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Hypnotherapy services in Dronfield

Hello, welcome to Focused Hypnosis. My name is Richard, and I've been providing efficient, accessible, premium clinical hypnotherapy services to the Dronfield community for over 10 years. Focused Hypnosis' certified team uses professional techniques and guidance to help you achieve your aspirations, put a stop to your bad habits, and seize control of your life.

Do you want to tackle a phobia, overcome anxiety, stop smoking, cure a phobia, or beat insomnia? Well, Focused Hypnosis could help you change your life for the better and become the best version of yourself.

I've had the honour of being featured on Hallam FC and have over "50 five-star reviews", so you can put your trust in Focused Hypnosis' services. If you're based in Dronfield and looking for a dependable, premium hypnotherapy service, you've come to the right place.

Please contact us via 01143830123 to find out about the range of hypnotherapy services we offer and to book an appointment with Focused Hypnosis.

We look forward to working with you.

Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist at Sheffield Wellness Centre

focused hypnosis

About Focused Hypnosis Dronfield

Unlike many hypnotherapy services in South Yorkshire's Dronfield area, Focused Hypnosis is a qualified group hypnosis practice. This means that you will benefit from the team's wide array of knowledge, expertise, and experience when you chose to work with Focused Hypnosis. As a team, we have customer service at our heart, and we share one common goal: helping people take control of their lives so that they can pursue their dreams.

Our amazing team of qualified hypnotherapists ran their own businesses before we decided to integrate our professional skills and experience to form Focused Hypnosis. You can have confidence when working with Focused Hypnosis, as we are a reliable team committed to providing you with an accurate diagnosis and discovering the psychological root cause of your condition. At Focused Hypnosis, we tailor our hypnotherapy services to suit the patient. You will be partnered with a team member that specialises in your condition, giving you access to a personalised service that will meet your needs.

focused hypnosis

Our treatments

At Focused Hypnosis, we provide various hypnotherapy services to the people of Dronfield. These hypnotherapy services include:

an empty plate with no food on it

Weight loss

You may have a well thought out gym regime or diet plan, but without the right mindset, it is difficult to lose weight. However, Focused Hypnosis' weight loss hypnotherapy services will equip you with a positive attitude towards food and exercise. This will ensure that you break the bad habits that lead to weight gain, such as binge eating and not exercising.

Lose Weight
stop smoking in sheffield

Stop smoking

Have you tried to quit smoking but still find yourself reaching for another cigarette? Well, Focused Hypnosis' stop smoking services could help you quit for good. We will work with you to tackle your negative emotional attachment to smoking so that you can put a stop to the unhealthy habit.

Stop Smoking

Increase confidence

Having low self-confidence or self-esteem can hold you back from achieving your aspirations. However, Focused Hypnosis can help you think more positively about yourself and give you the self-belief to pursue your goals. You will see an improvement in your physical health, and you will exude happiness within just a few sessions.

Increase Confidence
woman battling anxiousness in sheffield

Beat anxiety

Our Dronfield hypnotherapy services are all-natural and effective complementary treatment for beating anxiety. We will partner you with a qualified hypnotherapist who will help you tackle your negative thought patterns and teach you easy coping methods to apply when you feel overwhelmed.


Tackle a phobia

Do you have a fear of flyingfear of public speaking or a dental phobia? Well, our Focused Hypnosis team could help you tackle your phobias. Our professional hypnotherapy team will help you deconstruct your phobia, so it becomes more endurable when you meet it in real life.


Beat insomnia

Many people have insomnia, but if you leave it ignored and untreated, it can have a detrimental impact on your life. At Focused Hypnosis, we will work with you to help you regain your sleep and improve your quality of life. We are committed to finding the psychological trigger of your condition, so it does not re-emerge later in life.

Stresssed man holding his head

Decrease stress

Do you find that your stress is interfering with your life and holding you back from achieving your aspirations? Well, Focused Hypnosis can help you. We will partner you with a qualified hypnotherapist who will work closely with you to establish and treat the psychological cause of your stress and teach you methods to control it.


Our Dronfield hypnotherapists are here to support anyone in South Yorkshire. We're located near Dronfield and provide a variety of treatments, which are listed above.


Please give us a call on 01143839123 to see how we can help you be the better version of yourself.

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Read our reviews

Tim C.
Tim C.
I originally found Richard on Twitter (@mr_hypnotherapy) and had never really considered hypnotherapy for my irrational fear of flying so decided to contact him.We did an hour consultation where Richard found out about me and got all the info he... needed to tailor the hypnotherapy sessions to my unique requirements.The hypnosis itself was brilliant and one thing I found especially helpful was the fact that Richard taught me how to do self hypnosis, plus both of the hour long hypnotherapy sessions I had were recorded and given to me on a USB stick to take home, so I can listen back to them whenever I want!Safe to say Richard is excellent at what he does.I flew to Holland and back in the same day with ZERO anxiety a couple of months after my sessions. Fast forward 18 months and I've flown to America and back 4 times plus several internal flights whilst on business. I wouldn't have been able to do this before seeing Richard.Thank you so much Richard!read more
Teresa H.
Teresa H.
After suffering a very severe recurrence of hives (urticaria) which medication wasn’t controlling, I sought Richard’s help to manage my condition. I’ve had one consultation and four hypnosis sessions. The hypnosis, for me, was very deeply relaxing... and that has helped me to let go of anxieties I didn’t even realise I was holding on to. Richard has also taught me techniques to re-focus my thoughts and see things from a different perspective. The hives are now significantly reduced and I can now sleep through the night without being constantly woken up with itching, burning skin. I have also managed to halve my medication and I am continuing to gradually reduce this.I returned to Focused Hypnosis for a second time, after struggling with pre-exam nerves in which I hit the 'panic button' and went into overdrive. Through hypnosis, Richard helped me to re-frame my anxieties & provided me with some useful 'tools' to help me manage my nerves. On the day, I was still a bit nervous but not paralysed with fear. I actually found I quite enjoyed both the assessment & receiving the feedback afterwards & I'm pleased to say I passed. For me, hypnosis is a very gentle & deeply relaxing experience in which you learn to tap into your own resources to regain the 'control' you have within yourself & I would highly recommend it.read more

This page was proudly created for the people of Dronfield

Focused Hypnosis was founded in Sheffield and we have over 10 years experience. Since starting we have provided our services to thousands of people in Sheffield, therefore our service areas have grown. Please call us today to see how we can help increase the quality of your life through the use of hypnosis.