy and have my life back and well on my way to reaching my weight goal ! Thank you so much Richard ! My partner will also be booking in for quitting smoking!”

Review was originally written on Freeindex

weightloss review by joanneJoanne Brown’s Review

“I went to see Richard regarding weight loss i had tried almost every diet there was but to no real success. I had about 5 sessions with Richard and i felt so relaxed in talking to him about my downfalls when it came to eating. I started the sessions in October 2011 and I am delighted to say I have lost 2 stone and its been so easy. I have just learned that there is no restriction on any thing that i want to eat but its better to take the healthy option. I now eat fresh fruit , plan my meals daily, so I don’t start bitting on junk food in-between and if I do feel hungry i always have a good stock of fruit or healthy options to nibble on. I went as a last resort to see Richard as I was going on a cruise with my husband in march and the thought of me in a costume frightened me. Now my case is full of lovely clothes and I cant wait !!!!! Thank you so much Richard and I definitely will be recommending you to all my friends.
Review was originally written on Freeindex

a weight loss review by joyce from sheffieldJoyce’s review:

“I saw Richard for many hypnosis sessions. I found him very professional, easy to talk to, a very good listener who took on board my views. My sessions for weight loss helped me a great deal with my love hate relationship with food and being fat.

He helped me understand and sort my head out. I no longer have a love hate relationship with food and, being fat. I am now much happier in myself and how I look since seeing Richard.”

Joyce originally wrote her review on Freeindex

a weight loss review by gillian from sheffieldGillian’s review:

“I recently attended several hypnosis sessions with Richard at Focused Hypnosis to help me lose weight. I am delighted to say that not only am I losing weight, I found the sessions have helped to relieve stress in other areas of my life.

I found Richard to be highly professional and his friendly, honest and approachable manner put me at ease from the very first session. I would not hesitate to recommend Focused Hypnosis.”

Gillian’s review of hypnosis for weight loss was originally written on Freeindex

a weight loss review by carole from sheffieldCarole’s review:

My experience with Focused Hypnosis has been life changing, I went wanting to lose weight having tried many other methods all of which had failed. I found Richard to be warm, understanding and willing to take great pains to help me achieve my aim, but also gave me so much more in support for the emotional matters that were causing me to overeat.

I have lost over 18 lbs and cannot really think how it happened its been so easy and effortless, I had an addiction to chocolate but now I hardly recognise it as edible. I am in control of eating for the first time in my life.

Richard of Focused Hypnosis is totally ethical and professional and I’m sure he could help anyone like he has helped me. I am a totally different person to the one who went for help in the first instance.

I would recommend this business to absolutely anyone who needed a change in their lives.”

a weight loss review by Helen from sheffieldJoyce’s review:

“I had all the usual questions; would I be in control, how does hypnosis work etc? I had a good chat with Richard over the phone, and a more in depth one at our first meeting.

What I got from Richard was a very personal service – using prompts that were important and specific to me. Richard gave me techniques to help me cope and I found the recordings so useful, as I picked up on things I hadn’t ‘heard’ in my session.

There’s no ‘brainwashing’, in fact I was surprised at how simple it all seemed. Though I went to Richard to manage my weight, I’ve got so much more out of it and use a lot of what we discussed in other areas of my life. I’m going back for refreshers when I feel I need them. I recommend Richard without hesitation.”

Kathryn’s review:

“I found Richard to be truly professional and caring. I needed help to lose weight and sort my lifestyle out.

Richard has helped me to move forward towards my goals and I am much happier and more motivated. I would recommend Focused Hypnosis to anyone.”

Kathryn’s review was originally posted on Freeindex

a weight loss review by MichelleMichelle’s review:

“I have recently completed a course of hypnotherapy with Richard to help me with a long-standing weight problem. Having tried just about every fad diet out there with no success, I already feel confident that Richard has helped me to achieve a new mindset with regards to eating healthily and banish my cravings.

Richard is extremely professional, approachable and understanding and I have felt completely relaxed and at ease during our hypnotherapy sessions. I recommend him 100%.”

Michelle’s weight reduction review was originally posted on Freeindex

Tom's weight loss reviewTom’s review:

“Hi Folks. I’ve seen only seen Richard three times in total. The first for an assessment to find out how he could help me and then a session to start to help me to lose a bit of timber!

I’m already more aware of what it is I’m eating and can recognise when I’m full and when it is I’m eating for eating’s sake! Unfortunately because of other turbulent aspects of my life it became apparent that I needed to sort things out in another direction for our focus to be totally focused!

Richard has been brilliant! Not only was our initial discussion great for me as a means to ‘vent’ as well as to help Richard build a picture of what I’m about, but he made me feel relaxed and at ease from day one! Because my time with Richard has only been brief as mentioned above, Richard has forwarded on some contacts who can help me with these other issues. A very good and professional service!”

Tom’s review was originally posted on Freeindex

Quit smoking reviews

Suze quit smoking 60 cigarettes a day using hypnosis

Suze’s stop smoking review:

“It feels unfair to just leave a 5 star review when someone has completely changed your life for the better!

I went to Richard for help with stopping smoking. I had managed it for a short while when I was 30 years old, and went mental at all of my friends and was filled with anger, rage and tears all the time. When I picked it up again I promised myself I had to do it differently next time.

