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Insomnia Can Be Eased Through Hypnosis

In the last 6 months I have seen more people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy clinic for sleep disorder than ever before. Many of these people regard hypnotherapy as a ‘last resort’. Maybe it should be higher up people’s list of methods of aiding sleep. Hypnotherapy for insomnia can address the cause of the sleeplessness as well as the symptoms. Insomnia …

Kate Moss

Kate Moss Uses Hypnotherapy To Help Conceive

Kate Moss is somewhat notorious for her party lifestyle but things may be changing. She has hired a hypnotherapist as she wants to quit the fast lane and stop drinking and also wants to quit smoking to give herself the best chance possible of getting pregnant. Kate Moss is convinced that hypnotherapy will enable her to break those unhealthy habits. …

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Mindfulness: A Powerful Way For You To Feel Healthier

Mindfulness is another way of saying meditation. Meditation has been misunderstood for many years but it seems as if it is finally emerging from the associations with the 1960’s and the hippy movement and about time many would say.

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Hypnotherapy Used To Help Fear Of The Dentists

For many people just the thought of visiting the dentist fills them with dread. It could be one of many things that causes them the most difficulty. Some hate the sound of the drill, others hate the smell at the dentists while others are afraid of the potential pain and insist on anaesthesia but this comes with a number of unpleasant side effects for many people.

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Self-hypnosis May Help Tourette’s Tics

For those with Tourette’s syndrome life can be pretty tough but research suggests that children and young adults may be able to gain some degree of control over their involuntary tics through self-hypnosis. The research is still at a very early stage and no conclusive report has been made yet. The study was reported in the Journal of Developmental & …

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How to beat a fear of wedding speeches

At a certain time in life it can seem like every single person you know is getting married. The whole process is, so we are told, an amazing thing, a once (or more) in a lifetime event, so SO special. These things may be true, to a greater or lesser extent but everyone telling you this just makes the day …

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Mindfulness And Hypnotherapy Could Save The NHS

‘Mindfulness’ therapies which can include hypnotherapy are a much cheaper option than treating the condition with drugs claims Dr Andrew McCulloch, the Mental Health Foundation’s chief executive. He claimed it’s essential to make this treatment as widely available as possible as it would have huge knock-on benefits socially and economically. His report discovered that three-quarters of GPs have prescribed medication …

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Hypnotise Your Patients, Surgeons Told

Hypnosis has no negative side-effects. It makes operations quicker, as the patient is able to talk to the surgeon as the operation proceeds, and it is cheaper than conventional pain relief. Since it does not interfere with the workings of the body, the patient recovers faster, too.