Losing weight through hypnotherapy involves changing how you think and feel about food. The weight loss techniques used by Focused Hypnosis involve hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. With this approach it is possible to modify thoughts about food. This is the main focus of this therapy as your thoughts, feelings and beliefs come before you eat anything.

When you do a diet like Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cambridge diet and the like they all focus on what you put in to your body. The calorie content of your food is not the only factor to consider, in fact I think it should be way down the list of priorities.

Many people have tried lots of diets and not found the success they were looking for and have then turned to weight loss clinics and even to cosmetic surgery for weight loss. The reason many people don’t find success through countless diets and even after having fat surgically removed is, in my opinion, because they don’t change their attitude towards themselves or their food.

Hypnosis can help you to make that change possible

NHS Boss Says Overweight Doctors And Nurses Should Slim Down

Simon Stevens, the NHS chief executive, has said that doctors and nurses should set a good example and be of a healthy size. Within the NHS there are estimated to be 300,000 staff within the NHS who are overweight or obese.

Weight Loss Before Operations

Obese people will have to complete weight loss programmes before they can have operations, if proposals by a Welsh health board are approved. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board also says requiring smokers to go on courses to help them give up before surgery may save over £400,000

Nigella Lawson’s two-stone weight loss secret revealed: hypnosis

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson forgot to mention a key ingredient when revealing the secret of how she lost over two stone in weight – large helpings of hypnosis.

The self-taught cook, who has sold three million cookbooks, put her impressive weight loss down to the three Ps – pilates, a personal trainer and portion control.

But Nigella, 53, also had a course of £295 sessions with a heavyweight in the hypnotherapy world – Susan Hepburn, who counts Lily Allen among her clients.

Curvy Nigella visited her Harley Street clinic in Central London, where she was induced into a “relaxed state of consciousness” before being encouraged to eat smaller, more controlled meals. It is not clear if the treatment included a hypnotic gastric band or just hypnosis for weight loss.

via Nigella Lawson’s two-stone weight loss secret revealed: £295 sessions of hypnosis – 3am & Mirror Online.

Sarah Houston’s Family Call For Weight Loss Drug Ban

Family of medical student Sarah Houston call for Government to make drug used for weight loss illegal

The family of a medical student who suffered from bulimia and died after taking an overdose of a banned weight loss drug have called for the drug to be made illegal.

Medical student Sarah Houston was found dead by her housemates after she had taken a combination of antidepressants and the banned fat burning pill DNP.

Sarah Houston was found dead by her housemates after she had taken a combination of antidepressants and the banned fat burning pill DNP, which she was taking in secret.

The 23-year-old was to be the fifth in her family to become a doctor and was studying medicine at the University of Leeds. She was taking antidepressants to treat her bulimia and had managed to get hold of DNP – which has been banned from human consumption because of the side effects it causes – through the internet.

via Family of medical student Sarah Houston call for Government to make drug used for weight loss illegal – Telegraph

Obesity Ruining Children’s Grades

Obesity Ruining Children’s Grades 1A study conducted in America has revealed that children who are overweight or obese could be doing less well in exams as a direct result of their weight.

The author of the study, Sara Gable said “Our study suggests that obesity in the early years of school, especially obesity that persists across the elementary grades, can harm children’s social and emotional well-being and academic performance.”

Anxiety And Sadness Could Be A Factor

The performance in maths exams of girls and boys could be due to the fact that these children feel anxious about their weight and sadder and lonelier too. These negative emotions can have a profound short term effect but this can also last into adult life as well.


“I had about 5 sessions with richard and i felt so relaxed in talking to him … and I am delighted to say I have lost 2 stone and its been so easy.”

Obesity is an issue that is literally a growing problem throughout the western world. In most industrialised western countries around 30% of children are either overweight or obese. The problems of obesity are affecting individuals but are also being passed on to the next generation. The NHS is struggling to keep up with this change in weight and the implications involved.

The NHS spends £4.2billion every year treating patients for obesity-related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes – as well as on costly weight-loss surgery.

This is unsustainable and there need to be drastic changes in the approaches used to help prevent people getting to obese weights and better assistance for those already there.

