Hallam FM interview about Liesl's phobia

Big John at breakfast and the team from Hallam FMLeisl from the Hallam FM breakfast show had a phobia of locking a toilet door. It is definitely the first time Richard from the Focused Hypnosis team had spoken to someone with this specific phobia! They spoke on air about what she could do to change how she felt but because of broadcasting regulations Richard was not allowed to do hypnosis live on air.

As a result they spoke about other methods she could use to take control of her thoughts and feelings and to address her phobia. They only had a little time to talk but even in that short space of time she noticed a difference. Later in the show Leisl was sent to the toilets at Hallam FM and she was able to go into a toilet cubicle and lock the door for a short while.

This is wonderful progress from just a short chat on the phone. With one or two sessions face to face it's possible that Leisl could change how she feels more dramatically.

To hear the interview click on the play button below.

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