I was recommended Richard, and although I didn’t believe that one session of hypnosis could cure me of smoking 60 cigarettes a day, I had to try it as I was 35 and starting to notice the negative effects on my health. Richard spent some time with me before the session getting to know my triggers and my tough times without smoking, which for me where whenever I didn’t have a cigarette!
I remembered some of the session, not all of it, but he gave me a USB to take away with me. I didn’t feel like it had worked, but I just kept not smoking. Hours, days, and now 7 months! I had told him that I wanted to be cool to be around smokers as most of my friends are smokers, and I am fine being around them, and in smokey environments, and I don’t feel like I am missing out nor am I ever tempted to smoke myself.

He is truly talented, qualified and understanding. I would recommend to anybody who has been struggling with any habit to contact him. I promise you it is worth it and could just change your life. Thanks again!”

Suze’s Quit smoking Review was originally posted on Freeindex

quit smoking hypnotherapy testimonialJemma’s review:

“I had been smoking since I was young and really wanted to quit for good. After trying various methods patches and will power just didn’t cut it. I’d tried hypnosis in 2006, although it worked and i didn’t smoke for a year, I did start again.

This treatment was very different. Whereas the previous session was only an hour long, this time it was an intense 4 hours in one go (optional)!

I had no idea that a lot of the issues were conscious ones that I hadn’t even considered were inciting me to smoke. A very detailed and educational experience that left me feeling relaxed and confident. This was on they 20th June and I still haven’t smoked to date. Thanks!”

stop smoking testimonial from TomTom’s hypnosis review:

“I must admit, I was sceptical about hypnotherapy before I visited Richard, however, being a smoker of 15 years was willing to give anything a try. And I’m so glad I did! It’s now 3 months after my single session with Richard, and I have not had a single cigarette!

It wasn’t the case of simply walking out a non-smoker, and you certainly need to want to give up, but whatever it was Richard did supplemented my will power and gave me the tools and techniques to conquer the cravings.

The whole experience was excellent. Richard is likeable and really puts you at ease. This I believe was invaluable in the success of my session, as I did have an open mind, but really knew nothing about the subject. Richard really knows his stuff, and was able to answer all the questions I had, and more.

I don’t usually leave any feedback on websites, but I had to make an exception in this case… It really has been that life changing!


Tom’s review was originally posted on Freeindex

hypnosis for quitting smokingRyan’s quit smoking review:

“I saw Richard at Focused Hypnosis for help with stopping smoking. I chose Focused Hypnosis because they seemed different to other hypnotherapists.

Richard explained during my free 30 minute consultation that he treats smoking the same way he treats all other issues and he charges the same price too. Some hypnotherapists I looked at charge £300 for 1 hour!! Richard explained that multiple sessions were likely to offer a much more long term solution unlike these one or two hour ‘intensive’ sessions.

I saw Richard 4 times over a few weeks and by the end of the last session I felt so calm and happy about being a non smoker I couldn’t wait to get on with my new life! Richard made me feel very relaxed and at easy and was very confident but considerate in how he worked. I found the whole process very enjoyable and have booked in with Richard for hypnotherapy to try and lose some weight.

I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis to anyone in Sheffield.”

Hypnotherapy for anxiety reviews

Katy's hypnosis for anxiousness review

Whatkatydid’s review:

“Took 5 tests about 25 years ago, everyone thought I’d pass first time – I didn’t and each time I was more and more stressed when the examiner got in the car. I give it up as a bad job. I went back to lessons with my bosses husband who brought me up near modern standard before he retired.

I took a test and was like jelly, made a real mess of it. Then I met Alan from Horizon who is brilliant instructor and so that I could deal with my emotions during the test I went to Richard Hennesy [email protected] Age 50 I passed. I am confident, relaxed driver in all weathers in heavy traffic and motorways.

Someone once said to me passing your test was the best gift you could give your self – it is and if it take a bit of extra time and cash to get there, rather than be a good driver who can’t pass a test, cos that is really expensive”

Review originally posted on Sheffield Forum

Rebecca's anxiety review

Rebecca’s review:

“I found Richard to be very professional and friendly. He helped my feelings of anxiety in just a few meetings.

It really made a difference in my life. Many Thanks”

Polly P's anxiety review of hypnosisPolly’s anxiety review:

“I was suffering with really bad anxiety and panic attacks, it got so bad that I stopped leaving the house and wasn’t sleeping. Getting help through the Doctors was a lengthy and slow process, that’s when I decided to try hypnotherapy.
I found Focused Hypnosis on a forum and came highly recommended. Richard thoroughly explained the process and immediately put me at ease. I was amazed at the dramatic results, my anxiety levels are significantly lower and the skills introduced to me in the session will help me in controlling my anxiety should it arise.
I am so impressed with the results and so grateful to have my life back. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone suffering with anxiety or panic attacks and would highly recommend Richard.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

reviews of hypnotherapy by clients of focused hypnosis in sheffieldAnonymous hypnotherapy review:

This reviewer wished to remain anonymous as they were apprehensive about other people within acting circles recognising her name but at the same time the reviewer wanted to share her review with others.

“A friend recommended I saw Richard to try some hypnotherapy to increase my confidence before a stage performance.

Hypnotherapy really helped me to relax and I was no longer nervous prior to going on stage. I would highly recommend.”

