Insomnia can be crippling and can often become a habit after a while and become a downward spiral. Hypnotherapy can help break this pattern and re-establish a more positive sleeping pattern

Dragon’s Den Star Uses Hypnosis For Insomnia

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Evan Davis the Radio 4 and Dragon’s Den presenter has revealed that he listens to a hypnotherapy CD every night to ensure he gets a good nights sleep. Because of his presenting work on Radio 4 he is usually awake by 3.30am which means he often has to go to sleep early evening. Many people, such as shift workers, have to do a similar kind of thing.

Hypnotherapy is a very commonly used to help people sleep (despite The Telegraph suggesting that hypnotherapy is “unconventional”). Over the years I have helped many people with insomnia or shift workers who need to sleep during the day. Sleep is so necessary and without it we can soon become incapable of focusing or doing work which is obviously a problem if you are interviewing a politician at 7.30am like Evan or being a nurse in a hospital like some of my clients.

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Through hypnosis you can be lulled to sleep. This is often done through visualisations and relaxation techniques that frequently focus on breathing techniques. Many people find sleep elludes them when they find themselves thinking about things (usually work) and this keeps them awake or stops them from sleeping. I often hear people say that they “can’t empty their minds”. This is an unrealistic goal. Many many people are unable to empty their minds. If you have studied meditation for many years you might be able to but for the rest of us it just doesn’t happen.

Instead I help people to focus on things that WILL help them sleep. Things like their breathing and occupying their thoughts with something that relaxes and soothes them rather than worries or stresses them.

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A Combined Approach To Insomnia

Insomnia is a big part of my business at the moment. I am seeing more and more people suffering from insomnia and sleeplessness at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice. I’m not sure if it is the economy that is to blame or the fact that we are coming up towards Christmas or if the recent turn in the weather is affecting things but I do know it is a big issue for a lot of people.

I have a number of highly effective hypnotherapy techniques that I use with these types of clients and I have had some great results but I recently realised that I don’t have all the answers for everyone who comes to see me for insomnia and sleep related issues. I know a lot about the mental factors that contribute to sleep problems but I’m not so hot on the physical side of things. This has lead to a very exciting collaboration between Focused Hypnosis and another Sheffield company.

Victoria in Sheffield came to Focused Hypnosis for help with her insomnia and got some great results. Check out her video here…

Beating Your Insomnia Could Take A Physical And A Psychological Approach

We Love Sleep is based in Sheffield and they approach sleep from a physical perspective. James the owner is highly knowledgeable about all things sleep as he helps people to find the perfect mattress, pillow and duvets. If he doesn’t know the answer then it probably isn’t worth knowing.

He runs his business in a different way to the national bed companies. Those types of places work on getting as many people as possible through the door because they work on commission. This means they will often try and sell you the more expensive items even if they aren’t necessarily what you need for a good nights sleep.

James never does this.

He will allow you to have a private session at his sleep centre where you can try out his stock so you can find what works best for you. Because James does not work on commission he won’t push you into buying anything but he will share with you his extensive professional knowledge.

As a special offer James is also offering a FREE £10 discount voucher to everyone who books an appointment at his Sheffield Sleep Centre. Find more details by clicking here.

I am working closely with James because by combining our knowledge and resources we are both now able to offer all our customers a complete sleep solution which addresses their physical and mental requirements in helping them to get the good nights sleep the deserve.

Visit the We Love Sleep website at

Insomnia Can Be Eased Through Hypnosis

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In the last 6 months I have seen more people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice for insomnia than ever before. Many of these people regard hypnotherapy as a ‘last resort’ but maybe it should be higher up people’s list of methods of aiding sleep. Hypnotherapy can address the cause of the sleeplessness as well as the symptoms.

Insomnia affects nearly a third of Britons at some point and can be started by just one bad night’s sleep. Unfortunately it seems that the brain can switch and become ‘bad’ at sleeping when in the past it was ‘good’. Many people find thatthis is a temporary thing and in a short time things can switch back to being ‘good’ but for some people that switch doesn’t happen and they become a ‘bad sleeper’.

Hypnosis Can Be A Better Alternative Than Medication

The sleep industry is worth millions of pounds and there is no shortage of tablets, lotions, potions, books, CD’s, lights, sounds, pyjamas, pillows and eye masks that will supposedly cure you of your insomnia. Many of these ‘solutions’ for insomnia just address the symptoms and not the source of the difficulty.

The impact of bad sleep can be profound and can even result in job loss and people suffering from insomnia are often moved by desperation to try anything that may help them sleep. It is at this point that many people turn to hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a state of profound relaxation and is completely natural and safe. Most of us go into some kind of trance every single day. A hypnotic trance is very similar to vacantly staring out of the window while bored at school. Hypnosis was recognised by the British Medical Association in the 1950’s but is only now starting to get the recognition it deserves. This recognition for the power of hypnotherapy is partly down to celebrities using it to quit smoking (Matt Damon) , lose weight (Lily Allen) or deal with eating disorders (Geri Halliwell). It is also partly due to real life magazines that love to sensationalise the sometimes dramatic results that hypnotherapy can deliver.

Hypnosis Can Be Faster, Safer And More Effective Than ‘Traditional’ Solutions

The medical profession is slowly catching up with people’s real life experiences of hypnotherapy and it is now sometimes being used as an alternative to anesthetic, it can often be a lot more effective than patches or tablets in helping people to quit smoking and it can help people lose weight. Hypnotherapy can often in these kinds of cases (and more) be more effective than medication or the ‘traditional’ approaches as well as more cost effective.

For more information about hypnotherapy and insomnia you might want to read this article by Lorraine Fisher Full Story Here

I have personally helped many people in Sheffield with hypnotherapy for insomnia and had some great results.

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