Hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help you quit smoking naturally

"A very detailed and educational experience that left me feeling relaxed and confident. This was on the 20th June and I still haven’t smoked to date. Thanks!”

Review by Jemma W.

Has smoking reached the point of "enough is enough" for you yet?

a woman smoking a cigarette who is looking for hypnotherapy to help her stop smokingStopping smoking is something we have helped many people with at our Focused Hypnosis Sheffield hypnotherapy practice.  Getting to the point of "enough is enough" is an important stage and should be seized with both hands when it arrives.

You are almost certainly reading this because you, or someone you love, wants to quit smoking and has reached that point of having had enough.

Over the last few years you have probably looked at different ways to quit smoking. You have probably also tried to stop smoking a few times but it didn't work or didn't last.

Maybe you contacted the NHS Smokefree team and asked them for help. Perhaps you have tried nicotine replacement therapy like NiQuitin or maybe stop smoking medication like Champix.

So you now find yourself still smoking, wondering if you will EVER manage to quit smoking and maybe doubting you have got the ability within you to make your dreams of being a non-smoker come true.

Stopping smoking IS possible. The right mindset is essential though and we are all about helping you get the right mindset for success.

Working with an experienced stop smoking hypnotist is a very effective method of quitting and could help you to make those changes that you crave. Here are some of the highlights of stopping smoking through hypnotherapy with Focused Hypnosis:

  • You will become a non-smoker NOT an ex-smoker -  there is a big and important difference between the two. Read on to find out just what that is.
  • Learn how to accept that other people around you might continue to smoke but that it doesn't have to have any effect on you and your decision to quit.
  • Links and triggers to your smoking past can be broken.
  • Post hypnotic suggestions will be provided to help you remain determined to be a healthy, happy non-smoker.

Read the quit smoking reviews from previous clients for proof that hypnosis has helped others who were in the same situation you are in now.

Suze smoked 60 a day and stopped through hypnosis

suze C.
suze C.
Richard may have saved my life! I was smoking 60 cigarettes a day and had no other way to quit. There was not a single thing I wanted to do without smoking and not a single emotion that I didn't associate with smoking.Richard sat with me and talked about all the triggers and issues that I felt, he spent a long time before the session started. Then in the session he made me feel relaxed about everything and confident that we were going to beat the habit.When I came out of the the session, I didn't smoke, and I haven't for over 7 months now. I had tried everything else previously, and he is the only person who has made me feel truly like a non smoker. I hang out with smokers, I go to smokey venues, and I just don't need it myself.He is truly a miracle worker and I am so impressed and grateful for what he did. Thank you Richard, please keep changing people's lives for the better.

Suze stopped smoking in 2015 and write her review 7 months later in 2016. We have since heard from her (in 2019) and she was STILL a non-smoker. What a success!

If you are ready to stop smoking now, just fill in the contact form below and take a huge step forwards towards your success.

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Some common questions answered about hypnosis for stopping smoking

There is a large degree of debate around this issue. The common information given in answer to this question is  usually focused on the negative aspects of quitting smoking and state that you could experience:

In reality there is the potential for none of these negative aspects to happen. We know of many people who have quit smoking who just stopped and felt great.

We believe that your expectations have a huge influence on the outcome of quitting smoking and the management of what you focus your attention on could have a huge impact on how you feel.