Hypnotherapy Could Help Ease The Impact Of Depression On Your Life

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Depression is affecting more and more people in Sheffield each year.

One in four of the population will have direct experience of depression at some point in their life. How are these people meant to manage or control their depression?

If you want to do a quick check as to whether you might be depressed you can take the NHS Depression Test here.

The current approach many GP’s take with depression is to prescribe medication and/or CBT. There are a number of problems with this approach:

  • Potential Side Effects Of Medication

  • Medication Rarely Deals With The Root Cause Of The Issue

  • Waiting Lists For CBT Can Be Up To 12 Months Long

Take the depression test

What is the difference between a low mood and depression? Is this just a blip or something more serious? While this site can not diagnose if you are depressed or not the NHS online test over there could help you get a better idea of what might be going on. If you suspect that you might be depressed please do contact your GP.

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What Others Say About Me

Read reviews from previous clients who successfully addressed their depression through hypnotherapy

“I went to see Richard to help me overcome my fear of flying. I now feel confident that I have the strategies to cope with most situations.My only remaining question is why did I wait so long before seeking help?”

JuliaFear Of Flying HypnotherapyGoogle+Local

“Quality treatment, quality person.” 

RobertSleep IssuesGoogle+

“I found listening to Richard’s free Relaxation download extremely relaxing and soothing. I felt refreshed, chilled and ready to face the rest of the day. Thank you Richard” 

WendyRelaxation HypnosisGoogle+

“I left feeling more confident and relaxed than I have in a very long time, and I am sure that this will only increase with further sessions. Highly recommended!” 

Nicki C Confidence HypnotherapyGoogle+

“For a long time I’d seen food as ‘the enemy’, but after a few sessions with Richard I am learning to see things in a much healthier light. I would definitely recommend Focused Hypnosis” 

ClaireWeight ManagementGoogle+

“Safe to say Richard is excellent at what he does and I have flown to Holland and back with ZERO anxiety and am looking forward to flying to Portugal in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much Richard!” 

TimFlying PhobiaGoogle+

“I felt Richard understood my needs and when it came to taking my driving test I felt calm and had belief in my driving skills. I went on to pass with only 2 minors. I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis

AnonymousDriving Test AnxietyGoogle+

“At work I have been able to perform a disciplinary procedure without doubting my ability or authority and I perform better under stressful conditions” 

RachelConfidence HypnotherapyGoogle+

I had a very good experience, and I have made significant progress in achieving my weight loss goals. If you…feel that you need a little something extra to succeed then Richard’s support could be what makes the difference”

Stark Weight Management HypnosisGoogle+

“I’ve had two sessions to date and I believe the issues I have will be fully resolved after a few more. It is not expensive and because you can actually ‘feel’ the results, I believe it’s money well spent”

#browniesHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“Richard made me feel very relaxed and at easy and was very confident but considerate in how he worked. I found the whole process very enjoyable and…I would highly recommend Focused Hypnosis to anyone in Sheffield.”

Sarah Hypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“From the outset I was impressed with Richard’s professionalism and his knowledge. I returned for one more session and now feel confident that I have the strategies to cope with most situations”

JuliaConfidence HypnotherapyGoogle+

“I found Focused Hypnosis on a forum and came highly recommended. I was amazed at the dramatic results, my anxiety levels are significantly lower” 

PollyP Hypnotherapy For AnxietyGoogle+

“Within the first consultation I had spectacular results! After three sessions, I had a huge improvement and would recommend Richard to anybody that was thinking about hypnosis” 

NicolaHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“Richard is lovely; professional and friendly, he immediately made me feel comfortable and completely ‘got’ where I was coming from…and am very happy with the results – thanks Richard!”

AntoniaHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“Richard is an excellent hypnotist. Most importantly he’s registered – that means he is properly trained and adheres to quality standards and requirements. Highly recommended” 

RyanHypnotherapy ClientGoogle+

“It has been 3 weeks now since my session and I am feeling great as a non-smoker, just wish I had done it years ago!” 

Anonymous Stop Smoking HypnotherapyGoogle+

“I definitely improved my quality of life through using Focused Hypnosis” 

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“He has helped me to take major steps in achieving what I want from myself. His professionalism, enthusiasm and attitude is excellent”

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Hypnotherapy For Depression Could Be The Answer

questions about hypnotherapy answered

You will probably have asked yourself more than once about how to overcome depression. Hypnotherapy could be the solution.

I use a combination of traditional hypnotherapy techniques, NLP and mindfulness exercises when I help people with depression. I am well versed with how depression can have a huge impact on a person’s life and the lives of their family and friends.

I never offer such simplistic suggestions as “When you awaken you will find yourself much less depressed”.  I know this condition is rarely successfully treated with such straightforward suggestions.

I also understand how other issues can be interlinked into depression. It is very often that depressed people are also overweight and/or smoke, lack motivation, have low levels of optimism and have difficulty sleeping. It is also common for anxiety depression to go hand in hand.

These issues can often be improved as a result of addressing the depression and can also be looked at separately.  I also work from a position of direct personal experience. I had depression for over ten years so I will have a very good chance of being able to appreciate to some extent how you are thinking and feeling.

I believe this helps me greatly in the work I do and means treatment comes from a position of knowledge, experience and respect.

How Hypnotherapy Could Help You

The use of mindfulness can be very effective in treating depression and it is something I use extensively in the treatment of this issue. Mindfulness has its origins in Buddhism and is a concept that involves the focusing of awareness on your thoughts, feelings and emotions as they occur.

This focusing on the moment helps to stop the reliving/recalling of past events (rumination) or the worrying about future events (anxiety). These tend to be two things people with depression do LOTS of!

Mindfulness may sound simplistic but it is often the most simple and straightforward ideas that are the most effective.

Exercise Could Help Beat Depression

Exercise is also another powerful way to tackle depression.The chemicals the body releases when you exercise are one of the most powerful tools in combating depressed feelings.

Hypnotherapy can help you to exercise more. The cruel twist of fate is that when you are depressed you may want to do something but you just can’t find the energy or motivation to do it. Hypnotherapy can help you act on that desire to change yourself by increasing your motivation.

Instead of it being an up hill struggle exercise can seem appealing and achievable  The great thing is, once you start exercising it gets easier and easier in future.

Being overweight can often go hand in hand with depression. Hypnotherapy can help with this also. As you start to care more about yourself and your eventual recovery so it will get easier to eat better. It usually gets easier to do gentle regular exercise and to lose some weight which in turn will make you feel even better. Depression does not have to be a life sentence.

There is some research coming through that validates hypnotherapy for depression as a possible way of addressing the issue.

you could be happy with your slimmer body and learn to keep it