Hypnotherapy – What IS it and how does it work?

hypnotherapy sheffield can answer your hypnosis questions todayHypnotherapy is an extremely interesting field. Also a little scary for those that only know a little.

As a hypnotherapist I am used to the same questions popping up about hypnotherapy and what I do for a living. People like you are almost always curious about the ins and outs of the process. Questions that often pop up are:

  • What IS hypnosis anyway?
  • What does it feel like to go into a hypnotic trance?
  • Will I get stuck in trance?

Click the link to read more information on what hypnosis is or read some of the common questions about hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

This is the one question that concerns people the most. The quick answer is YES! In the past hypnotherapy was often tried as a last resort. There simply wasn’t enough good quality information around to help people to make an informed decision about seeing a hypnotherapist.

These days though that has all changed. There are thousands of websites that look at hypnotherapy and there are lots of websites that list practitioners to help you to find a professional hypnotherapist near you.

Are hypnotists and hypnotherapists the same thing?

The two terms are sometimes used interchangably but they technically have different definitions. A hypnotist is someone who uses hypnosis. This is often in a comedy or entertainment sense. A hypnotherapist is someone who uses hypnosis in a therapeutic way. Usually to help someone to achieve a personal goal.

Other information about hypnosis

As a professional hypnotherapist I have heard pretty much all the questions over the years and I have also helped some people to make some truly amazing changes to their lives (which has been a real honour!)

I have used the questions I have been asked and the experiences I have had working with people just like you to write a wide range of blog posts about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnotists.

Below are all the blog posts about hypnotherapy that I have written. I am sure that they will give you a much deeper insight into hypnosis and what it could do for you in the future.

New York smoking ban: 10 years on

Smoking bans are becoming more common around the world and New York has just got into double figures! It is great that smoking is becoming less socially acceptable.

If governments were REALLY that concerned about protecting people’s health surely they would just ban them. Unless they LIKE all the revenue that cigarettes generates for them??

A hypnotherapist’s view on Trance

“Danny Boyle’s film feels 20 years out of date”, says hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren, taking us right back to the cliché of the swinging watch.

“In the two decades I’ve worked as a hypnotherapist, the biggest myth I’ve encountered is that we mess with people’s minds. It’s completely unfounded. Hypnosis isn’t about disappearing into another realm and handing control to someone else. It’s simply a deep state of relaxation, through which you can free yourself from certain behaviour patterns, negative thought processes or phobias.

Unfortunately, this film directed by Danny Boyle – in which a Harley Street hypnotherapist, Dr Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson), works with an art expert, Simon (James McAvoy), to find out where he put a stolen painting – will do nothing to dispel this stereotype. It feels 20 years out of date: we’re right back to the cliche of the swinging watch.

Dr Lamb proves a malign influence on Simon – and the film seems to suggest anybody working as a hypnotherapist is intrinsically sinister. This is unfair; we’re here to help, to heal. Hypnotherapy is ripe for demystification and respectability. And as for a romantic involvement with a patient – that’s completely unacceptable. Anyone who crossed that boundary would be immediately struck off.”

via A hypnotherapist’s view on Trance | Film | The Guardian


My Opinion:

What an astoundingly silly review of Danny Boyle’s new film by Deborah Marshall-Warren! As a hypnotherapist I have a couple of problems with her review.

Deborah could have used a common hypnotherapist’s tool, reframing, and turned a more positive focus on the film. Instead of saying “This film is improbable/unbelievable/not representative of the industry” she could have said “It is fantastic that hypnosis is getting a featured role in a massive film by an internationally renowned director and is increasing the profile of the industry.” 

You wouldn’t expect someone to say “This book about a lion, a witch and a wardrobe is completely unbelievable!” Of course it is! That is the point! If films were completely factual and entirely based on reality then we would have a LOT fewer films to watch and what is out there would be dull as ditch water. People want something based on reality which is then twisted, adapted and modified to create something engaging and entertaining…but believable! That is what Trance does.

The film shows people changing habits, obesity and phobias, it doesn’t sound like the only representation of hypnosis in this film is “intrinsically sinister”. I think most intelligent people know that things represented in films are not always 100% accurate. 

I have a bigger problem with supposed professionals like Deborah Marshall-Warren saying things like “We are here … to heal”. I have never “healed” a single person in my time as a hypnotherapist. I don’t have any messiah-like abilities and neither does Deborah. We have both helped people to think and feel differently and for some people this is transformational and has a HUGE impact on their life.

