is this giant hamburger more of a snack to you?NHS Boss Says Overweight Doctors And Nurses Should Slim Down

Simon Stevens, the NHS chief executive, has said that doctors and nurses should set a good example and be of a healthy size. Within the NHS there are estimated to be 300,000 staff within the NHS who are overweight or obese. Mr Stevens said “It is hard to talk about how important this is if we don’t get our act together.” 

Obesity has the potential to completely cripple the NHS as the costs associated with it are spiralling out of control. It has reached the point where gastric band surgery, which were previously reserved for only the most extreme cases, are now used routinely. The reason for this is that the potential financial savings in the long term are considerable.

It is hoped that through the proposed measures that a better example will be set to patients and there will be a reduced chance that NHS staff will become patients themselves.

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I am really pleased that plans like this are being proposed but I think removing burgers from hospital canteens and giving out pedometers as prizes for weight loss competitions is not really sufficient. From the work that I have done in the field of weight management it has become very clear that people need strategies and techniques to help them change how they think and feel. A free pedometer just isn’t going to cut it I think!

To that end I would like to offer all NHS staff a discounted rate of £50 per session for weight management sessions. To claim your discounted rate you only need prove you are an NHS employee.