Is an initial consultation just a scam for hypnotherapists to make more money?

In hypnotherapy the initial consultation is possibly the most important session in the whole hypnotherapy process but some hypnotherapists underestimate its power and some clients don’t full appreciate its significance. This is a story of a client just like that…

The enquiry came through at 4.15pm last Tuesday. He wanted to book a hypnosis session with me. There was a name and a phone number. Great! The website was working like a charm and the enquiries had been coming in at a nice steady pace and this was just more evidence that everything was on track and going nicely in my business.

Is an initial consultation REALLY needed or is it a money making scam?

are hypnotherapists scamming people through the initial consultation?

Hypnotherapy can be a great way to improve sporting performance

The enquiry was from a guy called John (not his real name) and he wanted help to be better at tennis (not the actual sport he wanted help with but you get the idea!). I called John on the number he provided and we had a chat. He was hands free while driving and we had a talk about exactly what he wanted to achieve.

Now it turns out that John was great at tennis when he was just having a knock about with a friend but as soon as things got more serious and he was in anything approaching a competition his game went to pot. He made silly mistakes and played very unlike how he did in friendly games. He knew that his head wasn’t in the right place to succeed and he wanted help.

He had heard that hypnotherapy could help with things like sporting focus and he was absolutely right! Hypnosis can be great for literally keeping your eye on the ball and mentally being the best you can be in a sporting scenario.

I don’t want to tell you about the problem but make it stop

The proof of this is that most top level athletes have some kind of mental process that they use to be in the zone or ‘in a state of flow’ when they do their sport. Some say it is more important that being physically fit to do the sport.

John and I spoke for about 15 minutes and we got as far as booking a date and time for the first meeting. I got his email address and said just as we were about to end the call “So at that meeting on the 1st at 11am we will have the initial consultation so I can find out exactly what you are doing and get specific details about how you would rather be and at the second meeting we will start the hypnosis side of things. So John I will look forward to seeing you on….”

“Whoa whoa whoa!” said John. “What’s the cost of the hypnosis consultation? I’m not spending £70 just to meet you for a chat!” he said. I tried to calm John down and to explain exactly what would happen at the consultation but it seemed he had already decided that he was going to go elsewhere if his tone of voice was anything to go by.

Hypnosis works best when you use facts not guesswork

I tried to explain to John that the consultation was an essential part of the therapeutic process but he was having none of it and he hung up on me. “I guess I will cancel the booking then” I said to the dial tone.

If John had have hung around a little longer I would have been able to tell him that hypnotherapy is most successful when it is specific as many of my glowing review attest to. When the therapist knows the little tiny details about what you used to do that pissed you off so much you went looking for help and when the therapist knows just how great it will be when you reach your goal they can make that a focal point of the entire process.

This makes the hypnosis side of things very personal and very specific. It has meaning and significance when the therapist says things like “Just think of all those occasions when you were pissed off with your old habit, remember just where you felt that feeling and what it meant you didn’t do and how frustrating that was!” it brings it back into very clear focus as to what it is that you want to change.

Details, details, details!

The therapist might then say something like “Now just think how great it is going to be at that tennis championship in 3 months time when you win your first round as a result of having mastered your serve. You told me you would feel a huge amount of pride in the middle of chest when you achieve that and it would feel like that feeling would be rising up into your head. Lets help you get THAT clear in your mind.”

This is very detailed and specific to the individual and it is almost impossible to not go along with this kind of thing because it is exactly what the client wants to beat and exactly how they want to feel because that is the kind of thing that is discussed at the initial consultation!

If the therapist only has a top line description of the problem like “I want to be better at tennis” then there is not much to go on. Do they play indoor tennis or outdoor? If they are out door do they play on grass, concrete or clay? What part of their game seems to be letting them down? What thoughts do they have in their head before and during the game? Are they aware of any feelings in certain parts of their body at these times? Are there any recurring visions when they play tennis?

Rapport is an essential element of the initial consultation and subsequent hypnotherapy sessions. Rapport is the feeling of connection between therapist and client. This rapport is developed and cultivated in the consultation and has a big impact on the potential outcome of the treatment.

These kinds of details are what the initial consultation is all about.

Cheaper hypnosis is not the same as cost effective hypnosis

I have worked with a few people over the years who have changed their behaviour simply because of the initial consultation. I kid you not! Simply as a result of someone caring and giving them time to talk out loud about themselves and what they wanted to achieve something slotted into place and they realised that they could change and, more importantly, how to make that change happen.

The initial consultation, if done well, is not “just a chat”… it is an opportunity to make the whole of the therapeutic process specific and detailed and can significantly increase the chances of reaching your goals.

John possibly went elsewhere to find a cheaper hypnotherapist or one who doesn’t do a consultation and just goes straight into the hypnosis side of things. While this may seem like it is more cost effective it really does not work out that way in many cases in the long run.

If you are looking for a hypnotherapist who is professional, ethical and above all effective then chances are they will do an initial consultation. This is an essential step in the process. If you have any questions about hypnosis generally or the initial consultation you can ask me with no obligation.

I have a satisfaction guarantee which covers the consultation and first hypnosis session which means you will be completely satisfied with the environment I work in and my conduct or you will get a full refund. It is that simple. This means that you can have confidence in me and how I work when you book your hypnotherapy sessions with me.

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