To be relieved of this burden can feel to the individual that they have been “healed” but in reality they have been helped to be a way they were already capable of being. Deborah does NOT have the ability to “heal” and to use language like this is rather surprising of a trained professional.

Personally I think it is great that hypnosis is reaching a bigger audience through this film. Go see it!

“This hypnobirthing quackery shows profit has no place in healthcare”

pregnancy hypnotherapy could help

Pregnant woman

I wanted to share this article from The Guardian as I feel it completely misses the point of hypnosis and I wanted to redress the balance a little.

To focus on one small part of how hypnosis could help women manage labour in a more natural and drug free way and to say that hypnosis for birth as a whole has no evidence base is like saying because a car has a flat tyre it needs crushing and you have to buy a new one!

The evidence base for hypnosis is strong and getting stronger all the time as researchers a more able to explore the field without being scorned by their peers for working in an area that, they believe, has no scientific validity. If you are looking for the evidence for the effectiveness of hypnosis it is here:


  • The reduction of anxiety: studies of some of the many issues about which people can be anxious show hypnotherapy effective treatment (e.g., Gay,2007; McGuinness, 1984; Flammer, 2003)
  • Birth: preparation for (Brown, 2007; Mehl-Madrona, 2004
  • Pain control (Elkins, 2007)
  • Surgery: preparation for (Montgomery, 2002; Lang, 2002) – assuming you go down the planned c-section route


There have been studies confirming the claims that, compared to general population figures, hypnosis and self-hypnosis during childbirth leads to:

  • decreased average length of labour
  • lower caesarean section rates
  • decreased use of pain relief medication such as gas and epidurals
  • increased ease and comfort of labour and birth (self-reported and observed)
  • emotional satisfaction of having their birthing partners informed, involved and supportive
Evidence for the above is from: “Non-pharmacological Methods for Relief of Labor Pain”. Obstetric Anesthesia Handbook: 85–93. 2010, “Nonpharmacological Means of Pain Relief for Labor and Delivery”. International Anesthesiology Clinics 40 (4): 103–114. 2002 and Phillips-Moore, Julie (2012). “Birthing outcomes from an Australian HypnoBirthing programme”. British Journal of Midwifery 20 (8): 558–564.

I think most women giving birth would want these as features of their birth, whether that is at home, in hospital or somewhere else.


The Guardian, Thursday 21 March 2013

“The very people parents should be able to trust are now reduced to selling their patients what may be no more than snake oil” ‘What’s the problem?”, the NHS reformers always ask, cod innocence and superciliousness mingled in their faces. “Healthcare will still be free at the point of need.”

“Well,” we counter, “these reforms mostly amount to a process of privatisation. Often, the private sector is not the bargain it’s cracked up to be. Often its savings just come from cutting wages. Often the private company is only cheaper until it’s the only provider – then it is suddenly radically more expensive, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

Often it fails to build up and reward pro-social behaviour (a psych word for “kindness”) in its staff, because paying them so little exhibits so little kindness towards them. Often, often, often … but no, we can’t prove it. We can’t prove you’ll ruin it until you’ve ruined it.” Conversely, the natal hypnotherapy wheeze is designed to spin profit for the hospital – Chelsea and Westminster “hope to make £8,000-£10,000 annually.

This will be reinvested into maternity services at the trust, such as training for staff and volunteers and equipment for the wards.” When did training staff and buying equipment become a bolt-on that you fundraised for with a hocus-pocus service for couples with more money than sense? Does it look to you as if they’re downplaying the figure, given they deliver about 1,200 babies a year in a very affluent area?

If half the parents signed up for the “treasure” experience, that would be more than £100,000. But I can also read, so I know that – contrary to the implied assertions of the weirdly worded press release – the evidence simply isn’t there to support the claim that hypnosis results in “reduced need for drugs and intervention”.

The largest and most recent study found no difference in the need for epidurals between the hypno-birthed mother and the regular mother. The consensus on PubMed, the US database of clinical effectiveness reviews, is a stern “more evidence required”. via This hypno-birthing quackery shows profit has no place in healthcare | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian.

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Hypnotension CPD Review For Hypnotherapy Practitioners

“I have recently completed the Hypnotension Continuing Professional Development course and I am very impressed with the course and thought I would share my thoughts on it. wanted to write a short review of the Hypnotension course for all my followers out there who are hypnotherapists.”

World Hypertension Day 17th May

High blood pressure or hypertension as it is medically known is known as the ‘silent killer’ because people with high blood pressure rarely know they have it. This does not mean that just because they have knowledge of the problem that it isn’t doing them harm.