Review was originally written on Freeindex

The idea of giving birth again was making Natalie anxious until she had hypnotherapy. Read her anxiety hypnotherapy review hereAnxiety hypnosis review by Natalie

“I decided to contact Richard at focused hypnosis in Sheffield as I am expecting my second child and i was experiencing terrible nerves, sleepless nights and feeling of dread towards my oncoming caesarian section and spinal anaesthetic, I had a particularly rough time with my first child’s birth and it left me a nervous wreck!

I found Richard to be very friendly and he immediately put me at ease. I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and was a little nervous about being “put to sleep” or “mind controlled” as it made me feel quite vulnerable but this was not the case, I was totally aware of everything around me and was able to communicate with Richard.

The outcome of my hypnotherapy session is that i no longer feel dread or panic at the thought of the birth of my son I genuinely am looking forward to it I feel much more positive! and thanks to Richard I now have the tools to tackle any feelings of worry that may occur as my due date approaches, the whole experience has helped me in ways that I will be forever grateful, I THOROUGHLY recommend it.”

Review originally posted on Yelp

an anxiety hypnotherapy review for stage frightReview by 603200:

“I recently went to see Richard at Focused Hypnosis. As a musician I had developed a fear of performing at contests, which was getting in the way of my development as a performer, and my enjoyment of it.

The first thing to impress me was that when I rang, it was Richard who answered the phone. We had a chat about the problem, then arranged an appointment to meet. I was very at ease talking about the problem, felt that this process could help and I was determined for it to work as well which is important.

I then went for two hypnotherapy sessions. I found these completely relaxing and enjoyable. At the end of them I felt confident that I could cope in future with the situations I had struggled with.

The proof was in the pudding a few days later when I competed in a big contest and delivered my best contest performance to date, during which I felt relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience!

I honestly can’t recommend Richard highly enough to anybody who feels they may be helped by Hypnosis. He took great interest in what I had to say, and he was very happy when I told him about my success afterwards.

I would not hesitate to see him again in future. Get in touch and see if he can help you as he did for me. If you see this post Richard, thanks again!!”

Review originally posted on Sheffield Forum

Louise was afraid of driving lessonsLouise’s hypnotherapy review:

I had previously taken my driving test and had failed due to nerves getting the better of me and affecting my driving skills. I was extremely worried the same would happen when retaking my test recently. I had one session with Richard from Focused Hypnosis.

I was a bit nervous about what it would involve but as soon as I arrived I was put at ease and was made to feel very welcomed. I felt Richard understood my needs and when it came to taking my driving test I felt calm and had belief in my driving skills. I went on to pass with only 2 minors. I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis.

Review originally posted on Freeindex

anxious thoughts review by jessicaJessica’s review:

I recently visited Richard at Focused Hypnosis for help with anxiety, which had been a problem for some time; this was getting worse and I was struggling to cope with it.

I attended an initial consultation, where Richard discussed my issues and identified negative thought processes (which I had not even realised I had), suggesting ways to turn my mindset around.

I attended a hypnosis session which consolidated this. I had been wondering how the hypnosis would work, however Richard was happy to answer any questions I had and explained everything clearly at the outset so I knew what to expect. I found the hypnosis process very relaxing and began to notice a difference almost straight away.

Richard also provides a recording of the hypnosis session, so that you can listen at home and help things to sink in. Since attending my sessions, I have noticed a huge change in my outlook – I had a big event the following week, which I was able to approach with a new relaxed frame of mind, and I am feeling much more confident with a wide range of situations which I used to find overwhelming.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

Confidence hypnosis reviews

hypnotherapy for self-confidenceNicki’s confidence review:

What a thoroughly friendly, relaxed and professional experience this was! I had never had hypnotherapy before but having heard good things about Focused Hypnosis I booked an appointment with Richard.

I had tried other forms of counselling (which were very pricey) but was willing to try something new. After just one session I left feeling more confident, more relaxed and already looking forward to the next session. Richard put me completely at ease and was professional and understanding throughout the session.

Open your mind to the possibility of this helping you – it certainly did for me. Highly recommended!”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

a confidence review of hypnosis testimonialRachel’s review:

“I found Richard online and was eager to find a professionally qualified hypnotherapist. His website gave me all the information regarding his services and MOST importantly his professional qualifications and affiliations.

After my free phone conversation with Richard I attended for an initial consultation where we discussed my needs and problems. I wanted additional confidence in the workplace and for my hobby of singing and performing at the Lyceum.

I have now finished my last session (of 3) and feel a great improvement. After the 1st session I had an audition and instead of being petrified I sailed through and got the part I wanted. At work I have been able to perform a disciplinary procedure without doubting my ability or authority and I perform better under stressful conditions. I even found the deep relaxation helped a very painful back spasm!!

All in all a winner. Richard is thoroughly professional and adapts his technique and mannerisms to match the needs of his patients. If you’re a sceptic Hypnotherapy may seem a bit “far out” when compared to traditional science and healthcare but it definitely works and proves that it really is mind over matter.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

hypnosis for self confidence reviewDaniel’s review:

I came to see Richard for various problems with my relationship to confidence issues to having career goals. Like most people I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but I went with an open mind.

