Hypnotherapy CPD:Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns For Persuasion, Influence & Communication

This hypnotherapy CPD focuses on how hypnotic language can be incorporated into everyday, conversational English. The language we use is organised and presented in a sequence of ‘patterns.’ These patterns allow you to gently and subtly guide your listeners thinking and internal states.

The hypnotic language patterns, modelled from the world famous hypnotist Milton H Erickson, are now finding their way into many areas of life. From therapy/change work to sales and marketing, politics and speed seduction.

Their personalised development and application is limited only by the imagination of the user.

This one day hypnotherapy CPD course will cover:

A wide range of Language Patterns, including…

  1. Temporal and spatial language. Guiding the ‘when’ and the ‘where’ of a thought
  2. Sensory based language. To further deepen the listener’s experience
  3. Language ambiguities. Creating multiple meanings
  4. The use of presuppositions. Embedded commands and embedded questions

We will also cover:

  • How language influences our neurology and creates our reality
  • The role of the Conscious mind and Unconscious processes
  • Hierarchy of language. How to select and sequence your communication to guide the listener’s thinking
  • Voice dynamics: Creating your hypnotic voice and tonal anchor
  • Analogue marking
  • Negation and confusion patterns
  • Creating Hypnotic Rapport
  • Activating the imagination and accessing hidden resources
  • Recognising how your client’s thinking has become ‘stuck’

We will also present examples of how hypnotic language is being used in areas other than therapy and change work.

The information covered on this course will also be applicable for use in website copy.

You will take away with you a training manual covering everything taught on the course.

The course will be run at: Abbeydale Sports Club, Abbeydale Road South, Dore, Sheffield, S17 3LJ.

Date: 06/10/2013

Time: 10am – 4.30pm

Cost: £120.00

To Book: Call 0114 383 0123 or email [email protected]