High blood pressure is a major contributing factor in heart attacks and strokes. As a general rule the higher your blood pressure is the higher your chance of a significant cardiac event like a stroke. 30% of adults and 50% of those over 65 years of age in the UK have high blood pressure and of those 90% of those people have no medical cause for the problem.

This type of high blood pressure is called “essential hypertension”.

What this means is that most people with high blood pressure need to change their lifestyle and they can almost always find their blood pressure will decrease. The great news is that hypnotherapy is an ideal tool to tackle most if not all of the causes of non-medical hypertension.

Half Price Consultation For Anyone With Hypertension 

To mark World Hypertension Day Focused Hypnosis are offering a hypertension consultation at half price, that is just £35. During this session you could get a deeper insight into how you could change your lifestyle factors which could increase your chances of reducing your blood pressure in a safe and natural way.

What issues can hypnotherapy address that could reduce blood pressure?

Hypertension factors hypnotherapy can address:

  • World Hypertension Day 17th May 1Being over weight
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Diet – eg. reduction of salt
  • Caffeine reduction
  • Increase motivation to exercise

There are also what are know as “fixed risks”. These are factors that contribute to higher blood pressure but are beyond your control. These can include:

  • Ethnic origin. Those from a Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi backgrounds, among others, are at increased risk.
  • Being male.
  • Early onset of menopause in women.
  • A strong family history.
  • Age. The older you get the more likely you will have high blood pressure.

What can you do to tackle high blood pressure?

If you go to the doctors and they diagnose you with essential hypertension it is likely that they will prescribe medication to help manage your hypertension. The problem these medications, if started, have to be taken for the rest of your life. In many cases two or three different medications have to be taken to control the symptoms.

With these medications come the potential of side effects and with more medications comes the chance of more side effects. This means that many people are reluctant to go down the medication route.

The other alternative to medication for hypertension is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is:

  • Drug free
  • Often very effective
  • No side effects
  • Can be tailored to your specific needs

To discuss how hypnotherapy could help you reduce your blood pressure call Focused Hypnosis on 0114 383 0123.

Is Clinical Hypnotherapy Effective?

hypnotherapy sheffield question 1Clinical hypnotherapy is being used by Jeanne Safer, a psychologist in New York, to help her cope with the chemotherapy she is receiving for her rare but curable leukaemia. On her way to one of her chemo sessions she hypnotises herself in the back of a taxi. She puts herself into a light hypnotic trance and reminds herself of the benefits of the treatment and tells herself that she won’t fight the process.

Jeanne began being sceptical about hypnotherapy and its benefits but discovered that it realy helped her get through biopsies, surgical procedures and MRI scans. After experiencing the benefits of hypnosis for herself Jeanne now uses hypnotherapy with her patients.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Is Starting To Be Understood

Hypnosis has long been misunderstood but as advances in medicine progress the intricacies of hypnotherapy and becoming more recognised allowing clinical hypnotherapy to help people have a better experience. Hypnosis definitely does have an impact as numerous studies have proved. Sometimes though it is not possible to say how it works but it is undeniable that in some circumstances it definitely does work.

Hypnosis is now being used a lot more in hospitals as it becomes more widely recognised that it can reduce a patient’s stress levels which reduces the possibility of complications, it speeds recovery time and minimizes pain. All of which provide a better experience for the patient and reduces the cost to the hospital.

Studies From USA Show Hypnosis Can Help To Manage Pain

Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatrist and director of the Center for Health and Stress at Stanford University, has studied hypnosis for 40 years. He explains that “We can teach people how to manage pain and anxiety. There’s been this mistake in medicine that if you have a certain amount of tissue damage, you should feel this amount of pain. But many things can alter how much pain you feel.”

The applications of clinical hypnotherapy are becoming better understood and more diversely applied. Currently there is strong evidence that hypnotherapy can be used to help IBS, reducing blood pressure, controlling asthma attacks easing migraines and so much more.

Hypnotherapy Is More Than A Stage Trick

These findings are not surprising to hypnotherapists like myself. The numerous studies that are always coming out show just how effective clinical hypnotherapy can be but this still surprises many medical professionals who seem to have their opinion tainted by stage hypnosis. This leads many health professionals to think of hypnosis in terms of entertainment value rather than therapeutic benefit.

“Hypnosis is like a good kid with a bad reputation” said Dr. Guy Montgomery, director of the Integrative Behavioural Medicine program at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. “It’s not mind control. We can’t make somebody rob a bank,” he says.

I would disagree with this claim about bank robbing as Derren Brown has shown that perhaps the accepted and traditional view of what hypnosis is and is not capable of may need revising.