After an hour of talking to Richard I realized I was wrong and the way he talked about things seemed to work I could already feel a slight weight lifted off my shoulders. We left it a week before my first session and when I arrived I was slightly nervous as id never been in a trance before but after 5 minutes I was calm and relaxed and I was in such a deep trance he said it was hard to wake me up.

It was hard at first to see if things had actually worked an I think I was looking for obvious signs but after about 5 days something to clicked in my head an I was like hold on I didn’t used to think like that a week ago and since then things have only got better. I’ve set myself a 5 year career plan and am full focused on achieving my goals.

My relationship is 10x better and my confidence has seemed to go through the roof.

Thank you for all the help Richard your a really nice guy it was nice to work with you, I would definitively recommend to anyone seeking hypnotherapy!!!”

Review originally written on Freeindex

a confidence review by browniesBrownie’s review:

“After learning about Richards practise on twitter @mr_hypnotherapy I decided to try the therapy offered. I was feeling I had reached a complete barrier in communication with someone in my life and it felt I was unable to continue.

I was sceptical at first but after our informal chat I was pleased with how easy it was to talk about deep, personal issues and the understanding I got from Richard. At the first session I was made to feel totally relaxed and the session felt like 20 mins even though it was just over an hour.

There was an immediate difference in how I approached and felt about the matter I had. I also appreciated the recording of the session to listen to at my own leisure and I was taught techniques that I can use at home.

I’ve had two sessions to date and I believe the issues I have will be fully resolved after a few more. It is not expensive and because you can actually ‘feel’ the results, I believe it’s money well spent.

I would highly recommend Richard and wish him the best of luck for the future.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

a confidence hypnosis reviews of hypnosisJ57390’s review:

“I have problems with confidence and low self-esteem and confidence issues for a long time, I also get nervous in situations such as talking out loud or giving presentations.

I had also recently gone through an extremely horrible event in my life which heightened these feelings and brought on new ones.

Richard was very professional and he carefully analysed my problems and asked questions so he could make a decision on what the main focus should be, he also asked me if there was anything I would like to concentrate on, even on the appointment day which was very useful.

Richard is a warm and friendly person, he was very easy to contact for extra help and if anything went wrong. I found my experience very enjoyable and useful and I even got to keep the sessions on a USB stick so I can listen to them when and where I like if I want to.

I would definitely recommend Focused Hypnosis.”

Review originally posted on Yelp

Reviews of hypnotherapy for phobias

fear of flying hypnosis review

Julia’s review:

I went to see Richard to help me overcome my fear of flying. This had gradually been building for some years and had got to the point where I was really losing control. A series of upcoming business trips prompted me to make the first move.

From the outset I was impressed with Richard’s professionalism and his knowledge is complemented by a natural ability to empathise and put you at ease. As I had so many flights coming up I was able to have a couple of sessions with Richard and then “test ” the results.

They were very impressive and I was completely relaxed on the flights until we hit some very severe turbulence on the final one. I returned for one more session and now feel confident that I have the strategies to cope with most situations. I have taken two flights since, one was a bumpy landing in strong wind, and I was very comfortable.

I have recordings of all the sessions so I can “top up” my sessions should I feel the need in the future. My only remaining question is why did I wait so long before seeking help?”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

a phobia of sick review by susanSusan’s phobia  review:

Emetophobia – a fear of sickness or illness, It had a name and I never knew, but thanks to Richard it is now a name I don’t associate with me and it is all down to the power of hypnosis.

One session of just talking then 4 sessions of hypnosis and now I feel able to do things without having bad thoughts. Cannot thank Richard enough.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

fear of flying reviewTim’s review:

“I originally found Richard on Twitter (@mr_hypnotherapy) and had never really considered hypnotherapy for my irrational fear of flying so decided to contact him. We did an hour consultation where Richard found out about me and got all the info he needed to tailor the hypnotherapy sessions to my unique requirements.

The hypnosis itself was brilliant and one thing I found especially helpful was the fact that Richard taught me how to do self hypnosis, plus both of the hour long hypnotherapy sessions I had were recorded and given to me on a USB stick to take home, so I can listen back to them whenever I want!

Safe to say Richard is excellent at what he does and I have flown to Holland and back with ZERO anxiety and am looking forward to flying to Portugal in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much Richard!”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

phobia hypnosis review by rebeccaRebecca’shypnosis  review:

I saw Richard at Sheffield Hypnosis for a phobia of mice. I had previously seen one in the house, and had got to the point where I would not stay in the house and was petrified when I was at home.

I was a bit unsure about hypnosis but it felt like my only option. Richard was very welcoming and friendly and put me at ease straight away.

After my first session I saw a noticeable improvement in how I was feeling and felt much more relaxed. Richard taught me self hypnosis techniques and gave me a recording of the session to use at home, which were both great and reinforced the improvements.

It only took two sessions in total and I now feel I can manage my phobia and the improvement to my quality of life has been unbelievable!

I would recommend Sheffield hypnosis to anyone!”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

fear of dogs testimonialJudy’s hypnosis review:

“Over a number of years my wariness of dogs gradually increased until it began to impact on my life in a way I hated. I began to cross the road or even go back the way I’d come from if I could see a dog in the distance, even a small one on a lead.

I stopped walking through the park to work and walked, instead, along a busy, noisy road just to avoid possible encounters with dogs in the park.