If you are overweight or obese hypnotherapy could help. Call for a free 20 minute chat on 014 383 0123 now. Weight loss hypnotherapy in Sheffield could help you change your relationship with food.


Would You Rather Be Thin Or Slim?

Now to you there may not seem to be much difference between the two choices. “Slim” or “thin”? Surely they’re both pretty much the same?

No. They aren’t.

As a hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss I spend my days talking to clients about their weight. I talk to them to help them become very focused and comfortable and I talk to them about the types of changes they can make and how they can make them.

Words Are Just Words And Don’t Mean That Much…Don’t They?

I have to be a cunning linguist at times to help people overcome blockages in thought and feeling and to enable people to see things in a different way to facilitate change. Words are my bread and butter.

As a result I can be a little nit-picky about some words and their usage because all words are an outward expression of internal thoughts or feelings. The words you use to and about yourself say as much to you as they do to other people. In the last few weeks I have seen a number of examples of people using the word “thin” when what they actually wanted was to become “slim”.

An Expression Of Concern Or a  Compliment?

Perhaps you are following me so far, maybe not, let me try and clarify what I mean by giving you an example. Imagine two women meet up. They are friends but haven’t seen each other for six months. One woman says to the other “Wow, you look thin.” When you read that did you read it as a compliment or an expression of concern?

I just looked up a definition of “thin” and found words like sparse, lacking, having little flesh and scant all associated in one way or other with the word thin.

Now imagine that first woman said to her friend “Wow, you look slim.” Does that sound like a compliment? I think it does. It sounds  encouraging and supportive rather than concerned or worried.

I Won’t “Make You Thin”


The problem is that the word “thin” keeps cropping up. Paul McKenna has a book called “I can make you thin” and a fellow hypnotherapist in Sheffield had a magazine advert saying that he could help you become thin.

This is a dangerous use of the word and if you want to become “thin” maybe you should have a think if you mean thin or slim. A seemingly small thing like changing a word could have a big impact. I have seen it happen many times.

Being slim implies being smaller but healthy. Being thin implies being beyond healthy slimness and into unhealthy territory.

Do you want to be slim or thin?

If you would like some help becoming slimmer then hypnotherapy with me could help. If you want to become thin then I am not the right hypnotherapist for you and maybe you should try Paul McKenna or hypnotherapist on Woodseats!

For a free chat about hypnotherapy, weight loss and becoming slimmer call 0114 383 0123

Forget BMI – Use Height And Weight Say Scientists

hypnotherapy sheffield lose weightTrying to work out your BMI (body mass index) and then figure out of the number you get is ‘good’ or not is a faff for a lot of people. If you want things to be taken on board and used in the way they were intended it is often best if there can be as few stages as possible and that those stages are simple and straightforward.

BMI calculations and interpretation is not that straightforward for many people. It is this confusion that often leads people to fad diets, a loss of control over what they eat and potentially obesity.

In time this can lead to some people looking for drastic solutions like lap band surgery or gastric balloon surgery.

A better alternative has been found though. Simply take your height and divide it in half to discover what your maximum waist measurement should be.

This means that someone who is 5 foot 10 inches tall (70 inches) should have a maximum waist measurement of 35 inches. Simple.

It has also been found that this simple ratio is a better predictor of risk than using BMI. The ratio was a better predictor for things like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Many people are able to do the calculation in their head as most people know their height and their waist size.

Many people who are using their BMI as a measurement of body fat will be looking at ways of reducing it and may have tried and have done all sorts of fad diets. One question many people are asking is “can hypnotherapy help with weight loss“. Based on the weight loss reviews from the people I have worked with over the years I would say the answer is a resounding yes!

If you would like to find out more about how hypnotherapy could help you to lose weight get in touch now.

