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Insomnia can be crippling and can often become a habit after a while and become a downward spiral. In many cases there is no apparent reason for the insomnia beginning. My style of hypnosis does not require you to remember when or why the insomnia started so rest easy!

It is very normal to have a period of sleeplessness. There could be a hundred and one reasons for it happening but for most people a ‘normal’ sleeping pattern is re-established within a night or two.

For some people though their coping strategy for the insomnia actually becomes part of the problem. It is common for people who are having problems sleeping to turn to some form of entertainment or distraction during the night.

Sleep Can Be Affected By Your Coping Strategy

For many people this will be a mobile phone or tablet. This is possibly the worst thing you could do though!

The light from the device as well as the content, even if you are just reading a blog post, is enough to stimulate you mentally and physically. This can contribute to you being awake more and for longer. Likewise watching TV or reading books can be a problem.

Insomnia CAN Be Beaten

There are also the internal things that happen when you are awake in the middle of the night. The things you say to yourself or about yourself have an impact. Making lists in your head of things to do in the morning may seem like you are using your time constructively. However, in reality you are keeping yourself awake.

Swedish researchers have found that hypnosis can help suggestible people to have deeper sleep and this has been linked to more restorative sleep which means you feel better in the morning.

Hypnotherapy can help you to address the distractions from mobile phones etc as well as tackle the things that happen in your head so that you can get back into a healthy sleeping pattern.

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