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Dragon’s Den star uses hypnosis for insomnia

Insomnia has been something that Evan Davis, the Radio 4 and Dragon's Den presenter, has had to deal with for years. He has told how he listens to a hypnotherapy CD every night to ensure he gets a good nights sleep. Because of his presenting work on Radio 4 he is usually awake by 3.30am which means he often has to go to sleep early evening. Many people, such as shift workers, have to do a similar kind of thing.

Hypnotherapy is a very commonly used to help people sleep (despite The Telegraph suggesting that hypnotherapy is "unconventional"). Over the years I have helped many people with insomnia or shift workers who need to sleep during the day. Sleep is so necessary and without it we can soon become incapable of focusing or doing work which is obviously a problem if you are interviewing a politician at 7.30am like Evan or being a nurse in a hospital like some of my clients.

My name is Richard and I own and run Focused Hypnosis, a top ranked Sheffield hypnotherapy practice. I have helped many people who had insomnia or difficulty staying asleep and I could help you too. Call me now on 01143830123 for a free 20 minute chat.

Through hypnosis you can be lulled to sleep. This is often done through visualisations and relaxation techniques that frequently focus on breathing techniques. Many people find sleep eludes them when they find themselves thinking about things (usually work) and this keeps them awake or stops them from sleeping. I often hear people say that they "can't empty their minds". This is an unrealistic goal. Many many people are unable to empty their minds. If you have studied meditation for many years you might be able to but for the rest of us it just doesn't happen.

Instead I help people to focus on things that WILL help them sleep. Things like their breathing and occupying their thoughts with something that relaxes and soothes them rather than worries or stresses them.

If you have a problem with getting to sleep or staying asleep then call Focused Hypnosis Sheffield on 0114 383 0123.

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