Top 10 Tips For Sticking To a Healthy Diet

It’s nearly summer and for some, a time to get back to healthy eating and maybe lose some weight for a holiday. But, staying motivated and on track can be difficult.  So here are my top tips for staying motivated and on track with healthy eating:

  1. a healthy balanced mealSet achievable goals. Aiming to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day if you eat none now is not very realistic. Start by aiming to drink a glass of fruit juice or eat a banana every day and build up from there.
  2. Make sure you are full committed to a change of lifestyle. If you are not going to give it 110%, it can be very difficult to stay motivated and not give in to temptation. View it as a long term lifestyle choice not a quick fix to losing weight
  3. Plan your meals. Knowing what you are going to eat helps with shopping and prevents grazing on food instead of eating a proper meal because you don’t know what to have or don’t really have anything in.
  4. Don’t buy the foods you are tempted by. Stock up on healthy snacks such as fruit, dried fruit and nuts and prepare vegetable sticks. When you open the fridge for something to munch, you’ll reach for those rather than the junk.
  5. Write down what you eat. Keeping a food diary is a great way of seeing how much you eat. It can be quite surprising. Be honest with yourself and write down everything you eat and drink at the time of consumption.
  6. Limit alcohol. In some people, alcohol causes food cravings and it’s normally for crisps or nuts not fruit and veg! If you are drinking and eating, alcohol can also affect your judgement on how much you have eaten causing you to eat more than you may need to.
  7. avoid fizzy drinks where ever possibleAvoid diet fizzy drinks such as Diet Coke as they have been suggested to cause sugar cravings. Your body expects sugar but isn’t given it leading you to crave it more.
  8. Eat 3 meals a day. Skipping meals leads to snacking and generally over consumption of food. Try to snack on fruit, vegetables and unsalted nuts in between meals if you need a snack
  9. Drink lots of water. It’s recommended at least 6-8 glasses a day. Sometimes, we mistake hunger for thirst so have a glass of water before you have something to eat.
  10. Enlist the help of someone else maybe your partner or another family member who will help you stay on track and be there when you are struggling to keep motivated. Or, get the help of a professional who will keep you motivated with weekly phone calls or email support.

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How To End Your ‘Diet Mentality’

Low carb, low fat, Dukan, South Beach or the diet of the moment? What is a body to do? While each approach may have something to teach us, it is clear that nothing is clear when it comes to weight loss.

I believe that when scientists and diet gurus finally find the “magic diet”, it will be what we’ve known all along …the most effective way to lose weight is to eat less chemically processed foods, eat more foods provided as nature intended and of course exercise more.

There Is No Magic Weight Loss Pill

There are no magic pills that magically take off weight while you sleep. Having a gastric band operation will only reduce the capacity of your stomach but will not change your mentality. There is no-one and nothing else responsible for your weight and health other than you.

The ‘Diet Mentality’ is the part of your brain that sees things in black and white terms. You are either on or off a diet. You are either good or bad depending on your weight or how well you are sticking to your diet. And foods are either good or bad as well.

You become disgusted with yourself when you go “off” your diet or eat a “bad” food. When this happens you decide that you have broken the diet anyway, so you may as well eat anything that you like. And then you feel even worse, driven into a cycle of unrealistic expectations, broken promises and failure.

Not healthy!

The Alternative To The Diet Mentality

The alternative to the Diet Mentality is the conscious creation of a healthy relationship with food. It means that you no longer see things as black and white, good and bad. It means that you commit to make attitudinal and behavioural changes that support creating the new you.

The first step in changing your attitude in order to achieve long-term success is to “make friends with food”. It means that you understand that food is nourishment and necessary for survival. It requires acknowledging that it is okay to ENJOY preparing and eating food.

Awareness Of Choice Makes A Difference

It means empowerment. It means recognising that your relationship with food is a series of CHOICES that can lead you to the outcome you desire. It means that you can give up short-term satisfaction in order to obtain long-term goals.

This is helped by following the second step, allowing yourself some flexibility with the 70/30 rule. It is IMPOSSIBLE to set yourself unrealistic, rigid rules to follow for life. You need a social life, attend weddings and dinners and not feel deprived with food and drink.

Not inflict your ‘rigid’ views on your diet on your hosts. So make your personal choices around food for 70% of the time, allowing yourself the flexibility to eat as well as you can in any social situation 30% of the time. And if you can do 80/20, even better!

This is the ‘Freedom from Diet Mentality’. How much better do you feel now? Now there is a lot less stress around what you put into your mouth.

A therapist who specialises in weight issues can be very helpful in assisting you to identify ineffective thoughts, behaviours and habits and create positive strategies for motivation and change, so get help if you need it.

