Is it possible to beat a fear of flying?

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It is estimated that around 10 million people in the UK have a phobia and a fifth of the population suffers from a fear of flying, and 10 percent of us won't fly at all. These people may KNOW that flying is the safest form of transport but this knowledge doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.

For most people they have never had anything ever happen on a flight and the vast majority of these people don't even know anyone who has ever had any problems of any significance on a flight but it just doesn't help to calm those nervous thoughts about taking to the skies.

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Susan Simpkin
Susan S.
Emetophobia - a fear of sickness or illness, It had a name and i never knew, but thanks to Richard it is now a name i don't associate with me and it is all down to the power of hypnosis .One session of just talking then 4 sessions of hypnosis and now i feel able to do things without having bad thoughts. Cannot thank Richard enough.I first saw Richard in March 2015 since then I have travelled abroad 6times(3 more to go ) something I wouldn't have thought possible especially as I travelled by coach, at the age of 65 a world of travel is something I really enjoy and as I have said before it's all down to Richard thanx againread more
Fi Hennessy
Fi H.
When my husband was training to become a hypnotherapist all those years ago he used me as his number one practice subject. I found it all very relaxing. However the most profound thing that Rich helped me with was my abject fear of the dentist and needles in general. Within about 2 sessions I had completely over come this fear and was able to go to the dentist happily and any time I had an injection was a complete more

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Hypnotherapy could be a solution for your fear of flying

Hypnotherapy could give you all the tools you need to enjoy flying. I have treated clients at my hypnotherapy practice in Sheffield to help them to stop being afraid of flying. Some of these clients have noticed a reduction in symptoms which has made the journey by air much more manageable while others have noticed a significant reduction in their fear and worry regarding flying.

People tend to get stuck in thought patterns. They may know that flying is very safe but they just can't shift that fear that something might happen. This apprehension grows and develops into nerves then fear and then panic! The flight hasn't changed in any way.

The chances of there being an accident of some kind have not increased in the slightest but the perceived risk of flying has grown exponentially. Hypnotherapy helps by stopping this downward spiral of thoughts and fears.

Change how you think - Change how you feel

By employing breathing techniques, changing thought patterns and associations through neuro linguistic programming and by the use of metaphors and by giving suggestions while in trance many people can notice a marked improvement in their perceptions about flying.

I saw a client last week for this very issue and in just 10 minutes his thought patterns regarding flying had improved. Before the treatment started he gauged his fear at 9 or 10 out of 10. After using 1 NLP technique and just 10 minutes of his time that perception of fear had reduced to 3 out of 10.

Just because you have always thought one way doesn't mean you have to continue thinking that same thing.