Terms and conditions of money back guarantee / refund policy

We do not guarantee the results of your therapy treatment. This is not possible to do and you should be wary of any therapist who guarantees results. The results from therapy can vary between individuals.

The guarantee from Focused Hypnosis is NOT a guarantee of results. It is a guarantee of your satisfaction with the environment the session is held in, the conduct of the therapist and your satisfaction with the process and how you feel about your working relationship with the hypnotherapist.

Focused Hypnosis have a money back guarantee (aslo known as our “personal promise”). This guarantee means that if you change your mind about having hypnosis then you can get your money back.

In order to prevent abuse of this offer you must let your hypnotherapist know if you want the refund before you leave the office after your first hypnosis session.

This menas that you can have the initial consultation and the first hypnosis session and if you want to continue then great but if you don’t just say before you leave and all your money spent up to that point will be refunded.