Check out these videos from Derren Brown: The Heist and The Assassin which show what could be possible using the power of hypnosis. You might also want to check out my blog post on Derren Brown and the implications of his TV shows

Clinical Hypnotherapy Is A Powerful Way To Change Your Mind

Clinical hypnotherapy does work and suggestions given in hypnosis can have a powerful effect on the mind which in turn can have an effect on the body.

A study by Stanford University in America found that when people were asked to imagine eating the secretions of gastric acid in their stomach increased by 70%. A study done by Harvard Medical School found that people who had fifteen minutes of hypnosis before surgery experienced less pain post surgery and their surgery took less time which is all better for the patient and costs less for the hospital.

Clinical Hypnosis Is Strongly Linked To Physiology

“There is a strong link to physiology—and it’s getting stronger, the more research is being done,” said Tanya Edwards, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

As a result of MSI scans it has been revealed that clinical hypnotherapy does not reduce pain receptors’ output but it does reflect attention and allows the person to be less engaged in the experience of pain. The benefits of clinical hypnotherapy can be experienced by anyone in theory as we are all capable of going into trance but some people actively resist the process of being hypnotised.

How To Find A Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

Finding a professional and competent hypnotherapist can be a bit of a chalenge in some areas of the country. There are no laws that require a minimum level of ability or experience in order to practice hypnotherapy. This has lead to some unscrupulous people setting up as hypnotherapists despite having very minimal knowledge of the profession and how to use the techniques.

Because of this I have written a guide called “10 things you must know before getting hypnotherapy“. This is designed to help you find a therapist who is capable and competent. It can be downloaded by clicking the “freebies” button at the top of this page.

Hypnotherapy Reviews Are Essential

It is also advisable to look for hypnotherapy reviews of the practitioners you are considering approaching.

If you would like any further help in finding a reputable therapist please feel free to contact me directly by emailing [email protected]

Is Cheap Hypnotherapy What You Need?

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

hypnotherapy sheffieldThis is one of those questions that I get asked over and over so I thought a page about it on my website would help.

If you are short of time the quick answer is “yes, hypnotherapy does work” but there is a ‘but’. Let me explain.

Hypnosis is a state of mind that we are all capable of achieving. In fact the vast majority of us do it several times a day without even realising it. Have you ever had a daydream? Has time ever passed surprisingly quickly whilst you were doing something you enjoy? Have you ever driven a car and gone onto ‘automatic pilot’ and found yourself unsure of the journey you just made? If the answer is yes to any of those questions then you were in a trance.

It is a 100% natural process. You can drift into a trance, stay there for a split second through to hours and then come out the other side effortlessly easily.

So a trance state of mind is something that we are all biologically and psychologically capable of achieving. That state of mind can happen on its own or we can induce that frame of mind deliberately. In our past this hypnotic frame of mind was induced through staring into a fire or listening to drums. These days many people frequently achieve this hypnotic frame of mind through things like yoga and meditation. The process of being capable of going into a trance or an altered frame of mind is proven to happen. That is beyond doubt. Something happens but there is some debate about about if this ability is what is being tapped into through hypnosis.

Is Hypnotherapy Just Play Acting?

hypnotherapy sheffield is it all actingSome people firmly believe that no-one is ever hypnotised, that they are just pretending or playing a long. This is certainly one of the possible explanations of hypnosis and how it works. If people are playing along they are accepting the process and they are using their imagination to go with the suggestions that are being made to them. As they are doing this they may be imagining themselves as a non-smoker for example. Maybe they imagine themselves hating smoking and never wanting to do it again. Once the trance is brought to an end that experience of playing a long can stay with the person. If they enjoyed seeing themselves as a no-smoker then there is the chance that they will prefer this to smoking and as a result quit smoking.

Did hypnosis ‘make’ them stop? No. They experienced the alternative in their imagination and the imagination is a very powerful tool. It is possible that through experiencing the alternative ways of being that they could become more appealing as a result and lead to behaviour modification.

Is Hypnotherapy An Altered State Of Consciousness?

Through brain scans of people who have been put into a trance something very definitely happens to how we think while being hypnotised. Research from Hull University has shown this.https://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8359170.stm Study leader Dr William McGeown, a lecturer in the department of psychology, said “This shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation. Our study shows hypnosis is real.”

In this changed state of mind it is possible that the unconscious mind can be influenced through the power of suggestion, imagery, metaphors and the like and that this can then lead to alternative choices which could result in behaviour modification.

