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Hypnotherapy services in Rotherham

Hello, welcome to Focused Hypnosis. My name is Richard, and I've been providing efficient and accessible clinical hypnotherapy services to the people of Rotherham for over 10 years. Our team uses expert techniques and guidance to help you achieve your aspirations, put a stop to your bad habits, and take control of your life.

Do you want to tackle a phobia, overcome anxiety, stop smoking, or beat insomnia?

I've been featured on Hallam FC and have over "50 five-star reviews", so you can have the confidence that Focused Hypnosis will be able to help you. If you're from Rotherham and looking for a reliable, good-quality hypnotherapy service, you're in the right place.

Please pick up the phone and give us a call on 01143830123 to find out about the range of hypnotherapy services we offer and to book an appointment with Focused Hypnosis.

We look forward to working with you.


Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist at Sheffield Wellness Centre

focused hypnosis

About Focused Hypnosis Rotherham

Focused Hypnosis is one of the few group hypnosis practises based in South Yorkshire. Most hypnotherapy services in your local area are sole traders. However, Focused Hypnosis is different; we are a unified team of qualified hypnotherapists dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better and become the best version of themselves.

Our fantastic team of certified hypnotherapists used to run their own businesses until we integrated our professional skills and expertise to form Focused Hypnosis. You can have confidence in choosing Focused Hypnosis, as you will have access to the rich experience of multiple hypnotherapists who will provide you with a diagnosis and help you find the psychological root cause of your problem. Additionally, we offer a service that is tailored to your personal needs, as we will partner you with a member of the team who specialises in your condition.

focused hypnosis

Our treatments

At Focused Hypnosis, we offer various hypnotherapy services to the people of Rotherham. These hypnotherapy services include:

an empty plate with no food on it

Weight loss

Have you tried countless fad diets, or are you wasting money on a gym membership that you never use? Well, Focused Hypnosis’ weight loss hypnotherapy services may be a more suitable option for you. Weight loss hypnotherapy equips you with an effective weight loss regime, which allows you to see better results that happen quickly and have lasting effects. Your hypnotherapist will look at the process of weight to help you establish a positive relationship with food and exercise.

Lose Weight
stop smoking in sheffield

Stop smoking

Have you tried to quit smoking but still find yourself reaching for another cigarette? Well, you're not alone. Smoking is difficult to break away from, but at Focused Hypnosis, we could help you kick your bad habit for good. Our hypnotherapy services have helped many people around Rotherham quit as we delve deeper and tackle your emotional attachment with smoking.

Stop Smoking

Increase confidence

Is your lack of confidence holding you back in life? Focused Hypnosis will help you think more positively about yourself and give you the self-belief to follow your dreams. Your physical health will improve, and you will feel calmer, happier, and exude happiness within just a few sessions.

Increase Confidence
woman battling anxiousness in sheffield

Beat anxiety

Anxiety affects many people in very different ways, but it can be debilitating and stop you from carrying out simple daily tasks. At Focused Hypnosis, we offer an all-natural complementary treatment that can help you beat your anxiety by tackling your negative mindset and giving you the confidence to achieve your aspirations.


Tackle a phobia

At Focused Hypnosis, we have worked with many people in Rotherham to help them tackle various phobias, such as a fear of flyingfear of public speaking and a dental phobia. We've seen it all, and no matter how extreme your phobia is, our expert team can help you "unlearn it."


Beat insomnia

If you ignore your insomnia, it can really affect your life. However, at Focused Hypnosis, we are determined to help you regain your sleep and improve your quality of life. Our personalised hypnotherapy sessions have customer service at their heart and will help you tackle the root cause of your condition.

Stresssed man holding his head

Decrease stress

Are you looking to decrease stress and make long-lasting positive changes to your life? Well, Focused Hypnosis can help you, as we tailor our hypnotherapy sessions to treat the underlying cause of your stress. Within a couple of sessions, we can transform your life.


Our Rotherham hypnotherapists can help anyone in South Yorkshire. We're located close to Rotherham and offer various treatments listed above.


Please give us a call on 01143839123 to see how we can help you transform your life.

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Susan S.
Susan S.
Emetophobia - a fear of sickness or illness, It had a name and i never knew, but thanks to Richard it is now a name i don't associate with me and it is all down to the power of hypnosis .One session of just talking then 4 sessions of hypnosis and... now i feel able to do things without having bad thoughts. Cannot thank Richard enough.I first saw Richard in March 2015 since then I have travelled abroad 6times(3 more to go ) something I wouldn't have thought possible especially as I travelled by coach, at the age of 65 a world of travel is something I really enjoy and as I have said before it's all down to Richard thanx againread more
Tim C.
Tim C.
I originally found Richard on Twitter (@mr_hypnotherapy) and had never really considered hypnotherapy for my irrational fear of flying so decided to contact him.We did an hour consultation where Richard found out about me and got all the info he... needed to tailor the hypnotherapy sessions to my unique requirements.The hypnosis itself was brilliant and one thing I found especially helpful was the fact that Richard taught me how to do self hypnosis, plus both of the hour long hypnotherapy sessions I had were recorded and given to me on a USB stick to take home, so I can listen back to them whenever I want!Safe to say Richard is excellent at what he does.I flew to Holland and back in the same day with ZERO anxiety a couple of months after my sessions. Fast forward 18 months and I've flown to America and back 4 times plus several internal flights whilst on business. I wouldn't have been able to do this before seeing Richard.Thank you so much Richard!read more

This page was proudly created for the people of Rotherham

Focused Hypnosis was founded in Sheffield and we have over 10 years experience. Since starting we have provided our services to thousands of people in Sheffield, therefore our service areas have grown. Please call us today to see how we can help increase the quality of your life through the use of hypnosis.