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Would You Rather Be Thin Or Slim?

A study conducted in America has revealed that children who are overweight or obese could be doing less well in exams as a direct result of their weight. The author of the study, Sara Gable said “Our study suggests that obesity in the early years of school, especially obesity that persists across the elementary grades, can harm children’s social and …

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World Hypertension Day 17th May

High blood pressure or hypertension as it is medically known is known as the ‘silent killer’ because people with high blood pressure rarely know they have it. This does not mean that just because they have knowledge of the problem that it isn’t doing them harm. High blood pressure is a major contributing factor in heart attacks and strokes. As a …

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Forget BMI – Use Height And Weight Say Scientists

Trying to work out your BMI (body mass index) and then figure out of the number you get is ‘good’ or not is a faff for a lot of people. If you want things to be taken on board and used in the way they were intended it is often best if there can be as few stages as possible and that those stages are simple and straight forward.

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Top 10 Tips For Sticking To a Healthy Diet

It’s nearly summer and for some, a time to get back to healthy eating and maybe lose some weight for a holiday. But, staying motivated and on track can be difficult.  So here are my top tips for staying motivated and on track with healthy eating: Set achievable goals. Aiming to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day …

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How To End Your ‘Diet Mentality’

Low carb, low fat, Dukan, South Beach or the diet of the moment? What is a body to do when it comes to weight loss? While each approach may have something to teach us, it is clear that nothing is clear when it comes to weight loss. I believe that when scientists and diet gurus finally find the “magic diet”, …

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Quit Smoking More Successfully If You Exercise

For everyone asking “how do I quit smoking?” the World Congress of Cardiology is in Dubai has an answer. They claim that exercising can help people quit smoking. The research was done in Taiwan and the big findings of the study shows smokers are 55% more likely to quit smoking if they exercise and 43% less likely to relapse as …

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Is Clinical Hypnotherapy Effective?

Clinical hypnotherapy is being used by Jeanne Safer, a psychologist in New York, to help her cope with the chemotherapy she is receiving for her rare but curable leukaemia. On her way to one of her chemo sessions she hypnotises herself in the back of a taxi. She puts herself into a light hypnotic trance and reminds herself of the …

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Kerry Katona ‘Hypnosis Keeps Me Off Junk Food’

And Closer can reveal 5ft 4 Kerry has told friends that her secret to success when it comes to her healthy eating choices and weight loss is hypnosis. A friend reveals: “She visited a hypnotist up in Cheshire and, since then, she seems to have found it really easy to stick to her healthy eating and exercise plan. She’s bouncing …

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Is Cheap Hypnotherapy What You Need?

I’m not a cheap hypnotherapist. I am however all about helping as many people as possible to find the most appropriate solution to their difficulties. I would rather that you get the best person to help you rather than take you on as a client knowing that there is someone better out there that you should be seeing. I occasionally …