So DOES Hypnotherapy Work?

hypnotherapy sheffield question 1The answer is yes…and no. Some people undoubtedly have an experience during a hypnotic session which results in them able to change aspects of their thoughts and behaviour which they have been unable to change any other way despite years or even decades of trying the other approaches. Some people have a hypnotic experience but the change they desire does not materialise. There may be many reasons for the changes not happening but that is another post.

In my experience (which is unrepresentative) I have never had anyone unable to enter into a trance while working with me. Of those people the large majority have noticed some changes in how they think, act or feel. Those changes may be exactly what was desired. Sometime it may be only partial change. Sometime, in a minority of cases, there is no change at all. I do always work very hard to ensure as far as I am able to do so that every person I work with has the exact degree of change that they desire.

If you have an opinion on what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is and is not please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Derren Brown, Assassins & The CIA

Last night (21/10/11) Derren Brown showed how he took an average guy off the street and through hypnosis ALONE was able to turn him into an emotionless assassin, capable of murdering a person (Steven Fry) and to then have no knowledge of the inccident.


It made for fascinating viewing and having a professional interest in the programme on top of my usual curiousity I was particlarly enthralled by what I saw.

Hypnosis Can’t Control Your Mind…Can It?

Simple English: Derren Brown.

The conventional view point of hypnosis and what it is capable of says that it can influence those willing to be influenced and that there is a limit to what can be done. The experts claim that a hypnotic subject can not be made to do anything that goes against their own pre-existing morals and ethics.

This means that someone already capable of murder could, through hypnosis, be programmed to murder someone else. Someone who is not that way inclined would stop themselves before doing anything that contravenes their morals and ethics.

I have reassured clients in the past of this “fact” to reassure them about the process of hypnotherapy and how it has no possibility of harming them or others.

Time To Revisit Your Preconceptions

Thanks to Derren Brown I have some amazing things to consider but I can no longer assure my clients that hypnosis is “perfectly safe”. In the hands of a reputable and ethical practitioner it is and I can publically state here and now and for ever more that I promise I will not turn any of my clients into Steven Fry killers but this programme does raise some very interesting questions.

For decades there has been talk and suggestion (pardon the pun) that the CIA, among others, have been investigating the potential of mind control. The first suggestions of this go back to the 1950’s and over the years have been written off as ‘conspiracy theories’.

I will admit that I have an open mind about possible explanations for all sorts of things. As Sherlock Holmes says “Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the truth”. Now that Derren Brown has shown that it is possible to control someone’s mind to a point where they have the ability to murder someone and then have no memory of it it raises serious questions about various things we have been assured are or are not possible.

Were JFK and RFK killed through mind controlled subjects? When Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald was he hypnotised? Some already believe that the Virginia Tech and Columbine school shootings were done through mind control.

I believe we must all look again at what we consider probable in light of what has been shown is possible and whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the truth.

Listen To Your Gut Instincts To Increase Confidence And Motivation

Trust Your Instincts

Instincts have been a part of who we are since humans became humans. They are hard-wired into us and they are what allowed us to evade that sabre tooth tiger in prehistoric times and survive.

Nowadays we are more likely to talk about surviving the January sales rather than an attack of a ferocious animal. Even though our lives have got safer our instincts have remained the same.

Getting back in touch with your instincts can be a very important part of achieving your goals and desires.

Hypnotherapy To Beat That Lost Feeling

I regularly see clients at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice who feel lost and unsure of what they are doing. After investigating their circumstances in more detail it often turns out that they do know what they want because their instincts told them so but they ignored this inner adviser. Instincts can often be thought of as that little voice that tells you that you should really go for the fruit salad rather than the cheesecake.

That you should really stop smoking. That you should pick the job that is lower paid but more enjoyable and satisfying rather than the high stress but higher paying job. Instincts are often right. They are usually our inner advisor looking out for our mental and physical well being.

We often find it easy to ignore this inner advisor and carry on eating the cheesecake or smoking that cigarette but some point down the line a lot of people look back and realise that their inner advisor, their instincts had been right all along but they ignored them.

When these people get to this point they often feel that they need help to reconnect with their instincts, to listen to that inner advisor again which is where hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy To Boost Self Confidence And Motivation

Hypnotherapy can help you to boost your self-confidence, to trust yourself again and to recognise that that inner voice IS looking out for your best interests and while its recommendations might not always be the most fun option they are often the best for us in the long run.

If you feel that you need some help reconnecting with yourself, trusting your instincts or achieving your goals and desires then hypnotherapy could help.