Just the sight of a dog was enough to make me feel panic and a really extreme ‘flight’ reaction and it was a family joke that I’d once thrown my lunchtime sandwich to a dog which had begun to approach me – I can only think I was hoping that eating my lunch would stop it thinking of having me for lunch.

It was a joke to others but not for me. I decided I had to get back the freedom to walk in the streets or park without a constant feeling of anticipation and dread so I booked in with Richard at Focused Hypnosis. I thought such a long term problem would take a long time to put right but it didn’t. Richard gave me techniques to use which helped straight away and which gave me my freedom back.

I may not be thinking of getting a dog of my own but I can be near other people’s dogs in a relaxed way and, most importantly to me, I don’t now plan my routes to minimise the chance of meeting a dog; I take the route I want to take. I definitely improved my quality of life through using Focused Hypnosis.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

Stress hypnosis reviews

claire's stress reviewClaire’s review:

I visited Richard regarding issues of stress, worry and jealousy. After three sessions my life has a lot more of a positive attitude about it, I don’t worry about things like I used to and I feel more happier with my life.

I found Richard very understanding and helpful with my problems and each session was really helpful. I chose to also have a recording of the sessions so I could listen to these in the future.

I would recommend Focused Hypnosis to anyone no matter how big or small they think their problem is. It was money well spent and I’m really pleased I did it!!!”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

stress hypnotherapy testimonial by rubyRuby’s hypnosis review:

I was suffering greatly from stress and depression and decided to try hypnotherapy. I approached Focused Hypnosis after going for a very unsatisfactory trial session in another clinic and Focused Hypnosis appealed to me as it seemed very professional from the outset.

Richard was friendly and welcoming from the start and as I was apprehensive about the whole process, he really took time to answer all of my queries. As a result, I felt involved in the whole process as opposed to just passively “receiving treatment”.

Being hypnotised was a strange experience and at the beginning, it was hard to let go as I was constantly worried whether I was doing it right! But Richard was able to reassure me and each time, I had a varied experience of both light and deep trance. Even though the treatment is officially complete for now, I know it’s not the end.

I regularly listen to the recordings from our sessions and knowing that I can contact Richard whenever I need advice means that I feel supported in the long term.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

Lucy's hypnosis for stress review

Lucy’s stress review:

I was suffering from anxiety and stress and someone suggested that I try hypnotherapy. I didn’t really know much about it and was a bit sceptical at first as I didn’t really know what to expect.

I was really put at ease by Richard who explained the whole process to me. I found the actual hypnosis sessions very relaxing but more importantly than that, I was able to develop techniques that I could use every day to help me with my stress and anxiety.

A few months on, and I can’t believe the difference in myself. I am now able to cope better with stress and I feel so much happier and more relaxed.

Thank you Richard for all of your help!”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

hypnotherapy for stressful reactionsSam’s hypnotherapy review:

Richard has helped me manage stress, which has in turned helped manage my migraine condition. I’m now medication free and migraine free.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

Hypnotherapy for public speaking reviews

public speaking review by wendyWendy’s public speaking review:

I would definitely recommend Richard at Focused Hypnosis. Went initially for help with public speaking. Was really surprised to find that many other areas of my life also improved dramatically. Great for relaxation in general.

Richard also records all the sessions which I still use to reinforce the positive thoughts. Everyone should give it a try!”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

hypnotherapy for public speaking testimonialMark’s hypnosis review:

“Bit strange for me to try something like this, but I was kind of struggling for a way forward (fear of public speaking becoming an issue for me). This was good, and definitely has helped.

He is really approachable, easy to talk to, offers a great service – doesn’t extend the sessions if not required etc … Go for it, I’m sure he can help with lots of things

Review originally posted on School of Everything

public speaking hypnosis reviewMark’s hypnotherapy review:

“I approached Richard to help me with a confidence issue relating to speaking in public. I found the treatment/support I received extremely positive and the techniques Richard taught me around managing and reducing stress very very helpful.

After a few 1:1 sessions I found my confidence growing and by using the techniques on an on-going basis I am now able to make presentations to major groups as well as facilitating partnership workshops with major clients.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

public speaking phobia reviewTom’s public speaking review:

I had 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Richard to help me overcome my fear of public speaking. I’d never had hypnotherapy before and was not really familiar with the process.

Thankfully everything was explained thoroughly in my first session and Richard conscientiously ensured he had a clear understanding of the issues I was concerned about before I decided to proceed. After two sessions I could sense a shift in my attitudes and recognised my thought processes beginning to change.

After a further session (and the helpful provision of recordings of each of the sessions to listen to in my own time) I was aware of a marked improvement and was able to attend a teacher training course with renewed confidence about speaking in front of large groups of people.

I can’t thank Richard enough or recommend his service more highly.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

a fear of public speaking can be overcome through hypnosisMark’s hypnosis review:

Thanks for you help in preparing me for my speech. The wedding was held on Monday and my speech was presented just about flawlessly.

After our two sessions I already noticed a change in my physical reaction to thinking about the speech, where I no longer had the butterfly feeling in my stomach. It was as if it had been magically turned off.

Following your advise on not thinking about what could go wrong, but instead imagining a well presented speech I did just that, along with visiting the venue beforehand so I had a real vision of what I was picturing in my head.

