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Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies Use Hypnotherapy For Cervical Dystonia

Dystonia is a medical term that refers to a range of movement disorders that can lead to a tightening or spasms in muscles. Cervical Dystonia, or Torticollis, is a specific form of dystonia and is a neurological disorder. It causes the tightening of muscles in the neck specifically.

There are around 40,000 suffers in the UK but hypnotherapy could relieve some of the symptoms in some cases. Cervical Dystonia causes the muscles in the neck to spasm and as a result the neck can become twisted and the head pulled to the side or backwards.

The condition can often have profound effects on the sufferer and can make everyday tasks incredibly difficult or even impossible. As a result of the condition the sufferer can find that they are affected psychologically as well as physically and when these factors combine it can cause the symptoms to worsen over time. For some people hypnotherapy for cervical dystonia has had an effect on some of the symptoms while for others it does not.

Stress can often make the symptoms of many mental, physical and neurological conditions even worse. There is quite often large amounts of pain associated with having cervical dystonia. Hypnotherapy could be an appropriate tool for some people to manage stress in their life and hypnotherapy has a good evidence base in the field of pain control. It could be that a well trained and experienced hypnotherapist could help manage some of the experience of pain. Hypnotherapy is often not a cure for these conditions but in some cases it could help to deal with stress or pain associated with the condition and life in general and could help sufferers of a variety of conditions to cope better.

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