Focused Hypnosis could be the ideal place for you to learn more about how you could trust yourself and your instincts. Call for a free 20-minute chat today on 0114 383 0123.

How To REALLY Relax With Focused Hypnosis In Sheffield

Relaxation is something we all need more of in our lives but so few of us actually make it happen. This leads to us always being on the go, always rushing to that next appointment or doing just one more thing before we stop for the day.

By having such a hectic lifestyle and by not allocating time to relax and unwind properly many of us eventually feel run down and exhausted. Many people even become ill because they don’t relax and give themselves time to cath their breath.

People who allow just a little time on a regular basis to unwind and relax tend to find they have more energy, sleep better, enjoy more of their life and have better health generally.

Because of this I have created this fast relaxation video. In just 10 minutes you can feel more relaxed, you can go back to a relaxing memory and relive it again. By going back in your memory to this relaxing time you can’t help but feel more relaxed today…right now! Through a hypnotic technique called ‘anchoring’ you can then associate this relaxation with a physical movement, like pressing a finger and thumb together, which can become a shortcut back to that great memory.

With this shortcut back to relaxation you can be more relaxed and as a result you can feel better.

Look out for more videos from Focused Hypnosis in the coming weeks and months. Click the link to subscribe to the Focused Hypnosis YouTube Channel

If you have difficulty relaxing and want some help in unwinding then hypnotherapy in Sheffield with Focused Hypnosis could be the answer. Call now on 01143830123 for a free 20 minute chat.

Is Obama Using Conversational Hypnosis?

Obama And Conversational HypnosisThe Tea Party movement have just re-hashed an article that appeared just after Obama was sworn in as president of the United States of America. The Tea Party website claim Obama is using conversational hypnosis to make the people of America do things they don’t want to do or don’t realise they are doing.

They are attempting to re-whip up a frenzy about how Obama is manipulating people because that in their eyes seems to be the only explanation for his (initial) overwhelming support and success.

There is another explanation though. Maybe he is just using language effectively. Maybe he has the inteligence to use words of more than 3 syllables unlike some previous presidents (George Jr I’m looking at you now!) and maybe he talked about things people wanted to hear about in a way that was appealing and with intelligence.

Following on from Bush Jr who came out with such jems as “You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.” -Townsend, Tenn., Feb. 21, 2001 just makes Obama look even better! Obama is using his ability to debate, to discuss and to use language the way it was intended to be used.

There is no conspiracy, he isn’t trying to turn everyone gay or liberal! He is trying to persuade people he has a plan that is worth following because it could do some good in people’s lives. That isn’t conversational hypnosis, it’s called being a politician.

To look at how hypnosis could help you change aspects of how you think, act or feel call Focused Hypnosis in Sheffield today on 0114 383 0123

Hypnotherapy Could Save The NHS Millions

NHS Could Save Millions Through HypnosisA report issued today by the The Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) has recommended that hypnotherapy be used more widely within the NHS. The RSM feel that this would help patients with issues such as weight loss, stopping smoking, IBS and depression.

At the moment many issues like this are treated but the potential beneficial outcomes only happen to a small percentage of people and cost a huge amount of money. The RSM report suggests that the positive outcome percentage could be increased and the cost to the NHS could be reduced.

As a professional and registered hypnotherapist I welcome this news as it is great for the profile of the industry I work within. The RSM did mention in their report that as a part of hypnotherapy being included more frequently within the NHS ‘toolbox’ that steps should also be taken to ensure that ‘cowboy hypnotherapists’ should be prevented from being recommended by the NHS.

This is sound advice. There are very few ‘cowboy hypnotherapists’ out there as a percentage but their effects can be disproportionate. There is also the danger of highly qualified and legitimate hypnotherapists being labelled as ‘cowboys’ by people who didn’t get the results they were hoping for.

How To Ensure Professional Hypnotherapists Are Used

It is likely that if the NHS does start outsourcing work to hypnotherapists that they would require the hypnotherapist to have an externally awarded qualification such as a HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) and also be a registered member of one of the leading professional bodies. I hold a HPD and am a member of one of the most recognised professional bodies, the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

It is a shame that these changes to the NHS seem to be only being considered to save money rather than becaus eof the strong evidence base that hypnotherapy does work for many people and many issues. That being said though, anything that allows hypnotherapy to gain the recognition it deserves and be applied to help people think, act or feel differently, it can really only be a good thing.

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Did The Hypnotist REALLY Knock Himself Out?

boxing glove hypnosis sheffieldThe BBC recently reported on stage hypnotist David Days who supposedly knocked himself out live on stage leaving a number of people ‘stuck’ in trance on stage (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-13653944)

The hypnotist is said by some to have staged the inccident for PR purposes. If this is correct he did a great job and got national media coverage on the back of it.