I also did rehearse the speech many, many times. For my 10 minute speech I only needed to look down at my prompt notes just the once.

Many people, including my Wife commented on how strange it was that I wasn’t nervous running up to the speech, so much so that they did wonder if I was going to just play a video!

And after receiving several comments that it was an excellent and entertaining speech I think I can class that as a success.

Thanks once again for your help. I know that it did make a huge difference.

Read the full review on Freeindex

Insomnia hypnotherapy reviews

Mel had insomnia hypnotherapyMel’s insomnia hypnosis review:

“I had trouble with sleeping and waking at three or four in the morning then not being able to get back to sleep and as a result being tired and irritable for the rest of the day.

Now thanks to focused hypnosis I am sleeping much better this morning I needed the alarm to get up for the first time in years.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

Other hypnosis reviews

hypnotherapy testimonial by YuxuanYuxuan’s hypnotist review:

I am living a super happy life with Richard’s professional and friendly help. I came to Richard when I was confusing about the meaning of life and happiness after some awful things happened. Then I felt I was hurt deeply and I couldn’t make it through and I wanted to remove the unpleasant memories using hypnosis.

Richard told me that it’s impossible to remove the memories but he’s able to help me with changing the attitude towards those memories. It really make sense to me and bring the tough me back again. The process of being hypnotized is a sweet dream that can relax me deeply and help me to think about life.

Hypnosis is a sweet dream that can impact positively on my life. I do enjoy my sessions with Richard and hope people need help can sort their difficulties out. Please ignore my bad grammar and wrong usage of words and catch my sincere recommendation.”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

wendy's testimonialWendy’s hypnosis review

“I found listening to Richard’s free Relaxation download extremely relaxing and soothing. I would recommend that anything one who has 30 minutes spare – to listen to it, and allow the stresses and strains of the day drift away.
I felt refreshed, chilled and ready to face the rest of the day. I would imagine it would also be really useful for anyone who has problems getting to sleep. Thank you Richard.”
Review originally posted on Google My Business

hypnotherapy testimonial from antoniaAntonia’s hypnotherapy review:

“Richard is lovely; professional and friendly, he immediately made me feel comfortable and completely ‘got’ where I was coming from.

I especially like the fact that he places a huge emphasis on you, the client, getting what they want – even if that means you go to someone else! Suffice to say, I stuck with him and am very happy with the results – thanks Richard!

Review originally posted on Google My Business

hypnosis testimonialSharon’s review of hypnosis:

“I’ve been doing a lot of personal development work this year and working with Richard has been part of a life changing process for me. Richard’s expertise has helped me to achieve my objectives in a very short and stress-free period of time.

He’s been brilliant at understanding my highly subjective needs and has been able to use his knowledge, skills and voice to help me reach a point where I know I am making much better and healthier decisions for myself. Added bonuses that I hadn’t anticipated are that my self-confidence is much higher and my sleep pattern is vastly improved.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

craig's hypnotherapy testimonialCraig’s review of hypnotherapy:

“All I can say is that if your a little unsure if hypnosis us for you, go and have a chat with Richard. It was a fantastic experience for me from start to finish and the results received were far greater than I could have expected.

It is now 3 weeks after my last session and I am still amazed at the positive effect the hypnosis has had on my day to day life. Thank you Richard.”

Review originally posted on Touchlocal

trichotillomania hypnosis testimonialBooyakachimp’s review:

“I went to Richard for help stopping an annoying habit which I have been doing for years twiddling my hair! I used to twiddle it so much that I made my scalp sore, pulled out my hair and gave myself headaches.

I have really wanted to stop for a long time and tried lots of things, including asking my friends and family to tell me when I was doing it, but nothing worked. After an initial 30 minute session with Richard I was practically cured, and after the following hour session the habit was completely gone!

I couldn’t believe how quick, easy and fun it was. Richard is very professional, friendly and understanding it was a pleasure to work with him. It was great to be able to listen back to the recording of the session on the USB stick he gave me.

In addition to helping me stop twiddling my hair, I feel that the messages he gave my subconscious during the session have really given me a boost and made me believe I can achieve my goals. Anything is possible!”

Review originally posted on Yelp

hypnotherapy review by PeterPeter’s review of hypnotherapy:

“I’m not going to wax lyrical about how comfortable Rich will make you feel, or how quickly he’ll put you at ease. Or how his soothing voice will make you forget all about the world outside for as long as your session lasts.

I’m not even going to tell you what a thoroughly gorgeous bloke he is (both inside and out) … Or how committed and professional he is. Just book a session with him and find out for yourself.

Rich, thank you!”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

panic disorder reviewSam’s hypnosis review:

“After becoming desperate for a treatment for my illness, I contacted Richard at Focused Hypnosis for help. This is a decision which I have never regretted.

Richard has played a part in helping me get my life back after it was taken away from me when I suddenly developed a panic disorder. This is something that I will always be grateful off.

I would recommend Richard to anyone!”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

hypnosis for pain managementDarkladyV’s review:

“I contacted Richard after contacting another Hypnotherapist in Sheffield with a very unusual request for help.I was about to take part in my second ‘Human Suspension’ event in which large meat style hooks are pierced through the skin and you are suspended by them.

