Hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help remove your phobia

How do phobias develop?

Most phobias start for one of three reasons.

You inherit it

This is usually from a parent. We instinctively copy our parents and this is usually a good idea. Unfortunately if you parent has a phobia of clowns then there is a chance that you will too.


Linking an unpleasant experience with a thing or item can lead to a phobia developing. This is even possible if the object had nothing to do with the negative experience.

It just does!

Sometimes people have a phobia and absolutely no idea at all as to how it developed.

Does hypnotherapy for phobias involve exposure therapy?

Many people we work with are initially worried that we will expose them to their phobia in real life. If you have a fear of spiders we will NOT bring spiders into the room and make you cope. We do not believe that this is the best way to bring about change.

How does hypnotherapy combat phobias?

if you have a phobia then hypnotherapy could be the way to change your thoughtsHypnotherapy could help you get a different perspective on your phobia. That part of you that knows that your fear is silly or irrational can be made louder and bigger.

The part of you that has developed the fear can also be reduced and put aside so you can feel better and happier. It really doesn't matter where you got your phobia from or why. Through hypnotherapy you will be able to focus on how you want to feel in the future.

Many people in Sheffield have found that hypnotherapy can help you get over your phobia, as my many reviews prove.

Rational thinking doesn't usually help

hypnotherapy sheffield spider phobiaI regularly treat people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice for phobias and have had some amazing results. You may know that it is irrational to be so afraid of spiders/clowns/balloons or whatever your phobia is but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

In fact, it can sometimes make it worse when you know on one level that a tiny little English spider could never hurt you and yet you are afraid of it. You can rest assured that I will take your phobia very seriously, even if you think it's silly or embarrassing.
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How common are phobias?

Much more common than you might realise. Most people keep their phobia to themselves and it isn't too big a problem for them. For some people though, phobias take over their life and really get in the way. I spoke to the Hallam FM breakfast team about interview phobias and about how common they are.

The good news though is that phobias are often:

  • Effectively addressed through hypnotherapy
  • Quickly treated
  • Reduced or removed in the majority of cases

Hypnotherapy in Sheffield with Focused Hypnosis could be just what you need to end your phobia and start living your life on your terms once again.

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Fi H.
Fi H.
When my husband was training to become a hypnotherapist all those years ago he used me as his number one practice subject. I found it all very... relaxing. However the most profound thing that Rich helped me with was my abject fear of the dentist and needles in general. Within about 2 sessions I had completely over come this fear and was able to go to the dentist happily and any time I had an injection was a complete breeze.read more
Valerie B.
Valerie B.
During lockdown (Covid 19) I barely used my car. When restrictions were eased I travelled to see friends using the motorway which had suddenly become... a very frightening, stressful place for me. Everything seemed so busy with lorries thundering past and I had a complete panic attack whilst on there. I really thought I would never be able to travel on there ever again which limited travel for holidays and social events.I spoke with Richard at length both on the telephone initially and then face to face at the first consultation. He listened carefully to everything I said and was so reassuring.At the first session I was a bit nervous but he soon relaxed me and I listened to his voice, unaware that I was actually in a trance - it didn't feel like I had lost control or anything - it was just like listening to music and relaxing. During the following session he made things personal to me and had clearly spent a lot of time tailoring the session.He gave me useful techniques to practice in between sessions and then it was time to put it all into practice. I did it!! I went on the motorway for one junction and back again. I was calm and in control. I then progressed over a few days to travelling further and overtaking the lorries I had been so freaked about before. I was absolutely buzzing and I cried with relief as I can now get on with my life and visit friends.Richard has taught me how to iron out the daily stressed of my life as well as the issues I was having on the motorway. He has changed my life and I can't thank him enough for it. I went into hypnotherapy with an open mind and I came out a calmer, happier person.read more

"I have flown to Holland and back with ZERO anxiety and am looking forward to flying to Portugal in a couple of weeks"

Tim's fear of flying phobia review

This Ted Talk on phobias is only short but really interesting and well worth a watch

No phobia is "strange" or "weird"

When people tell us what their phobia is they often start their confession with the words "You will probably think this is strange but..." or "I'm so weird..."

Phobias are not strange or weird. They are often a perfectly normal and understandable reactions. They are often due to uncontrolled thoughts and feelings that are practised and made familiar.

Thirteen of the most common fears and phobias in the UK

A study of 2000 people done by the polling company Yougov found the thirteen most common fears and phobias. People were asked to rate possible phobias from 'not at all' to 'very afraid'. The results are from people who responded that they were very afraid or a little afraid. Some of the fears and phobias are very common, some are a little surprising.

    1. Fear of heights = 56%
    2. Public speaking phobia = 56%
    3. Snake phobia = 52%
    4. Claustraphobia = 43
    5. Fear of spiders = 42%
    13. Fear of mice = 26%
    8. Flying phobia - 24%
    9. Fear of crowds - 21%
    10. Fear of the dark - 15%
    11. Blood phobia- 14%
    12. Dog phobia - 14%
    13. Fear of clowns - 12%

Phobias aren't unusual - don't feel bad if you have one

Many people we have treated at the Focused Hypnosis Sheffield hypnotherapy practice had a phobia which had taken over their life to some extent. Through hypnotherapy we helped them to move past it and to enjoy their life once again. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way of addressing a phobia.

  • It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in Sheffield have a phobia but as a lot of people keep their phobias secret this figure could be much higher
  • Phobias may be about unusual things but they can generate very real fears and worries
  • Just because you have had a phobia for a long time doesn't mean it can't go in a very short amount of time
Dentist's light

If you have a dental phobia you probably have quite a few uncontrolled thoughts. Hypnotherapy can help you to regain control and to see a dentist without feeling like you used to.

public speaking microphone

A public speaking phobia is the most common fear in the UK. Hypnotherapy can be a great way to change how you feel about speaking in public. It is completely natural and can be very effective.