As a hypnotherapist I found some of the coverage of this inccident inaccurate and at times sensationalist. On Radio 4 it was implied that if it wasn’t for Mr. Days coming round in the nick of time then the three hypnotic subjects who were on stage and in a trance could have been stuck in that state.

Hypnosis is a very misunderstood field at times and coverage like this can reconfirm people’s prejudices and misconceptions. Just for the record, it is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. Should your hypnotist or hypnotherapist trip and knock themselves during a session then you will be fine. In time you will awaken naturally with side effects.

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Tobacco Displays Will Be Banned

Today is Wednesday 9th March and it is National No Smoking Day. In the news today is the story that the government will announce two ideas which are intended to reduce the number of smokers in the UK. The first idea is to ban displays of tobacco products in shops. This could be brought in as soon as 2012 for large stores and 2015 for smaller shops.

The idea is that by removing tobacco from sight it will reduce the brand awareness among children and mean they are less likely to take up the habit of smoking. It is also suggested that ex-smokers who go into a shop will be less tempted to go back on their intention of stopping.

Is There A More Effective Way To Quit Smoking?

This assumption that anyone who has quit smoking is teetering on the brink of starting again is part of the problem though. While this is true for many ex-smokers it is less so for people who have stopped smoking using hypnotherapy. It is very common for people who have stopped smoking using methods such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and cold turkey to still feel cravings for tobacco. The government backs NRT as a method of stopping but it hardly ever works and those it does work on often still have the thoughts about smoking which is why they are ex-smokers rather than non-smokers.

Ex-smokers often have thoughts about smoking because they have done nothing to deal with the psychology behind smoking. If the government was serious about helping people to get off tobacco and stay off it then they would advocate the use of hypnotherapy rather than NRT but they aren’t serious in my opinion because.

Will Plain Packs Of Cigarettes Make ANY Difference?

pack of cigarettes by vjeran2001.jpg The second idea announced by the government is that the want to remove branding from the packets that cigarettes come in. By making the packs plain it is suggested that the health warnings on the packs will have more power and that the contents will be less appealing. The downside is that this would make the packs even easier to counterfit which means many more people could be smoking even more harmful tobacco than they think which would in turn place even more pressure on the NHS as they attempt to deal with the health complications in these people.

Do health warnings do ANYTHING to put smokers off? Most smokers I know don’t even look at the health warning and just continue smoking as many as they ever did. Some even smoke MORE because of the warnings. When a smoker gets stressed or anxious they want to smoke and some of the warnings worry me and I have stopped smoking so what must those warnings be doing to the stress levels of current smokers?

These potential changes are being looked at carefully by the ConDem government and comes on the heels of the Labour governments smoking ban. A ban which did almost nothing to reduce the number of smokers according to some research. There is doubt as to whether these changes being looked will have any effect either.

Does The Government Really Want To Lose It’s Revenue?

The government is in a difficult position. They get £10 BILLION a year from the tobacco industry and during these tough times they are loathed to reduce any of their income but they also want to be seen to be doing something to reduce the numbers of smokers and to increase the overall health of the country. Some might say that if they are serious about the changes that they should just ban tobacco but that will not happen because they want the money too much.

That means that attempts to help people to stop or not start in the first place will continue but they will be half hearted attempts to bring about change which is what I think these two ideas represent.

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Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies Use Hypnotherapy For Cervical Dystonia

Dystonia is a medical term that refers to a range of movement disorders that can lead to a tightening or spasms in muscles. Cervical Dystonia, or Torticollis, is a specific form of dystonia and is a neurological disorder. It causes the tightening of muscles in the neck specifically.

There are around 40,000 suffers in the UK but hypnotherapy could relieve some of the symptoms in some cases. Cervical Dystonia causes the muscles in the neck to spasm and as a result the neck can become twisted and the head pulled to the side or backwards.

The condition can often have profound effects on the sufferer and can make everyday tasks incredibly difficult or even impossible. As a result of the condition the sufferer can find that they are affected psychologically as well as physically and when these factors combine it can cause the symptoms to worsen over time. For some people hypnotherapy for cervical dystonia has had an effect on some of the symptoms while for others it does not.

