Gastric Band Hypnotherapy/Virtual Gastric Band – Is It What You Need?

I am going to be direct and honest (and a little bit blunt too!) The hypnotic gastric band is pretty much pointless. Yep, pointless. I am not going to try to convince you to come and see me for the procedure because I don’t offer it. If you are looking for a hypnotic gastric band before you click ‘back’ and look elsewhere I highly suggest you read this first before deciding what to do because it could make a big difference.

Gastric band hypnosis has been around for a good few years and some of the trainers in this technique have made a fortune off it but it really isn’t great as a technique for many people who are obese.

Alongside this talk of the actual surgery there are also suggestions made for eating slower, stopping when full, having smaller portions and that kind of thing. There is no doubt that this approach has had some success in the past as the video here shows.

gastric band hypnosis can help you manage your weight

So what IS a hypnotic gastric band?

OK, so the idea is that you recreate the procedure that surgeons actually do when the do gastric band surgery. This means that once the client is in a hypnotic trance the hypnotherapist talks about the operation as though it was the actual pre-surgery chat. Later in that session or on another day the hypnotherapist talks about the surgery being done. They talk about imagining the keyhole incisions being made and how the restrictive cuff is placed around the upper part of the stomach.