Find Out Why Hypnotherapy And Sleep Are A Dream Combination

hypnotherapy sheffield sleepHypnotherapy is a powerful way to tackle insomnia for many people like you. The clue is in the name…The word ‘hypnosis’ comes from the Greek word ‘hypnos’ which means sleep. I am seeing more and more people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice for sleep related problems.

Very frequently stress, anxiety and depression can play a part in the sleep problems. Hypnotherapy is ideally placed to help with these issues AND the sleep issues which means you have a great chance of getting some proper rest.

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Victoria From Sheffield Beat Her Insomnia Through Hypnotherapy

Victoria has had difficulty sleeping all her life. She spoke to me and I provided her with a hypnotherapy CD. She listens to the CD when she wants to get a full nights sleep and it has worked every time. She is over the moon about the changes that she has been able to make in her life.

Insomnia is usually experienced in one of two ways:

  • The inability to get to sleep
  • The inability to remain asleep

These two issues affect most people at some time or other but when either or both of these issues become chronic then our ability to do all those day to day things becomes really difficult, often leading to an inability to concentrate, tearfulness and frustration, among other things.

Learn How To Physically AND Mentally Relax

hypnotherapy sheffield sleep insomniaThe great news is that hypnotherapy in Sheffield from Focused Hypnosis could help you understand what is going on in your body, physically and mentally and with some help, support and guidance you could be sleeping like a baby.

Actually, I have a baby and mine doesn’t sleep so well so I’ll aim to help you to sleep like a log instead, they are much better at sleeping!

I’m guessing that if you are reading this page then you have already tried several different approaches to getting some proper sleep. I’m guessing you have tried warm milk, soothing music, sleeping tablets and herbal remedies.

Mention insomnia to anyone you know and chances are they will have a technique for you to try which will almost certainly do nothing to help but it shows that person is concerned for you I suppose. Well now it’s time to try something different that actually does have a chance of working.

Self Hypnosis Could End Those Unhelpful Sleeping Habits

hypnotherapy sheffield self hypnosisHypnotherapy can help alleviate insomnia in a number of ways. Many people develop insomnia because they have developed bad sleeping habits. Things like reading in bed, watching TV or playing computer games can all contribute to this. Hypnotherapy is a great way to deal with bad habits and to learn new, better habits.

Stress and anxiety stop a lot of people from switching off at night and being able to have peaceful and restful sleep. Hypnotherapy can help you find more productive ways of dealing with the issues that have been concerning you.

Worrying at 2am about something is unlikely to resolve the issue and is very likely to stop you from sleeping. One of the most effective techniques I teach to insomnia sufferers is self hypnosis. This means that you will learn how to develop the ability to put yourself into a light hypnotic trance which will give you a great chance of getting yourself to sleep and staying there.

The Other Causes Of Insomnia

hypnotherapy sheffield insomniaOf course, insomnia could just just be a symptom of a different issue. I often see people at my Sheffield hypnotherapy practice who say they have insomnia but it turns out they have a different issue which is stopping them from sleeping.

As I already mentioned, stress and anxiety can cause sleeplessness but did you know that smoking can also lead to insomnia?

Nicotine is a stimulant and in some people it could be the reason for difficulty sleeping. It is also possible that being overweight could be the cause of difficulty sleeping. Through weight loss and an increase in activity levels you could find sleep is a natural result.

A final reason why you may be having difficulty sleeping is because of your bed. Mentally you may be in peak form but if you have a lumpy mattress you will have difficulty drifting off to sleep but that is where We Love Sleep comes in….

How To Physically Help Yourself To Sleep

Focused Hypnosis works closely with Sheffield based company We Love Sleep. James who runs We Love Sleep has a sleep centre in Sheffield city centre and he will be all too happy to share his expertise on pillows, mattresses and all things sleep.

He won’t try and flog you the most expensive thing in the shop because he does not work on commission. James will use his knowledge and skill to find just the right things for you. If that means that you buy the cheapest pillow or mattress then so what? So long as you get the best product to ensure you get a good nights sleep it doesn’t matter how much it costs.

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