Stress can often make the symptoms of many mental, physical and neurological conditions even worse. There is quite often large amounts of pain associated with having cervical dystonia. Hypnotherapy could be an appropriate tool for some people to manage stress in their life and hypnotherapy has a good evidence base in the field of pain control. It could be that a well trained and experienced hypnotherapist could help manage some of the experience of pain. Hypnotherapy is often not a cure for these conditions but in some cases it could help to deal with stress or pain associated with the condition and life in general and could help sufferers of a variety of conditions to cope better.

For more information and support visit The Dystonia Society at www.dystonia.org.uk

Self-hypnosis May Help Tourette’s Tics

Georges Gilles de la Tourette

For those with Tourette’s syndrome life can be pretty tough but research suggests that children and young adults may be able to gain some degree of control over their involuntary tics through self hypnosis. The research is still at a very early stage and no conclusive report has been made yet.

The study was reported in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioural Pediatrics and detailed how Tourette’s sufferers were taught to relax through self hypnosis. Through a variety of techniques the participants in the study were shown how to stop the tics before they thought about them happening or to imagine that they could switch them off like a light switch.

The early results of the study show potentially dramatic results. 79% of participants experienced “a dramatic increase in their ability to control their tics” and this was after just two to four sessions.

Read the full story here

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Hypnotise Your Patients, Surgeons Told

The Royal Society of Medicine will be told today that doctors should be taught to help patients to not feel pain through hypnosis rather than using general anaesthetics during some operations.

Professor David Spiegel, of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University in the US, is also recommending that hypnotherapy is added to the list of approved therapeutic techniques for the treatment of conditions such as high blood pressure and pain management. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) who decide if these techniques will be authorised is yet to comment on the recommendation.

Hypnotherapy Already Approved For Treatment Of IBS

NICE has already approved hypnotherapy for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.”It is time for hypnosis to work its way into the mainstream of British medicine,” Spiegel will say at the joint conference of the Royal Society of Medicine, the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis and the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis.

“There is solid science behind what sounds like mysticism and we need to get that message across to the bodies that influence this area. Hypnosis has no negative side-effects. It makes operations quicker, as the patient is able to talk to the surgeon as the operation proceeds, and it is cheaper than conventional pain relief. Since it does not interfere with the workings of the body, the patient recovers faster, too.

“It is also extremely powerful as a means of pain relief. Hypnosis has been accepted and rejected because people are nervous of it. They think it’s either too powerful or not powerful enough, but, although the public are sceptical, the hardest part of the procedure is getting other doctors to accept it.”

NICE said if hypnotherapy could be shown to be cost-effective and consistent delivery could be guaranteed it could be considered as an approved therapeutic technique.

Reduce Hot Flushes Through Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been found to be a very effective tool for women going through the menopause. The visualisation of cooling images and remembering being cold can reduce the severity and frequency of the hot flushes a new American study has found.

“This is an interesting finding because it begins to shed light on what is it, specifically, about hypnotic relaxation therapy that reduces the hot flashes,” said Dr. Gary Elkins of Baylor University.

“The finding may indicate that areas of the brain activated by imagery may be identical to those activated by actual perceived events. Consequently, it may be that while a woman suffering hot flashes imagines a cool place, she also feels cool rather than the heat of a hot flash,” he added.

Hot flushes are a very common part of going through the menopause and over 80% of women experience them as they approach the menopause.

Elkins said “This study supports the idea that the most effective images are those that are generated by the participant themselves, in relation to their own perceptions and life experiences.”


If you are experiencing hot flushes due to the onset of the menopause then hypnotherapy could help. I have seen several women at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice for issues relating the the menopause and some have seen dramatic improvements.

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Hypnosis Is Not Just A Stage Trick

Many people are familiar with the use of hypnosis on stage for entertainment but there is mounting evidence that hypnotherapy works as a medical treatment.

Researchers told the British Science Association that using hypnotherapy people could learn to manage pain better. The study showed that an area of the brain known as the anterior cingulated cortex was altered during hypnotherapy.

This part of the brain checks imagination against reality and by observing this area it was possible to confirm if volunteers had achieved and altered state of perception.

Peter Naish of the Open University said that “The evidence really, really is there. There are other areas where it will probably come soon.

Hypnosis is not miraculous. It is for real. Something is going on. The arch-sceptical view cannot be right, and for sure the brain is doing quite different things during hypnosis from what it does in ordinary everyday existence.”

The New Scientist magazine has also reported on the real effects of hypnotherapy. John Gruzelier, a psychologist at Imperial College in London use MRI scans of suggestible people and found that hypnosis had a real and measurable effect on how the brain functions.

“Gruzelier’s work is showing for sure that the brain is doing quite different things under hypnosis than in normal everyday existence.”

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