Is gastric band hypnotherapy really what you need?

The hypnotic gastric band option recommended by hypnotherapists

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If you are looking for a hypnotic gastric band programme recommended by a hypnotherapist look no further. Natural Hypnosis have created one of the most detailed and professional gastric band hypnosis programmes available today and it is backed up by a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. Buy your copy here…

Find out what is included in the hypnotic gastric band package:

What is on the recordings?

gastric band hypnosis recording #1Session 1: Deep conditioning – This is the first part of two pre-operation recordings. It is designed to help you have a calming hypnotic experience combined with instilling the right mindset for long-term success in weight loss.

Session 2: Healthy habits anchor – This second pre-surgery session focuses on the development of a new attitude and approach in day to day life. In this session, hypnotherapy will help you strengthen your resolve and develop a determined mindset.

Session 3: Gastric band surgery – The way this session is recorded in 3D surround sound is amazing and you’ll feel like you are actually there, being wheeled into theatre and meeting the nurses and surgeon.

Session 4: Fulfilment and fuel – Focus on making great food choices that you can be proud of, continuing the great work done as part of the surgery. Further reinforcement of change will happen in this session.

Session 5: Confidence & commitment – Weight loss gets easier and more long lasting when your sense of dignity and self-acceptance evolves and develops alongside the physical changes happening.  The gastric band hypnosis is the first step, this recording is an essential part of the after-care of the process and the development of the confidence that you can carry forward the changes.

Session 6: Releasing resistance – Change is often accompanied by a degree of resistance. We fear the unknown, even when we know we don’t want the known. To overcome resistance you need to make the unfamiliar more familiar. This recording will address that and to release your resistance rather than to fight against it.

Session 7: Release stress, tighten band – There are two parts to this final recording. The first  is that it consolidates the previous six recordings and integrates them into you and your future. Secondly, it is a way to tighten the virtual gastric band. Change will become normal in a short space of time and this session will reaffirm your desire to change.

What’s in the ebooks?

gastric band hypnosis ebook on mindsetEbook 1: Getting your mindset right for gastric band surgery

  • Chapter 1: Explains more about hypnotic gastric band process and how to listen to the recordings and what to expect.

  • Chapter 2: Focuses on mental preparation, management of expectation and to develop the right mindset.

  • Chapter 3: Focuses on what to expect from the surgery process itself. Through getting your questions answered you’ll be able to just sit back and enjoy the process

Gastric band hypnosis ebook 2Ebook 2: Life after gastric band hypnosis

This book takes about 30 minutes to read and will help you to understand further the process of the hypnotic gastric band.

  • Chapter 1 – What’s Next?: This chapter focuses on getting the right mindset and how to carry that forward into life.

  • Chapter 2 – Listening to Sessions 4-7: This chapter focuses on what happens in recordings four to seven and how to use them most effectively.

Diet and nutrition post gastric band ebookEbook 3: After gastric band hypnosis – food and nutrition guide

Your attitudes and beliefs could change as a result of these recordings. This ebook will help you to understand the changing needs of your body after the hypnotic gastric band.

Please read this guide and take your nutrition seriously. It will be the make the difference and lead you to success.

Satisfaction guarantee

your satisfaction is guaranteed at Focused Hypnosis. Love your consultation and first hypnosis session or get your money backThis hypnotic gastric band package comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. This is the main reason I recommend this package because either you are very happy and think it is great or you don’t lose a penny.

It’s, as they say, a no-brainer!

The hypnotherapist who recommends this is me! I have been studying hypnotic weight loss since I became a hypnotherapist in 2009 and have heard some awful gastric band hypnosis recordings that were always going to struggle to help anyone to lose weight.

How would you, as someone unfamiliar with the industry, know a good hypnotic gastric band process from another?

Take it from me, I have found a good one. This package contains SEVEN recordings that take you in depth through the pre-operation, the surgery itself and the post-op. There are THREE ebooks that address getting the mindset needed to lose weight, life after a gastric band and one on nutrition and food.

What the hell is gastric band hypnosis anyway? Is it for real? Does it work? Should you do it or try yet another diet and hope that that one is the one that hits the spot??

You will get the answers to these questions and more on this page. Read on!

You have probably heard about gastric band hypnosis and wondered what it was all about and more importantly if it could work for you.

Most of the people who find themselves on a page like this are overweight and struggling to manage their weight. Chances are you have tried countless diets, slimming world or weight watchers groups or slim-fast shakes but they often don’t work.

So you go looking for something….anything!….that might make the difference. A hypnotic gastric band could be exactly what you have been looking for. I say “could” because it doesn’t suit everyone and this page is all about helping you figure out if it is the right option for you and if it isn’t what else you could try in order to gain control of your weight.

What is gastric band hypnosis?

Alongside this talk of the actual surgery there are also suggestions made for eating slower, stopping when full, having smaller portions and that kind of thing. There is no doubt that this approach has had some success in the past as the video here shows.

The idea behind the hypnotic gastric band is that you recreate one of the procedures that surgeons actually do when they do real bariatric surgery. This means that once the client is in a hypnotic trance the hypnotherapist talks about the operation as though it was the actual pre-surgery chat.

Later in that session or on another day the hypnotherapist talks about the surgery being done. They talk about imagining the keyhole incisions being made and how the restrictive cuff is placed around the upper part of the stomach.

They go into quite a lot of detail because when you are in a hypnotic trance this kind of detail helps the process to seem real (on one level) and the more real it seems the more likely you are to behave as if the actual surgery has been done.

Are there different types of hypnotic gastric band?

The hypnotic gastric band has been around for a good few years and in that time various companies and individuals have created their own branding around the process.

As a result, there are several different names that are associated with the procedure. There is the “Mindband” or “hypno-band” or “virtual gastric band”. Regardless of the name or brand name attached to it they are all pretty much the same thing.  This means that when deciding if gastric band hypnosis is right for you

Is the success experienced down to the imagined surgery or the suggestions for eating slower, changing attitudes and thoughts?

What are my qualifications to talk about hypnotic gastric bands?

I have been working in the area of hypnotic weight control since 2008. I use hypnosis and NLP as the main tools for helping people achieve their goals. I have helped some people to get some amazing results as my weight loss hypnosis reviews will attest to. I have also done the specific training in how to do a hypnotic gastric band.

For a while I did offer the process alongside my weight loss hypnotherapy sessions and the experience of offering these sessions just didn’t sit right with me. The sessions just didn’t seem to be the right approach as far as I was concerned. The NHS used to ration the gastric band surgery but now are more keen to do gastric band operations as in the long run this saves them more money than not intervening.

Do hypnotic gastric bands work?

The short answer is…. sometimes. The question is though, is it the gastric band part of the process that works or the hypnotic suggestions for portion control, slower eating, eating more mindfully etc? As far as I am aware there doesn’t seem to be much difference between gastric band hypnosis and weight loss hypnotherapy.

There are many hypnotic gastric band reviews out there and the results are stunning in some cases. A woman and her daughter lost 2 and 3 stone respectively in just 12 weeks. Equally, there are people who have had a similar or better degree of change from weight loss hypnotherapy that doesn’t involve the ‘surgery’ side of things.

This means that it comes down to personal preference about which of the two methods you will use to tackle your weight.

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