Think Slim!

Article written by: Clare Shepherd
Clare is a nutritionist based in Sheffield. She offers advice on nutrition that is simple, affordable and achievable, helping you to find  solutions to help you attain peak health.
Twitter @newlifenut

Desperate Jordan Turns To Hypnosis For Weight Loss

A Sydney resident weighs 300kg/47 stones and is looking to use hypnotherapy for weight loss to assist him in his attempt. Jordan Tirekidis is 44 years old and is looking at a very early death unless he can make some drastic lifestyle changes. He says that his problems with food began when he was 9 years old and had his tonsils removed.

In the time after this operation he was given sweet and sugary foods to eat and since then he hasn’t stopped. On an average day he can eat : 10 hash browns with coffee for breakfast. Two big Macs with chips for lunch and tea is 4 Whopper burgers. Snacks between meals are usually cakes and buns and all this washed down with a litre of coke a day.

“Addicted” To Unhealthy Food

Obviously Jordan’s huge weight causes all sorts of problems for him. His clothes size is 12XL and his clothes have to be custom made for him. Jordan is also incapable of standing on his own two feet for more than a few minutes because his weight is simply too much for his legs to handle. Jordan says he is “addicted” to sweet and unhealthy food is getting hypnotherapy to help him make the changes that could save his life.

Fat man with hamburger and chips hypnotherapy

While the details don’t mention Jordan’s blood pressure it is almost inevitable that his blood pressure is way too high which will put him at a hugely increased risk of a heart attack or stroke as a direct result of his weight.

“I have to do something about it because it’s getting to me and I didn’t want to die sitting in a chair,” Mr Tirekidis said.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Jordan is working with Sydney hypnotherapist Mark Stevens and a team of nutritionists and fitness experts in his attempt to lose 200kg/31 stones.

Mr. Stevens says “I’ll make sure Jordan never, ever, ever wants to touch a custard tart again.”  This quote on one level sounds great because losing any weight will surely be good for Jordan but as a hypnotherapist myself I’m troubled by Mr. Stevens’ choice of language. I would never “make” someone hate something. It is a LOT more effective to assist people to make the changes that THEY want to make.

Empower Change Rather Than Demand It

weight loss hypnotherapy sheffieldMy approach is all about empowering people to change, not forcing them to.

Mr Stephens uses an aversion approach to weight loss which encourages Jordan to associate his favourite foods with bad smells and foul images, such as a rubbish tip or dog droppings. While this may sound like it could be effective it often isn’t in the long-term. By taking a more positive and affirming approach it is possible to help people see their thoughts and actions in a different way and to associate positive things with the changes they desire.

By working this way I have helped many people to lose unwanted and unneeded weight and be happier and healthier.

Emotional Eating Is A Huge Issue

Jordan’s problems began, he says, when he had his tonsils removed.  It is likely that this emotional event in Jordan’s young life was scary and worrying. The sweet food could have been seen as the answer to pain and discomfort and through that association and the pursuit of happiness it has led to Jordan eating far too much of some of the most unhealthy food available. This kind of emotional eating affects thousands of people.

Hypnotherapy could be a lot more effective for Jordan if his hypnotherapist focused on changing these associations so that he was still able to gain reassurance and comfort but from something that was healthier.

If you have unhealthy associations with food and would like to look at ways to lose weight then hypnotherapy could be the answer. For a free chat about hypnosis and how to lose weight call Focused Hypnosis today on 0114 383 0123

Kerry Katona ‘Hypnosis Keeps Me Off Junk Food’

And Closer can reveal 5ft 4 Kerry has told friends her success is thanks to hypnotherapy sessions, which are helping her make healthy choices and keep her weight at around 8½st. A friend reveals: “She visited a hypnotist up in Cheshire and, since then, she seems to have found it really easy to stick to her healthy eating and exercise plan. She’s bouncing out of bed early to go for a jog, going to the gym and choosing healthy snacks.

