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A Combined Approach To Insomnia

Insomnia is a big part of my business at the moment. I am seeing more and more people suffering from insomnia and sleeplessness at my Sheffield hypnotherapy clinic. I'm not sure if it is the economy that is to blame or the fact that we are coming up towards Christmas or if the recent turn in the weather is affecting things but I do know it is a big issue for a lot of people.

I have a number of highly effective hypnotherapy techniques that I use with these types of clients and I have had some great results as my insomnia hypnotheapy reviews show.

Victoria in Sheffield came to Focused Hypnosis for help with her insomnia and got some great results. Check out her video here...

Beating Your Insomnia Could Take A Physical And A Psychological Approach

Sometimes just getting your head in the right zone for sleeping isn't enough. In these cases it may be worth looking at how the physical experience of sleep might be contributing to your insomnia.

Here are my top tips for making physical changes to how you sleep which could lead to better results:

  • Sanitise your bedroom - no boks, tv's, phones or entertainment of any kind. If you use these products, use them outside of the bedroom.
  • Blackout blind - these are easily obtained and can make a difference.
  • Change your duvet - some people find a heavier duvet helps them sleep while for others something lighter can help. Changing your duvet as the seasons change could also be a good idea.
  • Exercise - if you are physically tired this can help you get to sleep.

About the author:

Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist in Sheffield

Richard Hennessy is the principal hypnotherapist at Focused Hypnosis. He founded Focused Hypnosis in 2009 and since then it has consistently been one of the highest rated hypnotherapy clinics in Sheffield. It is now the biggest hypnotherapy practise in Sheffield. Richard specialises in weight management.