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Phobias can be unusual in what brings them on but many phobias can be reduced or even removed through hypnotherapy in Sheffield with Focused Hypnosis

woman driving confidently and giving thumbs up

Fear Of Driving On Motorways

The fear of driving on motorways is actually surprisingly common. I was prompted to write this post today after another enquiry from someone wondering if hypnosis for driving anxiety could help. The short answer is YES....hypnosis CAN help! You are not the only one with this fear, I promise.
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Dido Hypnotised To Beat Stage Fright

Dido had hypnotherapy to cure her stage fright.The 41-year-old singer underwent treatment to combat her nerves and was pleased it was successful as her anxiety was affecting her performances.She said: ''I went to hypnotherapy for stage fright…
film poster from Friday 13th

Friday The 13th - Triskaidekaphobia

It has come round again. Expect your day to be filled with the pessimistic types out there bemoaning their bad luck and blaming the difficulties on Friday the 13th.This type thought process can become even more pronounced in some people and can develop into Triskaidekaphobia - a fear of Friday 13th. For some people this leads to them not doing anything 'risky' on that day.Risky things can include walking under ladders, seeing one magpie or not saying "touch wood" when appropriate. For some Triskaidekaphobia sufferers they just say indoors all day and don't leave the house for fear of what might happen.The vast majority of these Triskaidekaphobia sufferers don't know all the facts though. They have this Halloween-type association with Friday 13th. The Friday 13th horror films that began in the 1980's have further amplified this mistaken belief.13 Being An Unlucky Number Has A Long History
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Bristol Zoo Provides Hypnotherapy For Fear Of Spiders

Bristol zoo is running an arachnophobia course to help people to enjoy all of their animals, not just the cute and fluffy ones. Through a combination of discussion, hypnotherapy and education they hope to help people to understand spiders…
sean tully actor

Hypnotherapy For Jungle Celebrity With Phobias

Coronation Street favourite Anthony Cotton (AKA Sean Tully) is going to be one of the celebrities going into the jungle in the most recent series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and he has increased his chances of survival through…
A phobia can be easily treated through hypnotherapy

Beat Your Phobia With Hypnosis

Over the last few weeks there has been a definite increase in the number of people coming to my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice looking for help in resolving fears and phobias, one of them had a fear of clowns which I helped to reduce. It is…
The Kraken rollercoaster

Is It Time To Get ON The Roller-Coaster?

I see lots of people at my hypnotherapy Sheffield clinic for phobias. Over the years I have had some unusual ones but a fear of roller coasters is one that very few hypnotherapy practitioners have ever treated but there are hundreds or maybe…