The first time I had done this, I found it extremely painful and it completely clouded my mind and would not allow me to enjoy the experience. The first response I had from a therapist I contacted was that what I was asking for help with was barbaric and that I was being brain washed by a cult.

Very upset by this experience, I was a little apprehensive to ask someone else.

Richard however was amazing!

He was compassionate, interested in what I was doing and completely non judgemental. He took plenty of time to ask me about what I wanted to gain from the experience, what I had experienced previously and how I would like him to help me.

Richard helped me to use techniques that would allow me to focus on something other than the immediate physical discomfort and to ‘tune out’ the sensation in my head. I received each of the sessions on a usb stick so I could listen back to them and with his help, I had the best Suspension experience of my life!

I cannot recommend his services highly enough. I will have no hesitation in employing his skills once again should I ever require them. A very easily rated 5 stars.”

Review originally posted on Yelp

hypnotherapy review by annAnn’s review of hypnosis:

“I found Richard at Focused Hypnosis to be very professional, he put me totally at ease from the very first session. I was very apprehensive about hypnosis but with Richard’s help found the whole experience to be rewarding and relaxing.

I am now able to move forward in my life and using the techniques he has taught me to continue to be in control and look forward to a healthy happy life.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

hypnotherapy review by BexBex’s review:

“I was initially fairly apprehensive about being hypnotised however, after being introduced to Richard of Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice Focussed Hypnosis by a friend who recommended him. All I can tell you is I wish I’d met him 10 years ago.

He has helped me to take major steps in achieving what I want from myself. His professionalism, enthusiasm and attitude is excellent. He is the type of person who puts you at ease within seconds of meeting him.

Highly recommended to anyone with something they want to change but, just don’t know how. Thanks Richard”

Review originally posted on Google My Business

hypnotherapy testimonial by conradConrad’s review of being hypnotised:

“Richard is brilliant therapist and exceptional listener. He’s down to earth approach towards hypnosis make his services really unique.

I’m sure many will share my opinion on Richard and Focused Hypnosis.”

Review originally posted on Freeindex

Emma’s hypnotherapy review:

nail biting hypnotherapy testimonial

“Prior to the hypnosis I had bitten my nails for 18 years and nothing could help me break the habit. I had tried everything under the sun, bar hypnosis. I was initially sceptical, who wouldn’t be?

But I can honestly say it was the best move I had made to help be combat my bad habit, and it really worked, I haven’t touched them since and I don’t even think about it, it was just so easy.

I only regret not doing it sooner! So for anybody who is sceptical I say give it a go because it really does work, and it’s a wonderfully relaxing experience! Focused Hypnosis were fantastic; really knowledgeable and approachable, with everything tailored to you the client.

I really enjoyed my experience with Focused Hypnosis and would highly recommend them for your hypnosis experience!”

