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3 Reasons Hypnotherapy Is The Best Choice For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks often happen as a result of extreme anxiety. Panic attacks feel powerful. Entirely mental, panic attacks feel like a physical problem, and when they're triggered, they can send the mind into a cloudy panic that some describe as "feeling like you are dying."

Suffering from panic attacks and anxiety can seriously affect your life, and those that do experience panic attacks regularly often become more separated from the world and consistently concerned about their own health. But treatment for panic attacks is surprisingly lacking.

One of the main reasons is because they are so poorly understood. Doctors treat panic attacks as though they are a physical health issue, prescribing medicines for the heart and lungs that ultimately affect neither. Psychologists tend to treat panic attacks with tranquilizers and anti-anxiety medications.

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While this makes some sense (panic attacks are often triggered by anxiety), they are far too strong – and far too dangerous – choice for those suffering from an issue that needs to be controlled mentally. In addition, once you get off of these drugs, the panic attacks can often come back.

Searching for a Safe Solution

Panic attacks are too disruptive to ignore, but the traditional methods of treating them can be too dangerous for many people to consider their use. The solution is to find a safe and effective method of combatting the panic attacks and anxiety in a way that will be free of side effects. Hypnotherapy is such a way, providing many benefits that you simply do not get from traditional treatments including:


Hypnotherapy is a completely safe process. It doesn't involve any drugs or chemicals. It involves altering belief in a way that doesn't have any long-term consequences while still providing clear benefits. It's also less labour intensive than other types of therapy and doesn't need to be complimented with any medicines or supplements.

While medicine has generally taught the need to deal directly with oral drugs, panic attacks are by far one of the worst mental health issues to depend on these drugs. Searching for an alternative solution is important, which is why hypnotherapy works so well. Overall, it is a much better choice than the dangerous and ineffective drugs that otherwise swarm the market.

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Targets Key Thought Patterns

Hypnotherapy is a style of therapy that is designed to affect thoughts and beliefs. This is perfect as a potential cure for the way that panic attacks are triggered. Panic attacks are very often due to faulty thinking and an over-concern about health or the current status of personal problems. Drugs target the symptoms, but the thoughts are still there, and the moment you get off of the drugs your personal sensitivity will come back. Panic attacks are also self-triggering.

If you believe you might get one, you will, because the mind pays too close attention to any and all of your emotions. Hypnotherapy is a much better tool, then, because it is able to reduce the mind's focus on these symptoms, allowing you to mentally relax and reduce the negative thoughts. Overall, this strategy makes more sense for panic attack symptoms, making it more effective.

Personal Contact

Hypnotherapy also puts you in contact with a human being. Social support is an important part of overcoming panic attacks and anxiety, so placing you in contact with a qualified hypnotherapist has secondary benefits in addition to the primary benefits.

Furthermore, a hypnosis expert that understands panic attacks and anxiety can also help you with many of the issues that may have lead up to your panic attack. If you're dealing with intense anxiety and work or at home, or you had a health concern in the past that caused you to become oversensitive to the feelings you get in your body, these can be addressed through additional hypnotherapy techniques.

Using Safe and Effective Treatment Methods

Lifestyle changes and understanding panic attacks are an important part of living with them, as the medical community has often treated panic attacks incorrectly, leading to a misunderstanding about their cause and effect. But even with those changes, panic attacks often struggle to go away on their own. Worry about experiencing a panic attack is likely to cause them.

They need some type of direct intervention that can teach you to change your mindset and adjust your thought patterns in order to improve the long-term outlook of your anxiety and panic. That is one of the strengths of the hypnosis method. Qualified hypnotherapists can delve directly into those mindsets and change faulty thought patterns in order to ensure that you are not focusing on the negative during the day.

Over time, your focus will no longer be on the potential for panic attacks, and your panic attacks are less likely to be triggered. That makes hypnotherapy an ideal option for reducing panic attacks and symptoms.

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