initial consultation is essential

The initial consultation is the most important

In hypnotherapy the initial consultation is possibly the most important session in the whole hypnotherapy process. It is a chance for the client to ask questions about hypnosis and for the hypnotherapist to find out more about the client's goals. Some hypnotherapists underestimate its power and some clients don't full appreciate its significance. This is a story of a client just like that...

Initial consultations are very important

What is an initial consultation?

Why is a consultation important in therapy?

How do I prepare for a consultation?

What can I expect at a hypnotherapy consultation?

Why are some consultations free and some are charged for?

Are there any guarantees with an initial consultation?

Is a pre-consultation chat on the phone a good idea?

How long does the initial consultation last?

How much does it cost?

Rapport is an essential element of the initial consultation and subsequent hypnotherapy sessions. Rapport is the feeling of connection between therapist and client. This rapport is developed and cultivated in the consultation and has a big impact on the potential outcome of the treatment.

These kinds of details are what the initial consultation is all about.

Cheaper hypnosis is not the same as cost effective hypnosis

I have worked with a few people over the years who have changed their behaviour simply because of the initial consultation. I kid you not! Simply as a result of someone caring and giving them time to talk out loud about themselves and what they wanted to achieve something slotted into place and they realised that they could change and, more importantly, how to make that change happen.

The initial consultation, if done well, is not “just a chat”... it is an opportunity to make the whole of the therapeutic process specific and detailed and can significantly increase the chances of reaching your goals.

John possibly went elsewhere to find a cheaper hypnotherapist or one who doesn't do a consultation and just goes straight into the hypnosis side of things. While this may seem like it is more cost effective it really does not work out that way in many cases in the long run.

If you are looking for a hypnotherapist who is professional, ethical and above all effective then chances are they will do an initial consultation. This is an essential step in the process. If you have any questions about hypnosis generally or the initial consultation you can ask me with no obligation.

You can try hypnosis for free when you work with the team at Focused Hypnosis. This means you will be completely satisfied with the environment I work in and my conduct or you will get a full refund. It is that simple. This means that you can have confidence in me and how I work when you book your hypnotherapy sessions with me.

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Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist in Sheffield
Richard Hennessy is the principal hypnotherapist at Focused Hypnosis. He founded Focused Hypnosis in 2009 and since then it has consistently been one of the highest rated hypnotherapy clinics in Sheffield. It is now the biggest hypnotherapy practise in Sheffield. Richard specialises in weight management.