Stop smoking using the power of hypnotherapy

This page is here to bring together a wide variety of news, research and opinion about quitting smoking using the power of hypnotherapy. If you, or someone you know, are looking to stop smoking then you might be willing to consider all sorts of methods to bring about success

Some methods are more effective than others but the key is to find a solution that works for you. Below are links to articles and research that is designed to help you find your solution.

I am of course biased. I help people to stop smoking using hypnotherapy and as far as I am aware there is nothing more effective in the long term. Other methods are less effective or don’t tackle what is responsible – your thoughts!

For more details on what hypnotherapy can do to help you stop smoking just read some of the posts below.

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Scotland 'tobacco free' by 2034

What a bold move! It looks like Scotland's drive for independence is forcing them to look at issues in a new way.IF they go solo and have to look after their own out of their own pocket then changes will have to be made. Scotland is traditionally a VERY unhealthy country so it won't take much to bring about some improvement to the country's population.
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Smoking to be banned in all U.K. prisons

More and more people are quitting smoking. The quit smoking numbers increased when the smoking ban was introduced. The Prison Officers Association has recommended that a smoking ban be implemented in all prisons so their members are not…
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Can Nicotine Patches REALLY Help You Quit Smoking?

NRT has become the government's number one tactic to help people to stop smoking and has been for over 10 years, surely in that time there have been significant strides made in decreasing the number of smokers. Right? Well, not quite.
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The True Cost Of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

the NHS has paid Novartis, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline around £80 million for patches and other forms of nicotine therapy since they became available on the NHS prescription four years ago, and spent a further £90 million on smoking clinics that rely heavily on NRT.