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Stress affects more and more people in the modern world. Hypnotherapy could help you manage and change your response to situations and experience less stress.

Hypnotherapy In Sheffield For Stress Management And Reduction

Keep Calm With Self Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a way of accessing your unconscious mind to introduce long desired changes. I have used hypnotherapy at my Sheffield practice to help people quit smoking, be more confident and relaxed or less stressed and worried.

As a technique it is becoming increasingly accepted by society and the medical profession. Hypnotherapy was actually accepted as a branch of medicine by the British Medical Association (BMA) in the 1950’s but some GP’s are still dubious about its potential benefits.

Thankfully these kinds of attitudes are on the way out as more and more people are experiencing for themselves just how effective it can be.

Hypnotherapy To Relieve Stress

Stress is an area that many hypnotherapists treat on a daily basis. As our modern lives become ever more demanding the numbers of people who don’t feel able to cope with the pressures look for alternative methods to manage.

Doug Osborne is a clinical hypnotherapist and runs a course teaching busy professionals the art of stress-free living. You can read more about who he is and what he does in the article I have linked to below.

Read the full article here

If you can’t make it to see Doug then why not come and see me at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice? I could help you to reduce your stress levels, increase your optimism and positivity and maybe even change that internal voice so it speaks to you a little more supportively.

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How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

At my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice there has definitely been an upsurge in the numbers of people seeing me for stress, anxiety and depression. I am also seeing more doctors, nurses and medical students. This could be due to the enormous pressure being placed on the NHS at the moment or it could be due to the wider problems and uncertainty with the economy.

If this trend is similar throughout all job sectors it would account for the increase in work related mental illness (which includes stress and depression). This costs the UK economy £28 billion per year according to The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The biggest single cause of this stress in the workplace is bad management techniques. The report found that small things like giving positive feedback when earned, thanking people for staying late and allowing flexible working hours could reduce the £28 billion by over a third.

NICE have produced a calculator so employers can discover the potential savings that could be made just through supporting their staff better.

Read the full article here

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