Pregnancy and birth are heavily influenced by your psychology and physiology. Hypnotherapy could influence pregnancy and birth and increase the chances of conception and ease birth

Are You Struggling To Get Pregnant? Smoke Could Be To Blame

In American a report from Tobacco Control suggests that second-hand tobacco smoke could be a factor in women having difficulty getting pregnant.

A study of 4800 women discovered that those raised by a parent who smoked could have more difficulty in getting pregnant. The study also found that women exposed to second-hand smoke were 39% more likely to suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth.

The reason for this is that some of the 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes could interfere with hormones needed for conception.

If you would like to quit smoking hypnotherapy has been shown and proved to be one of the most effective ways of stopping.

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Could Hypnotherapy Help Increase IVF Success?

A study presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology conference in Berlin has claimed that hypnosis can boost IVF success. The research focused on the embryo transfer stage of the proceedure and hypnotherapy was used to help the women to be calm and relaxed.

It was hoped that hypnosis at this stage would help the women reduce the possibility of their womb contracting which is an involuntary process and is more likely if the woman is stressed or anxious. In the study of 185 women it was found that 28% of the women who were hypnotised became pregnant as oposed to 14% of the group who were not hypnotised.

The study was criticised by some for not controlling the variables of the research sufficiently. It is claimed that the group who were not given hypnotherapy had been trying to conceive for a number of years more than the group of women who did get hypnotherapy. The longer a woman has been trying IVF the lower her chances of success are with each cycle or year that passes.

It is clear more conclusive research is needed.

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Hypnosis In Birth Preparation Cuts Caesarian Rate

A survey of 1250 pregnant women has been undertaken by the NHS and has found that teaching these women self hypnosis techniques will significantly reduce the caesarian rate. The women who learned the techniques had a better birthing experience where they were more calm and relaxed and the need for intervention was reduced. Of the women taking part in the study 15% required a caesarian birth as opposed to the national average which is 25%.

The study found that 89% of the study participants were able to overcome any fear associated with birth through using the hypnosis techniques, 72% said that they felt calm during the birth and 61% were able to manage the pain associated with birth. Overall 95% of the women taking part in the study said that they benefitted from learning self hypnosis and had a better birthing experience because of it.

Get A Better Birth Experience Through Hypnosis

This is excellent news for everyone. Mothers are having a more natural and more enjoyable birth with fewer complications and a faster recovery time. The NHS is happy because fewer women are needing expensive and time consuming interventions which obviously will save them a lot of money.

The results of this study are fantastic and the benefits to all involved are obviously huge. You can read more on this story here

You can read the testimonial of one of the mothers I have helped here. Natalie had a fear of having a caesarian birth after a particularly difficult birth of her first child. After our work together she is now more calm and less fearful of the birth of her second child.

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Pregnant Women Given Hypnotherapy To Help Them Relax During Birth

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A 2 year study is being conducted by Sheffield University & the University of Central Lancashire into how hypnotherapy may be able to help pregnant women to relax more and to reduce the perception of pain. As similar study has been done in Australia and New Zealand and had favourable results.

The study has received funding from the NHS and if the results are favourable it could be possible that all pregnant women could be taught self hypnosis.

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Kate Moss Uses Hypnotherapy To Help Conceive

Kate Moss Hypnotherapy To Conceive

Kate Moss is somewhat notorious for her party lifestyle but things may be changing. She has hired a hypnotherapist as she wants to quit the fast lane and stop drinking and also wants to quit smoking to give herself the best chance possible of getting pregnant.

Kate Moss is convinced that hypnotherapy will enable her to break those unhealthy habits. Many women get to a certain point in life and their priorities change. The desire to become a mother can allow some quite significant changes in attitude and behaviour. When this desire is combined with hypnotherapy it is possible to get some amazing results.

Apparently Kate is already beginning to see changes as a result of just a few sessions and she is really enjoying the sessions.

I have seen a number of people at my hypnotherapy practice in Sheffield for issues related to Kate’s. Many mothers have been to see me to quit smoking especially as this is one of the things that can have an impact on the ability to conceive and carry the baby full term. I have also seen a number of dad-to-be who have wanted to manage their stress levels and to be as good as they can be in supporting their partner through the birth.

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