Cheapest hypnotherapy Sheffield

Is Cheap Hypnotherapy What You Need?

I'm not a cheap hypnotherapist. I am however all about helping as many people as possible to find the most appropriate solution to their difficulties. I would rather that you get the best person to help you rather than take you on as a client knowing that there is someone better out there that you should be seeing.

Cheapest hypnotherapy Sheffield

I occasionally get enquiries from people who are interested in getting my help but the only thing stopping them is the prices I charge. For people on limited incomes I do offer a reduced rate but even this is not low enough for some people. If you are looking for super discounted hypnosis in Sheffield there are occasionally offers on sites like LivingSocial.

They recently had an offer on for one session of hypnosis for £29 or 3 sessions for £79. This includes a free 30 minute consultation.

You may be wondering why the hell I am promoting a competitor!

Well they aren't really a competitor.

Cheap hypnotherapy isn't always the best hypnotherapy

Yes they are a Sheffield hypnotherapist but that is where the similarities between them and me end. I am not writing this post to bad mouth a fellow professional because that is not what I do. I am sure the kind of therapists who sell their services through these kinds of websites are good at what they do. What I am doing is providing a compare and contrast service to help you find the most appropriate solution to your issue.

If you buy through the LivingSocial link you will be buying from www.hypnotherapyexpert dot co dot uk (you will see why I spelled the address this way in a moment.) I followed this link but the site was blocked because 4 elements of the site were seen as containing a virus by my security software.

If the cost of hypnotherapy is the main factor in deciding who you see then you aren't looking for me and you should probably visit someone else. If you are looking for a quality service then I could be the right hypnotherapist for you.

Why Focused Hypnosis is different

I don't limit the amount of time I consult with a client. 30 minutes is not long enough for me to find the level of detail I need to ensure that I understand your situation and your goals. Usually an initial consultation lasts for around an hour to an hour and a half rather than 30 minutes.

I have invested heavily in my business over the years and have developed a style of treatment that has benefited many people as my testimonials prove. Because of this level of investment I can't and won't charge rock bottom prices. In many industries you get what you pay for. Sometimes that is true for hypnosis but sometimes not. That is why I am as transparent as possible in everything I do.

Hypnotherapy with a personal promise that you will enjoy it

I want the people who choose to work with me to be as happy as possible with the process and the outcome. I can't guarantee the outcome of our work (that would be unethical!) I can promise that I will act in a professional manner and that I will work from a place that is comfortable, secure and private.

My Personal Promise means that if after the consultation you decide you don't want to work with me the consultation is free of charge and I will work with you to find another therapist who will better meet your needs.

This personal promise also extends to the first treatment session. If you really don't like hypnosis for whatever reason and don't want to continue tell me and the treatment is cancelled and there is no charge for that session.

I would rather you find the most appropriate service rather than you feel obligated to continue and not enjoy the process.

I offer a free recording of each treatment session which is sent at the end of your session via email because many people say that it can be helpful to be able to listen back to the session. Clients have told me that this has helped them and I want everyone I see to have the best chance of success so I include this as standard rather than as an optional extra.

So in summary, I am NOT the cheapest but I do strive to be the best in everything I do.

About the author:

Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist in Sheffield

Richard Hennessy is the principal hypnotherapist at Focused Hypnosis. He founded Focused Hypnosis in 2009 and since then it has consistently been one of the highest rated hypnotherapy clinics in Sheffield. It is now the biggest hypnotherapy practise in Sheffield. Richard specialises in weight management.