“I’m Off Junk Food”

“Kerry says she’s gone right off all the junk food she usually loves and says keeping the weight off has left her feeling better – and sexier – than ever.” The mum-of-four is well known for her yo-yoing size – after liposuction took her from a size 14 to an 8 in 2008, Kerry shrank to a 6 in 2009. But her diet of Bran Flakes, salad and protein shakes proved unsustainable and, within months, she’d regained the weight, going up to a size 14.

Increase Your Pride In Yourself By Changing Your Diet

Kerry Katona speaks for the nation on this one ...In 2010, Kerry confessed life with her second husband, former cabbie Mark Croft, 41, contributed to her poor diet, saying: “With Mark, I used to eat loads of curries and takeaways. I had no pride in myself and I didn’t give a sh*t, so I ate anything.” Kerry, 31, credits Closer for turning her life around and helping her ditch drugs and her destructive relationship with Mark after we sent her for a stint at a bootcamp in 2010.

But she gained weight in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2011 and returned to bootcamp with Closer this January, where she dropped from 10st 4lbs and a size 10-12 to 9st 4lbs and an 8-10. But, despite slimming down, Kerry admitted at the time: “My weakness is when I go out for dinner with my kids. I’ll order a chicken salad, but I can’t help but pick at the kids’ leftover chips!”

But by the end of February, Kerry – who’s battled booze and drug problems in the past – was a slim and toned size 8-10 and weighed 8st as a result of daily five-mile runs and two-hour workouts with a personal trainer. Now sources say since having two, two hour-long hypnotherapy sessions, Kerry – who’s had a breast reduction and breast lift in the past – is finding it easier to maintain her healthy lifestyle.

Weight-loss hypnotherapy involves implanting subconscious messages to remind you to stop eating when you feel full. It also helps you visualise healthy activities, such as working out in the gym, as a feel-good experience. A source says: “She’s planning two more sessions. It’s specifically to stop her eating junk, so the hypnotist has been highlighting the bad effects of fat and how it can clog arteries and ruin her skin and is encouraging her to eat fruit and veg instead.

Control Your Desires In A Powerfully Natural Way With Hypnotherapy

“It’s curbed her appetite, but the hypnotist is also emphasising the importance of exercise. Before, Kerry grudgingly accepted she had to do it to stay in shape, but now she’s throwing herself into it with gusto. “Normally, when she goes to her mum Sue’s house, she has a curry or McDonald’s, but now she says she feels repulsed by the thought of eating McDonald’s and visualises the fat it contains – she’d rather eat carrots and houmous or fruit.”

The source adds: “She’s barely touching booze either and has been training every day. All her friends are amazed.” Pictured at the Royal Meridien Hotel in Dubai last week, the star was clearly loved-up with “soulmate” Steve, 34, whom she started dating in October. She’s made no secret recently of her desire to get married again and pals describe Kerry – mum to Molly, 10, Lilly-Sue, nine, Heidi, five, and son Max, three – as “blissfully happy.”

Cut Out The Junk Food, Feel Better

Airport Bookshop

Part-time artist Steve moved into her Surrey home last month and the pair constantly exchange gushing messages on Twitter, with Kerry writing last week: “@SteveAlce you’ve changed my world I love you.”

Though she recently denied they were engaged, she said last week: “I would marry Steve in a heartbeat if he ever asked me and I actually asked him twice to marry me on 29 February. But he didn’t respond and instead just made a joke of it, even though I was being sincere. I’m also very old-fashioned – I think it’s wrong for a woman to ask, but he’s missed his chance now, anyway!”

And she’s told pals the sunshine break has “cemented” their love and she’s confident he’ll propose soon. A source says: “For the last few weeks, all they’ve done is fawn over each other when they’re together and Tweet and text when they’re apart. “Steve is as smitten with her as she is with him and she is in no doubt she will have a ring on her finger soon. She couldn’t be happier and keeps saying she has to pinch herself to check it’s real.”

Currently thought to be meeting with her former Atomic Kitten bandmates to discuss their upcoming reunion, pals say Kerry is also focusing on a TV show about bootcamp – and helping other women benefit from it. An insider says: “A camera crew will follow them while Kerry helps them get fit and tackle their problems. She can’t wait to get stuck in. She’s never looked back since her own experience prompted her to finally leave Mark. “She’s just hoping she can keep her new body.” By Amy Swales>