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Hypnotherapy Supervision

You CAN be better

Hypnotherapy supervision is something that many therapists don’t factor in to their business costs but in my experience it costs a lot more when you neglect this part of being a professional therapists. I love helping hypnotherapists to be the best they can be through my friendly and relaxed supervision.

Who should have hypnotherapy supervision?

The GHR say that if you are in the first two years of being a hypnotherapist and you are one of their members then you MUST be in regular supervision.

If you have been a hypnotherapist for longer than two years the GHR say that supervision is optional but it is encouraged. The reason for this is that they know just how much value and benefit supervision can bring to a therapist.

What will supervision sessions focus on?

The great thing is that the GHR are pretty open when it comes to what happens in a supervision session which means a good supervisor can adapt to you and your needs. Some however will tell you what you should do. That’s not my style you will be pleased to hear.

In my experience supervision sessions will focus on one or more of the following three areas:

  • You

    How are you feeling about the clients you have seen and the issues they have asked you for help with? Do you have the resources to do your job well and cope with the sometimes intense emotions that go along with the job?

  • Your clients

    In this part of supervision we can have a look at the morals and ethics of an issue a client has brought to you, the kinds of interventions that might be appropriate for a particular person or issue or gain a deeper understand as to why you may have been particularly successful in the past and how to be again in the future.

  • Your business

    This area is the one most often overlooked and the one most supervisors know less about. It is arguably the most important of the three because unless your business is working well and bringing in enquiries then there are no clients to treat and nothing to discuss

When we work together I will take the time to find out about you and what you want rather than tell you what to do. I also believe in making the process of working with me useful, enjoyable and productive. You will get more from the experience if you are treated as a real person and fellow therapist rather than just a different type of client, which is an approach some other therapists take.

When you collaborate with me you will find that the process can deliver so many of the things your business may need, including some contact with a fellow professional who knows what it is like to be in your shoes.

What to bring to hypnotherapy supervision

  • Your thoughts, concerns and questions
  • Your experiences as a therapist – both positive and not so positive!

What does hypnotherapy supervision cost?

I believe in being honest and up front about what I do and what I charge for my services. This applies to my hypnotherapy clients as well as supervisees. Some therapists talk a great talk but for some reason think that you should get in touch with them to find out how much their support costs!

One to one Skype supervision costs £50, face to face supervision is £70 per session. A session usually lasts one hour.

If you were to have supervision at the minimum rate the GHR recommends (one hour every 6 weeks) it would cost £433 per year. I have a discount available if you book a year of supervision you get the exact same number of one to one sessions but it costs just £350 saving you £83.

To get more details on what I offer or to book your supervision contact me now.

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