Review originally posted on Touchlocal

Read more of our amazing reviews on Google My Business

I got in contact with Richard because I was struggling with confidence and anxiety around my placement as a student paramedic. I had previously been having CBT sessions, which were okay but not impactful enough for me. Whilst having an occupational health check, I was encouraged to try hypnosis, and a Google search later, I came across Richard. I was a little dubious at first, because I thought that I would not be able to go into trance and that it wouldn't work for me. But Richard had no doubt about the former. He talked me through all my questions and concerns and reassured me that if it wasn't for me, I would get my money back. He also highlighted to me that hypnosis is not a magic wand, it doesn't solve the problem for you; it gives you the tools to help you help yourself.Listening to Richard is like being immersed in honey; his words and the way he speaks makes you feel safe and calm. Being in a trance is like that period before you fall asleep. And it was so easy to get there. I was aware of everything at the time, but now I look back on it, I wouldn't remember the things that Richard was saying to me. If I wanted to move, I could have done, but I was so relaxed that I didn't even want to move my hand to scratch my nose. After every trance, I awoke feeling absolutely amazing and so good about myself. I don't feel like hypnosis particularly helped me when I think about it. However, it must have done, because I have since become a qualified paramedic. My mentor said that the change in my behaviour and confidence was profound. Maybe my conscious mind is unaware of the changes in my subconscious and that's why I don't feel different? I don't know how this stuff works, but I suppose it did! So, thank you Richard, you've helped me open the door to my brand new career.The only reason why Richard doesn't get 5 stars is because he forgot about one of our appointments and turned up 15minutes late, and I wasn't emailed a copy of our second recording session and was therefore unable to listen to it in my free time.read more
Gabriella Lunt
Gabriella Lunt
12:27 09 Jan 19
Ultimately, I realised hypnotherapy isn't what I am looking for but Richard nevertheless gave great advice and showed a real understanding of my issue. With his help I am confident in moving forward and thinking more about the future and less about the past!
Conrad Guiney
Conrad Guiney
16:15 06 Dec 18
Richard was very helpful in helping me understand what may be causing my recurrent nightmares. Even after the initial consultation on the phone and then in person just by talking about the issue and having his input I felt I could control them more effectively. The hypnotherapy was something that I hadn't tried before and I found relaxing and interesting. It has been helpful to go back over the recordings of the sessions again. Richard also had some very sensible suggestions for improving my work life balance and skills / tips to decrease the things that cause me stress to do with my work. Thank you very much Richard.read more
Jennifer-Jane Turner
Jennifer-Jane Turner
16:12 07 Nov 18
I had suffered from panic attacks regularly in the past due to anxiety, it got to a point where I felt like I couldn't cope anymore. I visited Richard for an initial consultation where he gave me some tips on how to cope until our first session and even that was an unbelievable amount of help. I have had only one session with Richard and I feel as if the anxiety has near enough disappeared from my life. I finally feel like my old self again. Highly recommend, such a lovely man and so easy to get along with, felt like I had known him for years.read more
14:56 19 Oct 18
An amazing experience of hypnotherapy, I cannot recommend enough. I am quite sceptical but this actually works and changed my life, so pleased. Thank you!
Lucie Behounkova
Lucie Behounkova
20:57 17 Jan 18
Brilliant I didn't know what to expect but from the minute I meet Richard I felt at ease.Iwanted help with diet issues I'd been dieting most of my life and I'd had enough of not eating proper food ,counting points felling fed up tierd hungry not even wanting to have food as I'd lost intrest it was boring to me.But not anymore after 4sessions with Richard Ive opened up a new chapter in my life no more points being normal in what I eat were and when it's a great feeling anyone struggling with their diet should try this , Richard makes you feel at ease comfortable and the best bit he dosnt judge you he helps Ive noticed a big difference in myself I'm happy enjoying my life without constantly thinking of my diet Ive really enjoyed my session so a big big Thankyou richard.read more
Amanda Jayne Greenwood
Amanda Jayne Greenwood
20:39 29 Aug 17
Richard was very professional and kind in offering his advice and support for my situation. He is the type of person who would go the extra mile for you. I would recommend his services to anyone.
18:54 20 Jul 17
My problem was weight loss and not having the motivation to do anything about it. I contacted Richard Hennessy and after one chat and one hypnosis session I was on my way. The actual hypnosis was nothing like I imagined. I thought I would go into a trance like in the movies!! I was totally aware of everything the whole time and at the end felt completely relaxed. Before hypnosis I would eat because it was meal time regardless of whether I was hungry, but after, I only eat when I am hungry and I can leave food on my plate instead of clearing it - a flashback to childhood days when you couldn't leave the table until your plate was clear. I had one more recording from Richard, because I couldn't get to another appointment, and don't feel I need anymore. If I feel as if I am slipping back into old ways I listen to the recording and feel fine again. Richard provides a recording of all sessions to take away with you so its not like he is pressuring you to going back again and again.I would fully recommend him to anyone. Thankyou Richard!!read more
Val Barnsley
Val Barnsley
12:55 02 Jul 17
Emetophobia - a fear of sickness or illness, It had a name and i never knew, but thanks to Richard it is now a name i don't associate with me and it is all down to the power of hypnosis .One session of just talking then 4 sessions of hypnosis and now i feel able to do things without having bad thoughts. Cannot thank Richard enough.I first saw Richard in March 2015 since then I have travelled abroad 6times(3 more to go ) something I wouldn't have thought possible especially as I travelled by coach, at the age of 65 a world of travel is something I really enjoy and as I have said before it's all down to Richard thanx againread more
Susan Simpkin
Susan Simpkin
17:16 09 May 17
I sought help from Richard with regard to anxiety and depression. I was looking for help to clear the 'chatter' in my mind so that I can more easily focus and make progress towards goals that are important to me. I found the deep mindfulness I gained from the sessions helped to clear my mind and give me tools that I can use in everyday situations. I am more able to calm myself for work presentations and better focus on what is needed for my family.I feel like I have tapped into the core of who I am and can now channel my inner energy for postive outcomes for me.The recordings of the sessions were great in helping me continue my practice after my sessions with Richard and his nuturing and assertive style made me feel very comfortable and at ease.read more
Eleanor R Reynolds
Eleanor R Reynolds
06:59 25 Apr 17
Richard may have saved my life! I was smoking 60 cigarettes a day and had no other way to quit. There was not a single thing I wanted to do without smoking and not a single emotion that I didn't associate with smoking. Richard sat with me and talked about all the triggers and issues that I felt, he spent a long time before the session started. Then in the session he made me feel relaxed about everything and confident that we were going to beat the habit. When I came out of the the session, I didn't smoke, and I haven't for over 7 months now. I had tried everything else previously, and he is the only person who has made me feel truly like a non smoker. I hang out with smokers, I go to smokey venues, and I just don't need it myself. He is truly a miracle worker and I am so impressed and grateful for what he did. Thank you Richard, please keep changing people's lives for the better. read more
suze collings
suze collings
18:07 27 Aug 16
I saw Richard during the course of four sessions to help me get my weight under control without going on some magic diet. Richard is a lovely, friendly, and knowledgeable person, who made me feel at ease from the word go. The sessions where highly enjoyable and allowed me to explore the inner knowledge and strength that I already possessed but wasn't aware of, by being nudged in the right direction. I immediately saw a change in my eating habits which have resulted steady loss of around 1 kg per week (16 kg in total so far) without much change in what I eat. Through the sessions, I have learn to regain control of my eating and to allow myself to enjoy food again. If you are serious about losing weight and need someone who you can trust to help you, I can HIGHLY recommend hypnotherapy with Richard! Many thanks :)read more
Gunnar Mallon
Gunnar Mallon
12:03 08 May 16